My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 464

Vol 5 Chapter 464: God Killer Lin Chen

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Chapter 464: Lin Chen!

[The system received that a total of 267 enemies have been detected to be hostile to the host, 263 Yuanzun Realm, 4 Warlords, and the God Killer talents have started!

An unprecedented wave of warfare bloomed from Lin Chen's body, such as the explosion of the world, the time and space reversed, and the space plane was broken and broken!

Bang~~! Click! Click!

Lin Chen glowed with a radiant glow, and the terrible fluctuations in the fighting spirit completely exploded Bai Chensheng's restraint on Lin Chen's fighting strength, and forced him to retreat again and again!

Even the other three emperors were overturned by this sudden outbreak of fighting, and they kept retreating until they stabilized their figure!

boom! boom! boom!

The world is roaring, the earth is shaking, and the wind and clouds suddenly turn into an energy vortex of Xuntianhedi, which has been constantly rotating around Lin Chen!

"what happened?"

"Something wrong! This boy's breath suddenly exploded!"

"How can it be impossible to close the gap between Yuan Zunjing and the War Emperor with the most powerful skill secrets!"

Many powerful people exclaimed!

In just half a breath, Lin Chen's fighting spirit fluctuated and the momentum was unparalleled! Outperform Kyushu!

He tripled from Yuanzun Realm and instantly broke through to the bottleneck of Warlord Class!

Lin Chen's short hair danced wildly, his eyes were like a vast world, like the rotation of the sun and the moon!

His power is ten times, one hundred times, five hundred times, one thousand times, one thousand five hundred times, two thousand times, three thousand times! !

Everyone froze!

Lin Chen's breath, from just half a breath, from the triple of Yuanzun Realm, instantly breaks the peak of Yuanzun Realm to the war emperor level!

Throughout Kyushu, from ancient times to the present, there is no such thing as going against the sky! This **** is not at all a field that mortals can deal with!

Is this the coming of the gods? But it seems that the gods have no power to let a Yuanzun Realm fly to the War Emperor with thunder and lightning!

Everyone's cognition, common sense, philosophy, worldview, all collapsed! It's like an ant that doesn't threaten you, suddenly turns into a dragon at a very fast speed, and the pressure of facing you face to face!

Lin Chens Yuanqi Mansion flew from three to nine with a lightning trend, and then broke from the nine Qiyuan Yuan Mansion into an endless source of fighting energy and merged into the whole body, constructing the unparalleled warlord Body!

His spirit is like a vast starry sky, like the stars, the infinite spiritual seeds are growing rapidly, 100 pieces, 500 pieces, 1000 pieces, and the spiritual power rising from the top of the head is disillusioned into a spiritual virtual image, up to tens of thousands of feet, straight into the sky, like Billions of stars, shining through the ages! A little bit of mental fluctuation can smash the space plane!

His dragon power turned into a million dragons to cover the sky! A dragon-shaped spirit traversing the sky was radiating vigorously; the sky and the earth were nine and ten places apart, and I was the only one!

Earth creeps! Territory shock!

Laws roar! Upside down!

The sky trembles! There is no light!

When the wind and cloud return to silence, everything is lame, a breath of destruction that can shake the sky, overflowing in the void, instantly shattering the crystal wall of space into an infinite vacuum zone!

Lin Chen was a little intoxicated and felt that the body's arrogance and pure power that he did not know was several times stronger than Yuanzun Realm, and even his spiritual power, far more than the perfection of the state of law!

Between his thoughts, he can gain insight into 100,000 miles away!

Even one of his thoughts can make the high mountains beyond 100,000 miles crushed into powder, and the Yuan Mansion is broken, transformed into the world, and the world, this is the war emperor level!

Whether it is fighting spirit or pure power, Lin Chen feels that, with his hands raised, he has the power to destroy the small continental plate!

[The system prompts the host that while the God-killer talent continues to launch, any enemy killed by the host cannot drop the growth-valued attribute light spheres, and the consumption-valued attribute attribute light spheres will also be reduced.

Lin Chen was a little surprised, but the most important thing at the moment is not the attribute light sphere, but to break through this difficulty!

Everyone in the Han family stared blankly at the teenager in the void. What kind of scene was that?

He walked slowly, the wind was roaring, the mountains and rivers were shaking, the void was shaking, the robe was hunting, and the five-colored dragon gun was in his hand, shining like never before!

Thousands of robberies spread across hundreds of thousands of miles of the Han family like an electric dragon. The fire robberies turned into a world annihilation catastrophe, like a rain of stars falling and bombarded on the bounded space barrier!

The wind robbery turned into a tornado and the storm raged. The vast water robbery merged into the ocean screams. The golden robbery turned into a round of holy sun and suspended behind the boy.

Every step he took in the dark void of the dark robbery, the energy of the earth robbery came out, protecting all the people of the Han family, and the woods were born and injected into the body of everyone in the Han family!


The enchantment of the blocked space shattered on the spot under the sway of many days of war.

"The Han family, withdraw to Tiange Academy at the fastest speed. The next place is not where you can stay."

Lin Chen smiled indifferently, making the Han family run away with excitement!

"Want to run? Not easy to press!"

Bai You roared, the old palm came out suddenly, five fingers shattered the spirit of ghosts and gods screaming, condensed into a quiet green palm, anger lifted down the earth!

Bang ~~! Lin Chen raised his hand and slammed it out with fist, the fistful of winds, and the vanity turned into a vacuum zone! Punch the tremendous blue energy giant palm with one punch!

His face was pale and horrified, and he retreated hundreds of steps, bleeding from the corners of his mouth. After stabilizing his figure, he said incredulously.

"Hundreds of millions of dragon powers? Are you a body-building warlord?"

"Friend Lin Chen, the old man is here to help you!"

Han Xuzi was about to flash to Lin Chen's side, and he raised his hand.

"Senior, leave it to me here. You will cover everyone's retreat. I have felt that the whole state of Lingzhou has been messed up. Although I have protected everyone for my fighting spirit, I can only resist it for a while. I still need to cover it."

"But you...?"-Han Xuzi hesitated a little.

"To me now, they are a group of people."


The smallpox is falling, and the giant acre eagle claws are like the disaster of the world, then a finger is shot, like the star pill jumping! Ling Xiao and Ling Qing shot!

Lin Chen smiled confidently, Bai Shengsheng struck like lightning! Three thousand miles of sword gas, Kyushu in the cold world!

His sword is a genuine seventh-order sword!

Lan Xia flew into the sky, when his blue ancient sword pierced Lin Chen; the void of hundreds of thousands of feet was sinking and shattered, and hundreds of millions of stars gathered to shoot the sword and the dragon was like a dragon!

Sigh~! The virtual image of Shura's spirit above his head was suddenly furious!

Between Lin Chen's thoughts, the two spiritual virtual images made a chanting sound, and lightning shattered two spiritual sound waves that shocked the ages, and destroyed the eagle giant claws and the heavenly finger mansions into countless broken mansions!

The Golden Tribulation was full of fighting spirit, and more than a million dragon forces exploded, Lin Chen swept out! Bang ~! The gun swept the cloud and the blue sword light was shattered into the sky! Even the second-stage attack was smashed by Lin Chen!

When many Yuanzun realms who were unwilling to accept reality at the moment saw this scene, their teeth were trembling madly and air-conditioning!

Lin Chen alone, the four emperors! ! !