My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 461

Vol 5 Chapter 461: Desperate Moment

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Chapter 461


Along with the sound of cold drinks, it was the solidification of the space blockade. Within the Han territory, hundreds of thousands of miles were blocked!

"Not good! A strong man is coming!"

The expressions of Meng Qianmo and the two senior elders changed abruptly!

Lin Chen flew out of the sky for the first time, followed by three people. Above a high altitude, and beyond thousands of miles, a group of figures slowly landed. From a quantity point of view, there are at least about 150 people!

"What's the matter, who dared to mobilize so many strong men to attack the Han family, more than 150 Yuanzun Realm! All of them are more than five Yuanzun Realm, 30 people are Yuanzun Realm Eightfold, and 20 people are Yuan. Respect the Ninefold!"

Meng Qianmo's small face rarely showed a trace of horror, and this force must be weighed even for Tiange Academy!

"Something is wrong, the space is completely blocked, we can't get out!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and under the investigation of Zi Jin Tong, he saw that the Han family's space was all blocked and imprisoned. From the perspective of the strength of the space boundary, it was not the level that Yuan Zunjing could achieve!

It is the warlord class! This level of space blockade can only be achieved by the powerful players of the Warlord level!

"Oops, the space is completely blocked, and the space jade is useless!"

Meng Qianmo's small face is solemn, this time, maybe they are really going to show up!

"Who dares to offend my Han family!"

"Really when my Han family is empty?"

Mixed with angry shocks, the Han family reverberates from all directions, and the battle spirits radiate towards the Xiaohan, across the sky, and dozens of silhouettes walk in the air, all of them are the elders of the Yuan family!

However, compared with more than 150 people in the sky, it is somewhat dwarfed. The number of people in the 9th layer of Yuanzun Realm is less than 4, and the number of people in the 8th layer is only 10, and most of them are four and below.

"Brother, what's going on?"

"It seems that the Han family is surrounded!"

Everyone in Class 66 quickly took off. Sister Su Lan worried that the Han family still has some of the heritage of the ancient family. Even the ordinary ancient family would not dare to say that it would be destroyed. If the Han family dies and fights back, the price is not small!

"Don't leave, everyone, a few seniors, things don't seem easy!"

Lin Chen's expression was solemn. He suddenly found that half of these incoming Yuanzun realms were from the Bai family!

In addition, when Lin Chen urged Jiujiao to peep, he discovered that all of these strong men had a characteristic, that is, they had absorbed the seeds of the Holy Fire!

The characters who can obtain the seeds of the holy fire are at least the level of the former son and daughter. Even if they are not, they are also elders who occupy high positions later; they can be called genius characters of Lingzhou!

It is definitely not accidental to be able to bring people from different ancient families together to launch such a meticulous attack!

"You Bai family can't treat my Han family like mud?"

Bang ~~!

The old man's cold drink shattered the space crystal wall of the sky of thousands of miles, and those Yuanzun realms were shaken back and forth, his expression slightly dignified.

In the broken space crystal wall, an old man in yellow robe slowly stepped out, standing directly in front of the many strong men of the Han family. After losing his hands, his eyes were as sharp as electricity, glancing at every Yuanzun realm present.

"Han Xuzi's ancestor is out!"

"Congratulations to the ancestor!"

Many elders kneeled on the ground or in the void. The old man in the yellow robe raised his hand and looked at the vague void, indifferently.

"Bai's old things, I have all appeared, and you should appear."

"Cough cough, sure enough, this ghost place in the Han family has lost the quota of the torch seed for adults for so many years, and it can still have the war emperor class. It is really a tricky family!"

The hoarse voice coughed a few times, and an illusory figure on crutches emerged out of thin air with no signs! As if there was that void from beginning to end!

The two coughs of his gentle coughs made some of the Han family's lower elders feel a pain in their eardrums, and shocked the strength of this old man!

"Baiyou old ghost, what kind of ghost do you want from the Bai family? Who will give your leopard guts to dare to provoke disputes between ancient families! Are you not afraid of the Yan family's sanctions?"

The ancestor of the Han family, Han Xuzi said awe-inspiringly.

"Hey, Yan family? The Yan family is now insecure. Under the control of the adults, the entire Lingzhou will achieve unification, and you, but the scorpion are just cars."

Bai You's hoarse voice made Han Xuzi feel awkward! The Yan family has been standing in Lingzhou for more than 100,000 years. Does the Bai family have the ability to move the Yan family?

"Is there a big change in the outside world of Lingzhou?"

Han Xuzi had just raised a similar thought in his heart. Bai You at the other end gave him a flick of his head, a light of fire suspended in the void, suddenly illuminating the entire Han family!

This is the light of the torch!

"Well, sure enough no one ever got the torch? Huh?"

Under the light of this fire, three people's bodies shone!

That is Han Ziyun, Han Yizhi, and Lin Chen! !

Among them, Lin Chen's light is tens of times brighter than the former two! The sacred marks on the foreheads of the three people became more dazzling, like the stars of the aurora shining!

"Nine, nine marks?"

Bai Youcang's dry eyes widened for the first time. When he stared at Lin Chen, he showed a yellow tooth and a gruesome smile.

"Unexpectedly, I have caught a big fish! Are you the most famous Lin Chen in the Soul List Conference? Strangely, the three of you have not been called by the torch of the adults, and you can remain sensible after so many seeds of the torch have been absorbed?"

Meng Qianmo's petite and exquisite body suddenly traversed in front of Lin Chen, as were the other two senior elders. They knew very well what Lin Chen meant to Tiange Academy!

"Come to the old man! Give your body to the adult, and the old man can also get a lot of reward!"

Bai You's dry palm lightly gripped the void, and the huge acre of humorous and ghostly palm covered the sky and the sun, and with the endless howling wind, he suddenly caught Lin Chen!


Several elders from the elders exclaimed that Lin Chen was their life-saving benefactor. There must be no mistake!

Han Xuzi waved his sleeves, shattered his ghostly palm, and sighed-"There is an old man, don't you want to touch my young Han family!"

"Oh, Han Xuzi, since we dare to attack your Han family, we naturally have absolute confidence."

At this time; another icy voice slowly descended, making the expressions of many of the top strong presents changed dramatically!

Han Xuzi's eyes fixed on the space behind Bai You, his voice trembled.

"Late Emperor Second Stage?"

A green robe figure slowly emerged, bearing a sword, his expression was cold and lonely, with a sneer on the corner of his mouth, glancing at everyone present, and finally fixed his eyes on Lin Chen!

Feeling this person's gaze, Lin Chen had a tingling sensation in his body, like being pointed by a sword with ten thousand handles, and he could absolutely suppress him from a distance!

Two war emperors!