My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 463

Vol 5 Chapter 463: Is There Any More?

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Chapter 463


Seeing Han Xuzi, the hardest Han bone, surrender, Bai You and Bai Shengsheng looked at each other in surprise. What kind of wind was blowing? Did they really figure it out?

However, with the inheritance of the refining medicine of their Han family, if they can be succumbed, it would be a help.

"Do they have any conspiracy?"

"It's unlikely that their current strength has been suppressed, and we also informed Ling Xiao that the suppression of the Han family will inevitably be won!"

The two war emperors communicated in private, and when Bai Xiesheng looked at Lin Chen's confident expression again, it felt very funny! He can't wait to see the desperate look of this little king!

At a time when all the elders of Han Jiayuan's respected realm were hesitant to surrender or not, the void slowly fluctuated, and two lines of blood surrounded the **** fighting spirit, and the figure of the world appeared in the void!

"Why? Did you have an accident? We just cracked down on the target forces. Why did you pass us over?"

"Huh? Is the Han family surrendering?"

Two eerie middle-aged men with eagle eyebrows raised their feet in the air and questioned the two.

The atmosphere of the emperor who dominates the world is once again falling, and the Han family is changing again!

Behind the two war emperors, there is a group of Yuanzun realm! Roughly counted, at least there are more than 100 people, 90% of them are more than four times Yuan Zunjing, and there are 10 people in Yuan Zunjing! There are also two half-step emperors!

Counting the original more than 150 people, there are now more than 250 mid-to-high-level Yuanzun real powerhouses!

All Han family members are falling into the ice cellar, and the cold mountain is biting!

Finished! They have lost their last chance now and can only be humiliated by others' slaves!

Even Han Xuzi couldn't help but tremble with the palm of his hand, he was questioning whether he had made the most wrong decision?

Four war emperors, and a second-level post-cultivation, this lineup even Han Xuzi can only be suppressed!

"It's okay, I'm calling you to come here because this kid wants to see how strong our strength is. This is a big fish! Lin Chen, who has four consecutive titles in the Celestial Leaderboard!"

Bai You sneered; the other two war emperors looked at Lin Chen together!

"Hahaha! Lin Chen, actually you!"

At this time, hysterical laughter broke out among the Yuanzunjing crowd! It was a cold and evil young man, but his arm was already broken!

Ling Tian! Ling Tian, the four kings at that time! After a lapse of more than a year, he also became Yuan Zunjing, and became a member of the army controlled by the Ling family!

Just as everyone was interested in Lin Chen, and Bai Shengsheng was going to watch him evolve into a desperate expression, he actually smiled lightly!

"It turns out that you are a waste dog. Last time, I was robbed by the torch of the torch and let you run, but this time is not necessary."

Seeing him calm and relaxed, the four warlords were stunned! Did this kid not see the situation in front of him?

"Do you still think that the people of Tiange Academy will come to save you? Hahaha! Even if Tiange Academy has the ability to kill it, aside from the emperor under the control of the adults, our four emperors are enough to kill you. Chen retreat again, they can't take us!"

Bai Shengsheng smiled a little madly. His only son died in the hands of Lin Chen during the daytime. He had longed to kill this one!

If it werent for giving his body completely to That Lord, he would have cut off Lin Chens hands and feet for him to enjoy!

"No, no, I really believe in the strength of everyone here, and I believe your words."-At this time, Lin Chen nodded suddenly and said very seriously.

Then, more unexpected than everyone!

Lin Chen was a little trembling with excitement. He swallowed his saliva, his eyes flashed with splendor, and asked Bai Shengsheng excitedly.

"Your people, are there any?"

The four war emperors froze!

Hundreds of Yuan Zunjing also froze!

The Han family was stunned! Everyone in Class 66 was also stunned!

Damn, do you think this is a chicken? Still cooking? Still wanting one plate after another?

"This kid is crazy!"-Ling Xiao, the late Emperor of the Ling family, sneered.

"Oh, this little brother should be frightened, but there are so many people in our area that are more than enough to suppress you."

Then Ling Qing shook his head and smiled. Why are the young people now more talented and stranger?

"It's gone!"

Someone Lin sighed rather disappointedly, and even made the corners of many strong men's mouths twitch. Are you too few of the four war emperors?

The Han Xuzi on the side did not dare to act rashly, cold sweat, and palms full of sweat, the two warlords of the Ling family did not look like the helper called by Lin Chen at all!

Is he really just crazy for a while?

"It seems that this little guy must think we dare not move him, it seems that the old man must let him know the price of arrogance!"

Bai Youyin smiled happily, and a twisted mental wave turned in his palm. When he was about to shoot at Lin Chen's eyebrow, the vision transformed!

At this moment; that young, yet young face, in addition to calm, deep in the pupil, also burned with an angry battle spirit!


He suddenly laughed loudly, looking very abrupt and strange.

"Why are you laughing?"

Bai Shengsheng scolded in anger, Lin Chen's mouth with blood stained, trembling because of extreme excitement, his voice was trembling.

"I laughed at you and sent me to kill me! If it would be nice to have more warlords, I can kill you all!"

Looking at Lin Chen's frantic and sensational smile, everyone felt the inexplicable scalp tingling and panic-stricken!

All slaughtered? Is this crazy or silly?

Did he not see the current situation clearly? More than 200 powerful and powerful Yuanzun plus four war emperors, one of them is still in the second stage of war emperor realm!

In this case, he is a Yuanzun realm, it is worthless! I can't afford any waves!

However; everyone has an inexplicable heart palpitations, but some powerful pupils twitch!

They can vaguely feel that this kid is not kidding!

"There are still two half-step warlords maintaining space boundaries?"

Lin Chen's eyes swept to the southeast of the space boundary, and he smiled coldly.

"Interesting, I want to see today, how do you want to kill us!"

The green robe swordsman Bai Shengsheng was very angry and laughed as if he heard the biggest joke in the world!

The difference between Yuan Zunjing and the Emperor of War is like a cloud of mud! Not to mention the double war emperor!

The strength of the second stage of the Battle Emperor's second stage can make the most outstanding genius in Yuanzun die in a matter of fingers! Whether it is Yuanzunjingjiu or Yizhong, there are no exceptions!

Lin Chen looked at all the enemies, two hundred and fifty Yuan respected the realm, and four war emperors. There was only one possibility to break through the present dilemma!

Again, there is no better chance than this time!

Lin Chen roared upwards!

"Come out for me! God killer!!"