My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 460

Vol 5 Chapter 460: Han Family Attacked

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Chapter 460 The Han Family Attacked!

A day ago, when there was no chaos in Lingzhou; Han family.

When Lin Chen arrived at the Han family, he personally rewrote many cumbersome processes of high-level Danfang for the Han family, which made their Han family Danfang more refined and simple, and gave away a few volumes of precious six inscribed by him personally. Order Danfang.

This is the style and value of the refining master, even if it is not refining, Lin Chen's experience and heritage is the value of the refining master. He only needs to teach others, impart experience, and change the Danfang recipe, and I don't know how many people are obsessed with it!

The value and energy of the refining master is so great, why the top-level sixth-level refining masters can enjoy the high-end treatment of ancient aristocrats, because even if they alone cannot refine the seventh-level rare medicine, but they have at least auxiliary seventh-level For the qualification of a pharmacist, with the help of an auxiliary pharmacist, the chance of refining the seventh-order elixirs will increase!

There is no doubt that Lin Chens current refining strength will be treated extremely anywhere in Kyushu.

Han Jiami Room; Lin Chen closed the ancient book in his hand.

In his current identity, the Han family has long been regarded as the star of hope. When he came to the Han family, he went to the highest level of the Tibetan scripture pavilion and obtained many secret information.

First, after the mainland of Kyushu was divided into nine continents, it was divided into Blood State, Ghost State, Tianzhou, Lingzhou, Yunzhou, Danzhou, Huangzhou, Mingzhou, and Shenzhou.

Blood State, one of the most turbulent and chaotic big states, is full of killing and cruelty. Except for a few areas living in peace, almost all areas are murderous and merchandising areas. The strength is king, and the law of the jungle has reached the most incisive. It is the least human civilian. A big state.

Gyeongju, the largest state with the most ancient ruins, is a paradise for visitors to Kyushu, but it is also hell. The estimates of the Han family also record that there was a holy land after injury in ancient times still lurking into Gyeongju.

In Tianzhou, the area where martial arts inheritance is second only to Shenzhou. There are the most peaceful areas where the emperors were in trouble.

In Lingzhou, the strength of the Ming Dynasty is at the end of Kyushu, but the number of ancient families is second only to Shenzhou in Kyushu. It is said that a strong ancient family moved here.

Yunzhou, the prevalence of foundry, is one of the most distinguished and largest founders among the founders of the mainland of Kyushu. It produces a variety of top-level treasures and warcrafts, and is a paradise for many large interstate conglomerates.

Danzhou, as its name implies, is a great state that inherited the Archaic period. It has many secret alchemy traditions and the top-ranking alchemy handprints in Kyushu. It is said that even one of the purple-order advanced alchemy handprints inherited from the Archaic period to the present has one or two in Danzhou!

Huangzhou is a paradise for fierce beasts. The most terrifying and powerful fierce beasts in the mainland of Kyushu existed. It was once the great wilderness area of the complete mainland of Kyushu. The terrain is also the most vast one of the nine continents, and there are few human forces.

Mingzhou, a big state like Tianzhou, is relatively peaceful and has the heritage of the ancient Chinese fortune tellers. It is the only area where there are many fortune tellers. From here, the fortune tellers will be treated as VIPs in the other eight major states.

Shenzhou, the central area of the mainland of Kyushu, is the most prosperous and top-level existence in all aspects, and it is the only big state in Kyushu that has descendants of God. The number of strong people is several times that of each big state, and it has a lot of human races. Historic sites.

The above is a lot of information that Lin Chen obtained from the Han family. As an ancient family of the top refining medicine, some of the information recorded by the Han family is not even available in the Tiange Academy.

"It seems that if I want to go to Shenzhou, my strength is still not enough. I have to seize the time to improve my strength!"

Lin Chen opened the system cross-legged and tapped the fusion function.

"System, I want to integrate all the exercises I have now!"

[The host has: 17 blue-level top-level combat skills, 5 semi-violet-level combat skills, 2 purple-level incomplete combat skills, 1 purple-level low-level complete mental skill. If all are fused, it will cost 9,000 points of heavenly Dao. The exercises are completely random. Does the host determine fusion?



The clear sound made Lin Chen's spirit shocked, a brand-new method was born, and a system light screen was listed.

"Purple rank low-level best class, auxiliary system skills: wood spirit essence element method, war gasification element, energy essence essence, wood essence energy, endless life, perseverance. It can help cultivators quickly recover from injury, followed by trauma , Internal injuries are best."

After reading this exercise for a while, Lin Chen suddenly radiated a different look!

"What a great skill! I already have the True Water Return Method for the recovery method. I have the True Water Return Method after the water robbery. The recovery is still very strong, but the main function is to treat trauma, but this method The Lord recovers from internal injuries, and he can condense his body to be more tenacious! By then, the two major exercises, one outside and one inside, work clearly, work hard, hahaha!"

Lin Chen, who was ecstatic in his heart, clicked on the system and consumed 780 points of intermediate-level exercises to carry forward the exercise. After the spiritual power was in the middle of the legal phase, Lin Chen accepted the system inheritance a bit faster!

Lin Chen has never had too many exercises to strengthen his vitality! Who would be too little of the auxiliary secret method of life-saving class?

After one night, Lin Chen perfectly inherited the "Mu Ling Jing Yuan Fa", and when he opened his eyes, there was a green disappearance between his eyebrows, as if Wan Mu ushered in the spring and warm day, he was reborn!

Lin Chens body of vitality and his internal organs are all covered with a layer of light green film that protects Lin Chens body!

"This exercise has a special role, but the old tree stands in spring and breaks through, breaking out a terrible vitality to rebuild the body!"

If faced with a crisis, this exercise can also give Lin Chen a certain chance, and it is worthy of being listed as the best in the purple low-level grade! This wave of fusion is well worth it!

At the Han Family Courtyard, Lin Chen left the closed chamber, at this time Meng Qianmo and others had been waiting for him for a long time.

"How about all the things to be done? We received the urgent notice from the deputy dean and we will take you back to the college immediately!"

Suddenly, Meng Qianmo and other two senior elders said seriously.

"What's going on?" - Lin Chen wondered, what happened suddenly?

"I don't know, but judging from the response of the space jade, it should be quite urgent information. We have never seen the vice president use this space jade!"

The expression of the three people was very serious, Lin Chen nodded-"Okay, then go back first and call everyone?"

"Already called, all in the lobby..."

boom! !

The explosion of Xuntiandi echoed throughout the 100,000-mile territory of the Han family. No matter civilians or the elders of the Han family, they were frightened to look around!

"Han family, your heritage of refining medicine is still useful. The descendants will not kill, the rebels will die!"

Mixed with the energy fluctuations that shrouded the heavens, the sound of a cold drink resounded throughout the Korean field!