My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 459

Vol 5 Chapter 459: Lingzhou Upheaval The War Emperor Fell

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Chapter 459: The Lingzhou Upheaval, the Battle Emperor's Fall!

Hearing that Lin Chen was leaving, Ning Yuntian was relieved a little. It was the best result if he could not fight. If he fought, it would be their Ning family who suffered the most!

Staring at the direction of Lin Chen and others leaving, many elders dare to speak out, and this son killed the servant of the gods stationed in the Ning family, and could still leave safely.

Looking at the back of Lin Chen and others leaving, several war emperors shook their heads and sighed.

"It must be that Qingxuan convinced him."

"It should be. It seems that it was a wise choice to control Ning Qingxuan's parents and other family members."

"This child is too clever, but there is a simple, hard-hearted person in his bones. Although it is not a good strategy to control her with her family, the effect is the most direct."

"Oh, sacrifice one Ning Qingxuan, in exchange for the whole of our Ning family to be promoted, it is totally worth it, and afterwards to compensate her family, there will be no major problems."

"It's a terrible young man. In time, maybe he can really reach the height of our ancestors."

"Oh, even if there is the prestige of the ancestors, what is it in front of the gods?"


Outside the Qianyang Mountains; the crowd was flying in the air, and the atmosphere was not good. After all, Ning Qingxuan was not taken away. After thinking that she would stay in a completely unenviable environment, everyone felt uncomfortable.

Suddenly; the deputy dean's slender hand flickered, she held a shining space jade jade, and Daimei frowned lightly.

"It seems that the college is in a hurry. I will return to the college first. Do you want to leave with me?"

Lin Chen and everyone looked at each other, and then smiled-"This place is very close to the Han family. I plan to go to the Han family first and then go back. I took the best alchemy handprint from other people's family for nothing. I dont want to owe humanity."

"In this case, the three of you follow this group of little guys."

The deputy director told Meng Qianmo and the other three senior executives that Qian Ying shuddered slightly, turning into a streamer and evacuating into the void.

Guided by Han Ziyun and Han Yizhi, Lin Chen and his party went to the Han family first.

But at this time, an unprecedented change in the earth was quietly launched, and the history of Lingzhou opened a new page!


A day later, in the northwestern region of Lingzhou; a large-scale battle was launched without warning, and the spirits were painted!

In the Ye family of the ancient family, a large number of powerful internal struggles appeared, but they were quickly suppressed by one party!

In addition, some hidden elders noticed that in the Ye family's territory, the trace of the Bai family appeared, and it was very strange to defeat it!

Northern Territory; Lingjia Frontier.

Bang ~~!

Several mountain ranges were razed to the ground by the flash of fighting spirit flashing in an instant, and the Ling family's war emperor-level strongman was shocked and spitting blood, and his eyes were full of incredible!

"Tianlong, Mingwei, are you two old guys crazy? Actually help the Bai family attack this seat?"

Two vast shores appear in the void, and they are actually the presence of the war emperor!

"Hahaha! We are not for the Bai family, we are for the great new god!"

The two war emperors laughed loudly in the sky, with a smile of wind and thunderstorm, and the hundreds of thousands of miles around the world changed color, and the world was so shocked that people could only shudder and tremble on the ground, thinking that some large disasters were coming to the world!

Those formerly respected Yuanzun realm strongmen were shocked and trembling. They did not dare to act rashly, and even flew to the outside to see the reason!

"Damn, I want to see what **** the so-called new **** is!"

The war emperor's shoulders were shocked, the fighting spirit turned into a sky, and it was grasped in the palm of the sky. He was about to fight again, but suddenly he was stunned and stayed in place!

Above 100,000 feet above the sky, there are sixteen figures looming in the top of the cloud dome. As each figure stepped on it, it was like an ancient soul shattered from the sky, and the space shook and burst constantly! Even this world is shaking!

As the first person fluttering like a fairy, slowly descending down, the raging wind danced her light gauze like a cloud of smoke, swaying the dust, the beauty was like a fairy, the beautiful woman's eyes turned, and her pupils passed the light of the world.

"Fifteen warlords?"

The Ling family's strong emperor Zhuang took a breath of air! Throughout Lingzhou, there are no more than three ancient families who can come up with this lineup!


The fifteen war emperors above the cloud dome Qi Qi shot together, their fighting spirit became one piece, as if they were connected with the heavens and the earth, the palms were pressed together to suppress the crushing, crushing the void, and the heaven and earth were broken!

A tremendous amount of fighting spirit was reversed and suppressed on the Ling Emperor of the Ling Family. He was stricken with blood, his eyes were cracked, his hands were reversed and shot, and the condensed into crystal-like fighting strength was pushed across the sky. In the end, thousands of miles of void collapsed, and he used his own strength to fight back against the 15 war emperors!

"It's really tenacious, but die!"

The other two warring emperors of the Ling family laughed, folded their hands together, and turned their fingertips into an earth-sharp sword forward, cutting off his offensive!

In an instant when the offensive was broken, the whole body of the Lingjia Warlord who only resisted was bombed by 15 Warlords, and instantly burst into a blood mist!


The sky is cloudy, the blood clouds are tumbling, the sky is down with endless blood rain, and the blood clouds are all over one hundred thousand miles. !

"Sir, Ling's crackdown is complete."

The other two Ling family members of the Ling family turned and clenched their fists, respectfully said.

"Well, with the current strength, I will collect the Leng and Xuejia along the way. It must have been able to endure one of our biggest threats, the family of the Yan family!"

The white skirt lady smiled indifferently, she flicked her sleeves, and then asked-"In addition to the Yan family, which forces have not absorbed the seeds of this seat?"

After a moment of hesitation, a war emperor class said with a fist-"I sue the lord, as strong as Tiange Academy, there are also many strong people who have absorbed the seeds of the lord. If you really want to count, then there is only one Han family, but Han The family is no longer an ancient family. It has not been in contact with the torch for ten thousand years. Perhaps there is still a war emperor level in the family, and there are a few Yuanzun realms."

"Oh? If the whole family has not absorbed the seeds of the flame, it can't be combined inside and outside, which is a bit tricky, Bai You, you personally lead the team, Yuan Zunjing hundred, and destroy the Han family! Then we concentrated on the destruction. After the Yan family, they gathered at Tiange College to achieve Lingzhou Unification!"

The lady in white said in a cold voice, a war emperor-level strongman immediately knelt on one knee and clenched his fist to lead his life!

More than a dozen warlord-level strongmen, following the white ladies, swept together in the direction of the Yan family!

Even more terrifying is that after the Battle of the Emperor, thousands of Yuanzun realms have emerged in the Ling family, suppressing all the forces of the Ling family, and if there are rebels, they will be killed on the spot!

An unprecedented storm passed the ancient times and began to sweep the entire Lingzhou in a plague-like trend! Almost ninety percent of the ancient families were not spared and were involved in this unprecedented storm!

At this time in Lingzhou, the blood cloud of the emperor's falling began to spread from various territories, and the entire Lingzhou fell into panic and despair at an unimaginable speed!