My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 462

Vol 5 Chapter 462: There Is A Kind Called More People

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Chapter 462

Two of the strong emperors, and one is in the second stage, plus more than 150 Yuan Zunjing, almost has an absolute advantage to suppress the Han family!

Despair, helplessness, enveloped the hearts of every Han family at this time!

Finally, they only saw a little hope of the Han family's revival, but actually encountered such a fatal blow!

"Does it really mean that my Han family will die?"

"Lian Zhanhuang's second-tier strongmen are all born. Is the Han family trying to escape?"

Some Han family members in heaven and earth are desperately kneeling down!

There is no doubt that today they can almost be called mortal!

As long as there is a war, the aftermath of the battle will cover the entire Han family. There is nowhere to escape for those people who have cultivated in these gangs!

"Adults still value you very much. After all, a force that exists in the Emperor and has not absorbed the Holy Flame is very troublesome to gather."

The negative sword Qingpao man sneered, his eyebrows were like electricity, and when he swept to Lin Chen, he immediately sneered!

"It's you **** little bastard, dare to kill my child during the day and give me death!"

The Qingpao man gripped the void with awe-inspiringness, and thousands of sharp and sharp sword lights appeared out of thin air, and turned around from Lin Chen in all directions!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sword pressure of the shattering galaxy will shock all three high-level guards who are guarding Lin Chen to the point of serious injury and retreat!

Han Xuzi's body was about to move, and Bai You immediately stood in front of him. He shot with a palm, and the surrounding sky and sky collapsed, forcing the former to force it to resist!

Bai Youyin smiled happily-"Old man, your opponent is me, don't think of distractions."

"Damn it!"-When Han Xuzi resisted his attack, he watched Lin Chen caught by a Qingpao man in the air!

"Squad leader!"

"Brother Lin Chen!"

"Lin Lang!"

"Do not!"

The beautiful women were disappointed and exclaimed, but they could not stop the warlord's control!

Lin Chen was grabbed in the past and was restrained on the spot, unable to move, the bones of his body were squeaking and squeezing, causing bleeding in the corner of his mouth.

"Seeing you little bastard, I can't wait for you to survive or die!"

The green robe swordsman's eyes were cracked, and Bai You coldly beside him shouted-"Don't play this kid dead! He can absorb nine holy fire seeds without being controlled, there must be a big secret in his body, if it can be dedicated to adults , The two of us may have a chance!"

Lin Chen was arrested at the moment when everyone's heart was hanging; he was extremely calm, even grinning reluctantly!

"Why, you Baijia only have more than one hundred Yuan Zunjing and two war emperors? With this strength, our Tiange Academy will destroy you in minutes!"

Hearing this sentence, the Qingpao swordsman looked at Lin Chen with great disdain-"Oh, do you think our Bai family started the war relying on this force? You Tiange Academy will be unable to protect itself by the time, and it has finished the Yan family. After that, the next step is to your Tiange Academy!"

"Hey, I don't believe it. You probably rely on the will within the Seed of the Holy Flame to force control of other powerful people."

Lin Chen smiled strangely, the Qingpao swordsman was a little surprised, and sneered-"Your kid actually knows? Sure enough, it's no wonder that if you can get together in Lingzhou, it will not only make you survive." Dont ask for death, you can sacrifice my soul in the sky!"

"If there is a species, you can call for more people. With this kind of combat power, who do you want to bluff? When the army of the Tiange Academy is killed, I am afraid you will not be killed!"

Lin Chen's appearance of fearlessness made the Qingpao swordsman laugh in the sky, as if hearing the most ridiculous joke in the world!

When I thought of this arrogance, how desperate we would be when we knew the truth, the heart of the Qingpao swordsman couldn't help but look forward to and excited!

"Hahaha, it seems that you are really getting into your head! It happens that Ling Qing Ling Xiao is also nearby, let them come to lead the team, let you see our power!"

The green robe swordsman Bai Shengsheng crushed the jade jade space in his hand, and a profound and mysterious space wave was passed on to the endless void!

"Ling Jiafeng is a great emperor, Ling Qing Ling Xiao? You even got the Ling family together?"

Han Xuzi, who was fighting, was shocked, and all Han family members felt numb and numb!

The other party actually called two war emperors because of Lin Chen?

crazy! Lin Chen must be crazy! The situation now is so severe that he is still adding fuel to the fire?

"Shall we kill ourselves and try to save Lin Chen?"

"What should we do, if there are two more warlords, we will have no chance of one in 10,000!"

The two former college seniors who were injured by the wave between Bai Shengsheng's hands were struggling a bit. For Lin Chen, they willingly blew himself up and wanted to take him back!

"Don't act rashly, the strength of the late Emperor in the second stage is not trivial! And, most importantly, this little guy seems to have any strategy!"

Meng Qianmo wiped the blood on her red lips and raised her hand to block it.

"I also think that the squad leader may have any strategy! He will never play according to common sense!"

Everyone in Class 66 looked at each other firmly, Leng Yueqi clenched her jade hand unconsciously, Yun Manqing on the side took up her catkins, the two women looked at each other to encourage a smile, and stared at Lin Chen with beautiful eyes.

At this time, a tiny voice secretly passed into Han Xuzi's ear.

"Senior Han Xuzi, please lead the surrender of the Han family, and don't fight unnecessary battles."

This transmission made Han Xuzi stunned! Lin Chen glanced incredulously. Is there any way he can reverse the situation in a Yuanzun realm?

But the problem is, if you have a way to **** your hurry! Do not wait until the other two warlords arrive? Isn't this a pit in your head!

Bang ~~!

The glory of the fighting around the sky rushed to the sky, and many of the elders of the Yuan family in the Han family have already begun to plan to die!

If the other four emperors arrive, they will have no chance of pulling the enemy together!

"What should I do, don't I believe this kid, he saved my Han family from fire and water for many times, and it is the four consecutive championships of the Tianlingbang Conference...any achievement is unparalleled level..."

In a thousandth moment, Han Xuzi was cold and sweating, and many thoughts passed through his mind, and finally, he made up his mind!

"Everyone in the Han family listens and surrenders! Don't act lightly! Save the last trace of blood for my Han family!"

When Han Xuzi retreated; suddenly the voice, all Han parents always thought he had heard it wrong?

"What? Ancestor made us surrender?"

"When did the ancestors become greedy and afraid of death! We used to be an ancient family! How can the pride in the bloodline bow to others, rather die unyielding!"

The expression of many elders was extremely unwilling, Han Xuzi shouted again-"I say again, this is the order! Don't resist anymore!"

Han Xuzi trembled in silence.

Mr. Lin Chen, I have entrusted the fate of the entire Han family to you! Dont let me face the Han ancestors and ancestors after my death!