My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 466

Vol 5 Chapter 466: The Ultimate Moment God Killer

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Chapter 466, The Ultimate Moment + God Killer!

Because the surge of power brought by the God Killer only belongs to the category of system functions, it is not Lin Chens own real fighting spirit, so he cannot detonate the five changes with the Shura Jiuhuang change!

And Lin Chen's previous attacks did not use his characteristic runes at all, because the two runes of recharge and penetration are based on the host's strength and combat skill rank to measure the rune energy consumed.

If you run the characteristic rune in the state of God-killer, the consumption will be terrible! Lin Chens more than two thousand intermediate rune energy at the beginning was not enough. He used several strokes to recharge the rune!

Of course, the Phantom Doppelganger is temporarily incompatible with God Killer, otherwise the current state can still be divided into Doppelgangers, Lin Chen can really sweep everything!

However, there is no limit to the ultimate moment!

"We have figured out your details, and the cultivation practices around the mid-to-mid period, plus some brute force and spiritual cultivation, but that's the case. For the four of us, who will die is still unknown!"

Thanks to Bai Shengsheng's sneer, a certain person in Lin knows that he is now in the middle of the first phase of cultivation practice!

"Qian Yuan Jian Qi!"

Bai Shengsheng struck 3,000 miles with a sword, wielding his sword and striking it off, like the dazzling swords of the seven stars, which were as wide as tens of thousands of feet.

"Senro Skystar!"

Bai You knocked on his cane, the old and dry palms penetrated the void, and tens of thousands of skeletons emptied into disillusionment and destroyed hundreds of acres of giant hands, which shattered into a twinkling starlight!

"Sky Dapeng!"

When Ling Xiao and Ling Qing joined forces, two horrible waves of terror flew out and condensed out, turning into a thousand acres of giant wind blade Dapeng that turned upside down, striking the sky and rushing to Lin Chen!

The space in Han's territory is constantly shaking, these four war emperors have come up with their own purple order combat skills!

The power of the purple order played by the war emperor level, that kind of power, can't be overrun!

After glancing at the 85600 talent points and 73900 intermediate rune energy he had accumulated at this time, Lin Chen smiled coldly.

"Then, if this is the case? The system, give me the ultimate moment of 10,000 talent points!"

Boom~! The sky and sky, the sky and the sky, the sky and the sky, the atmosphere of the Heavenly Tribulation and the fluctuations of the war broke out!

Between the robe of the silver robe, Cabernet Sauvignon revolves, the blue light is embellished like a star, and Lin Chen has launched the ultimate moment option with the longest duration!

"Thousand Devil Wears Heart! Shura's Fury!"

The vast and deep shadow guns are endless, like a peacock opening screen, blessing a million dragons, and pushing forward, layer by layer! Three notes of Shuras wrath crush the universe and wrath the sky!

At this moment, Lin Chen's rune energy was reduced by 9500 points!

Bang ~~! This shocking blow to launch the recharged rune, and the four-level battle emperor's purple-level combat skills are collided with!

The entire Han family, all the areas are in a hurry! The crystal wall of space with a radius of 200,000 miles was broken into a vacuum zone!

If the non-Han family's people had Han Xuzi and many high-level Yuanzunjing's cover to evacuate, the area of the Han family was quickly evacuated, and everyone had to fall in this collision!

Although the four major war emperors wanted to shelter the two last 29 Yuan Zunjing Jiuzhong and five half-step emperors, Lin Chens wrath was blessed by the energized rune, and he penetrated the chaos of the war. The storm, shocked all the nine levels of Yuanzun Realm!

The remaining five half-step battle emperors, all seriously injured, are on the verge of death!

Boom~! Behind Lin Chen, the Purple Phoenix Wing flapped. This time, the Purple Phoenix Wing completely reached the limit of the life gene! A thousand feet long and a hundred feet wide, the magical power of the True Flame Purple Phoenix is thoroughly displayed!

With the Purple Phoenix Wings, Lin Chen stepped out one step, urging Ta Gang to move and jump into the void, and move away from God's line.

With the continuous shooting of the palm wind, several mental waves were swept out one after another, Lin Chen completely killed all five half-step war emperors, released the Qinglong in one breath and swallowed all the corpses and Naling Rings, taking away their attribute light balls!

Hey~~! The sword light ushered in, Lin Chen whirls in the air, slamming down and wielding the Wulong dynasty imperial gun, shattering the sword light that is chopped in a blink! Bai Shengsheng didn't even save the last half-step battle emperor!

At this time, the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon was almost saturated with energy, swallowed and absorbed frantically, and refined the energy of many Yuanzun Realm corpses!

Many Yuanzun realms have fallen behind. Although the broken and scattered Yuanfu fighting spirit is damaged, the energy of blood and blood contained in it is not as good as that of high-level fierce beasts, but it is very scary in terms of quantity!

So much so that the pure power of the ten-year-old Xuanqing Dragon of Lin Chen climbed rapidly, and the dragon veins broke through 11,000, 12,000, 13,000, and the dragon veins opened wildly! Lin Chen couldn't restrain the surprise in his heart. After this time, his blue dragon must fly to a new level!

"Relax, you four will go with them!"

Lin Chen smiled coldly, and the five dragon dynasty emperors turned into a dragon light into the Naling ring, disappeared.

Choke~! !

Two streamers exploded, Lin Chen held "Yong Ye" in his right hand and held "Spiritual Extreme Que" in his left hand.

Although the marksmanship is what Lin Chen is best at, Lin Chen, who is in the realm of the war emperor, can perfectly exert the power of the Yongye sword, and the quasi-seven-tier five dragon dynasty gun is slightly inferior.

After absorbing the attribute light **** dropped by 29 Yuanzun Realm Nine Heavy and 5 half-step Emperor Realms, Lin Chen's intermediate rune energy broke through 100,000 points!

"Soul of SoulCut God!"

The dark robbery fighting force surging, Yong Ye's blade reversed, violently slashed out, the space cut by the blade, reduced to endless dark! The light of heaven and earth is absorbed and extinguished for a hundred thousand miles, as if everything will be reduced to eternal darkness!

Such a terrifying combat technique makes the four warlords creepy! This has gone beyond the scope of the low-level purple level, at least it is also the power of the purple level intermediate level and above!

"Extremely short water!"

The phantasmagoric sword suddenly spurted out, reflecting a little sword of water light in the darkness, embellishing the night, and smashing the void three thousand miles!

"Tianying Mountains and Rivers!"

Bai Shengsheng cut out a sword across the sky, trying to cut through the darkness, but the swordsmanship of the dark robbery and the condensed fighting spirit slashed to the side. !

Bang ~~! boom! boom!

The four war emperors were blasted back at the same time, escaped thousands of miles away, bleeding from the corners of their mouths, and even Bai Shengsheng in the second stage of the second stage. The expressions of the four were full of shock!

I saw that Lin Chen was holding the sword in his backhand and was holding the sword. When the Purple Phoenix wing flapped, Million Dragon Power exploded in an instant!

He used his whole body to move, and his body spun at a rapid speed, driving the Yongye sword and the magical extreme sword, and rolled up the vast storm!

With Lin Chen as the center, a bunch of Daogang Jianqi storms spiraled from the high altitude, rolling hundreds of millions of stars!

The four players each showed their cards, a lot of palm print claw skills, ghostly swordsmanship appeared one after another, and bang together!

The world is terrified, the sun and the moon are dark, in the area where the five people are fighting, flying sand and stones, no grass grows, the earth sinks, and the sky cracks the cracks of countless space crystal walls!

It is almost equivalent to the terrible end of the day, wherever you go, the mountains and rivers are crushed!