My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 465

Vol 5 Chapter 465: Battle The Four Emperors

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Chapter 465 Fight against the Four Emperors!

"The attacks of the four great emperors were actually smashed by the squad leader?"

"This, is this really the monitor?"

"It's terrifying, the squad leader is actually the warlord? This is also incredible!"

"This **** dare not even think about it. Brother Chen Chen really is the **** man who can never be predicted with common sense!"

"The 20-year-old Warlord! The 20-year-old Yuan Zunjing is unprecedented. What is the concept of the 20-year-old Warlord?"

"The squad leader is really a man of God!"

Before the withdrawal, everyone in Class 66 was amazed. They knew much about Lin Chens deficiencies than countless ordinary people, but he did not expect him to reach this unprecedented height!

"This kid is really a goddess!"

Meng Qianmo is shocked and ecstatic! The senior elders of the college were shocked and dizzy. Was Lin Chen's hole card so horrible? Can actually contend with the four war emperors!

The only thing that puzzled them was why Lin Chen had to wait until the four war emperors were together before starting the war. Wouldnt it be better to shoot early?

I'm afraid they can't think that Lin Chen will have the God-killer talent in their entire life, and they cant think of the talent of the God-killer who needs more enemies to launch the strongest!

"Oh my God?"

Seeing Lin Chen's understatement to destroy the second stage of the Battle Emperor's second stage and the attacks of the other three, Han Xuzi sighed coldly in his heart, and he immediately knew what his current choice should be!

"Do you like playing very much?"

Lin Chen held the void with one hand, and the sky of the dark robbery raged through the rolls. If it was permeable, it entered the space of many Yuanzun realms that were retreating rapidly!

"Those who want to touch us are not that simple!"

Bai You and Bai Shengsheng's expressions changed slightly, Ling Xiao and Ling Qing's bodies moved sharply, and the afterimage flashed across thousands of miles!

Lin Chen's eyes flicked, urging Zijin Tong, and at the moment of spiritual connection, Lin Chen saw a completely different scene!

His pupils are purple, and if there is a touch of golden lotus blooming, Lin Chen seems to see the rapid change of the spatial moir in the vacuum. The speed of this spatial moir change can clearly make Lin Chen judge the direction of his opponent!

Almost instinctively, Lin Chen ran out of dark robbery and millions of dragons and suddenly shot out! Between the five fingers, there are nine dragon-like dragon-like strengths twisted and twisted!

"Dark Dragon Palm!"

"Soul Eater Claw!"

"Desperate Tian Feng Shou!"

"Divine Shadow Wind Demon Legs!"

The handprints tearing the void and the shadows of the legs and shadows sweeping the Eight Wastelands collided violently, overturning the thousands of miles of the void into a vacuum, and Ling Xiao and Ling Qing were knocked back by Lin Chen for several steps at the same time, and Lin Chen also took two steps back!

"How does this kid know that we have very little combat skill flaws?"

The two looked suspiciously; Lin Chen's previous shot was aimed at their flaws in combat skills!

"It is the realm of golden pupil twins! The highest realm of purple golden pupils! Unexpectedly, after my mental strength broke through the limits of the state of the law, I stepped into the golden pupil twins for a short time!"

Lin Chen's heart showed a hint of enlightenment, and then his shoulders were shocked, and his fighting intentions skyrocketed! The spiritual virtual image above his head suddenly turned into three statues!

"Sura's Fury!"

At the moment when the three spiritual virtual images shattered the infinite sound waves in time, Lin Chen held the gun round dance with one hand, and then hit the "magic gun crack", the guns flashed through the sky, and slammed into the space where the other two emperors were. !

"This kid's power is very strong, and it doesn't look like it is obvious, bluffing! It is the real strength of the warlord!"

"Don't keep it, destroy him! At such a young age, you have such strength. If you let him run away, it must be a big disaster!"

The sword moves to the sky, the demon qi is like a wave, and the four war emperors have shot again, but Lin Chen's eight kinds of heavenly calamity are faster!

The wind robbery dragon envelopes all the Yuanzun realm. Between their panic and panic, a thunder of light penetrates the void, killing many five to seventh Yuanzun realm, rolling off the attribute light ball and the Naling ring!

Lin Chen's five fingers twisted lightly, and the moment he clenched into a fist, his indifferent voice slowly revealed.

"Yuanzun is under nine, burst!"

"No, no!"

"What the **** is this!"

Sigh~~! boom! boom! boom!

When Lin Chens dark robbery entered into the body of Yuanzun Realm, there was no penetration. All Yuanzun Realm screamed again and again, only half a breath, and the chaotic energy like fireworks exploded in the body, completely shattering their internal organs. , One after another, falling into the void!

Each Yuanzun Realm exploded with 3 to 8 attribute light balls, because of the limitation of the **** killer talent, they only dropped the four attribute values of rune energy, skill essence, heaven path value and talent point!

Some Korean parents who are protecting the Han family from leaving see this scene and can't help but feel terrified!

Lin Chen's hand actually caused more than 220 middle and high-level Yuanzun Realm to fall instantly! This is an extremely terrible number in the whole Lingzhou!

Those high-level Yuanzun realms that were once prestigious in the ancient family of Ned, fell into Lin Chen's hands is simpler than killing chickens!

The figure of Lin Chen is like a demon coming into the world! The remaining 29 Yuan Zunjing Jiuzhong and several half-step emperors looked terrified and tried their best to escape.

But Lin Chen's eight kinds of heaven-striking warfare turned around and raged, just like building a hell, he did not give them any gaps and opportunities to escape!

Countless young men and women stared at the young figure in the void before leaving, they were frightened and trembling!

One hundred palms are destroyed! What a peerless style this is! What a pride in the world!

His back, like the supreme deity, spreads the world, and looks at the wild world!

After today, his reputation will be moved to Kyushu forever! Surpass all miracles in the history of the Kyushu people!

Roar ~~! Nine days of Longyin, Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon infiltrated into the void with Blue Dragon Shielding Shadow, and performed the dragon-swapping technique.

At the fastest speed, it swallowed all the Yuanzong Realm corpses and even their Naling Rings!

These Naling Rings are a lot of wealth. For Lin Chen, this is a unique opportunity!

In the normal state, Lin Chen had to do everything to kill a Yuanzun realm. Now it is almost impossible to destroy a group without any effort. This opportunity may not be before he grows up to a real war emperor. also!

In addition to the Naling Ring, the dragon body of the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon touched many attribute light balls, which were turned into streamers and incorporated into the dragon body. The system light screen continued to pop up!

[The host gains 90 runic energy, 25 skill points, 150 heavenly path values, and 100 talent points.]

These attribute values are limited by the God-killer talent. It is not as high as the normal Lin Lin kills. However, there are many wins, and its still terrifying to collect them!

Bang ~!

Sword qi divides the world from the endless world, the frosty cold ghost spirit condenses into the blood cold color, the vast blood skeletons appear in the sky, and two thunder and cold drinks spread across the sky!

"Lin Chen! Today, you will definitely die!"

"Dare to kill so many strong men of my Ling family, even the king of heaven can't save you!"

The four war emperors were furious, and the aftermath of the war that swept the skies shattered Lin Chens many days of war and disturbed Jiuxiao Yuntian!

Among them, Bai You is a mid-level cultivation practice, and the Lingshuangshuang are all in the latter period. Only Bai Shengsheng is in the second-phase cultivation!

"Oh? Really, I don't know what will happen next when the God-killer talent matches the ultimate moment?"

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth outlined a wicked smile of evil spirits!