My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 467

Vol 5 Chapter 467: I'm Going To Cut The Emperor

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Chapter 467

Lin Chen was alone, with one sword and one sword, killing the four war emperors repeatedly, even they did not believe that they had lived for so long, they would be repelled by a younger generation!

The four emperors were frightened by the Vietnam War, and Lin Chens every trick was perfect in practice, even better than the veteran war emperors who had lived for tens of thousands of years. They had almost no flaws!

Even more frightening is that Lin Chen stepped into the highest realm of the golden pupil "Golden pupil twins" for a short time. For the movements and every move of the four war emperors, they can predict their movements in advance through the changes of the spatial moire and the fluctuation of the fighting spirit. !

Coupled with Lin Chen's horrible body speed at the ultimate moment, the battle is completely one-sided dumping!

Lin Chen pressed the four emperors to fight, they were separated, and could not adjust the lineup!

Lin Chen, who launched the God-killer, has been able to confront the four of them, and now has entered the ultimate moment. The rune energy can also support Lin Chen's power to launch four times of attack skills in limited opportunities!

No matter what fighting method the four emperors used, they joined forces to fight against each other. Lin Chen, who continued the ultimate moment and the **** killer talent, had a rune of power. The combat power suddenly increased fourfold, not at all!

It's totally unworkable to use the method of harassing roaming, or assisting the strong attack around the secondary behavior of Bai Shengsheng's second stage! Because Lin Chen has millions of dragons, the spiritual realm is transformed into a realm above the state of law!

Lingzhou; Eight Waste Palace.

Many powerful men are in a melee battle. At this time, the Bahuang Palace is being suppressed by the army led by the Bai family, but it is being strongly resisted!

"Grandma, it's really hard to get the **** in the Eight Waste Palace!"

A half-step battle emperor of the Bai family was stunned by the elders of the Eight Waste Halls for dozens of steps, scolding.

Suddenly; the sky thundered and rumbling, the Bai family's half-step battle emperor raised his head abruptly, several streams of light interlaced, and he found his own white elder!

"Baiyou Taishang elder! You are here, it's so good, and you bother Baiyou's efforts to suppress Bahuangdian..."

boom! Bang ~!

A meteor falling like the extreme water moon sword light was shot out, and the half-step battle emperor saw his own imperial strongman, Bai You elder was blown thousands of miles by sword light!

Afterglow of Jianguang shook back the mountains of all directions and crushed thousands of miles of mountains and rivers!


This sword shocked many powerful men above the high ground of the Eight Wastelands to stop the fight in their hands, and looked at the few figures flying fast from the east!

Five battle-defying emperors swept the nebula, five people criss-crossed, and one of them was one enemy with five enemies. It even suppressed four others!

His silver robe is like snow, his sword tactics radiate endless sword light, each sword shines thousands of miles in the void, and contains the atmosphere of destroying the emperor!

One-handed swordsmanship came into the world like the night. When the swords came out, the heavens were empty, sinking into darkness, and absorbed in the blades of the blades. The other four war emperors flashed around him, but they were killed by him again and again!

Lin Chen pulled the Yongye Battle Sword out of it, and the dark dark scar marks slashed out, absorbing and crushing all the surrounding space! Bai Shengsheng cut back a sword and cut it horizontally, and the blue sword light shock exuded countless dark spirits!

The sword front was slashed down, and after the sword gas was vertical and horizontal, immediately followed by a water robbery sword light that divided the heavens and the earth, like a stream of light on the horizontal plane flashed by!

Ling Xiao's palms and claws went together in anger, and when the eagle giant claw forcibly took Lin Chen's sword light, Ling Qing passed by, and he faced Lin Chen's heavenly spirit with a fist, and punched light to suppress the world. There are thousands of Buddha Sanskrit singing!

At the moment the Charging Rune was launched, Lin Chen's figure was spinning like lightning, the Divine Shadow Wind Demon Leg was displayed, the dragon force exploded like a dragon and the sea, and the leg kicked out if it was shocked by electric shock!

The wind-tribulation fighting spirit that cut the void shattered away and collided with Ling Qing's fist!

A golden light exploded, Lin Qing was repelled and left!

The sensational cold ghost hand turned into a blasted python and grabbed Lin Chen. His eyes were as fierce as electro-optical flashes. A rage and spirit wave that shattered the heavens and earth were as violent as Shura's anger and slammed away! Shattering white quiet sneak attack!

The five figures were criss-crossed, and the four emperors couldn't attack. Instead, they switched to procrastinating tactics. However, they were attacked by Lin Chen's "Soul Slayer" with the speed of the purple phoenix wings and "Tao Gang", and they fell back!

At a distance of seven to eighty thousand miles, the powerhouses such as Bahuangdian and Baijia were dumbfounded and their scalp numb!

"His! One dozen four?"

"The Ling family's style is absolutely double emperors, Ling Qing Ling Xiao, these two old monsters are also born?"

"Actually suppress Bai Baisheng's growth, what the **** is this god?"

"No! Isn't that Lin Chen who has won four consecutive titles in the Celestial Rankings?"

"What a joke! Then the **** is the four warlords? Isn't that the kid is Yuan Zunjing!"

Regardless of the powerhouses such as the Bahuangdian or the Baijia, they all suffocated air-conditioning! A war against the four emperors? This world is crazy!

A few months ago, Lin Chen had been beaten by four strong-ranking eight-height palace powerhouses and ran away like crazy! Damn, this kid Yuanzun Realm is about to turn the sky, this must be able to fight the Emperor, Bahuangdian was scored by him without scoring minutes!

As the pupils of the'Golden Eyes Twins' turned, Lin Chen noticed the Yuanzun Realm, which had scattered a lot of fleeing above the heights of the Eighth Palace, and there was a smile on the corner of his mouth!

His figure suddenly changed, and the earth-striking warfare appeared violently.

"Thousand souls!"

The sword of Yongye slashed into the void, and the air of the earth-robbing sword flew from the tip of the knife, and thousands of miles, turned into a bunch of yellow sand sword gas storm strangling away!

The terrible yellow sand knife swept across the world, and every turning sand has the terrifying power of easily penetrating the nine-level peak defense of Yuanzun Realm!

The wind and sand scattered the sky, penetrated the Bai family and many other Yuanzun realm strongmen, and even the half-step emperor was also sucked into the interior of the tornado storm and was strangled to death! Almost 90% of the coalition forces that attacked the Eight Wastelands Palace were directly destroyed by this move!

In their body there is the light of the burning will of the torch, Lin Chen can easily distinguish who is the enemy; although the power of this knife is strong, all the eight palaces have been leveled, but they have not injured them alone!

The Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon that escaped into the blue dragon's shadowing state once again cleaned the battlefield, and the dragon veins skyrocketed!

Jian Qi evaded Ling Qing, Dao Gang's indiscriminate killing retreated Bai Shengsheng, but Lin Chen's eyes were stunned!

"In the face of the four of us, you dare to be distracted against other people, still showing flaws!"

Earth robbery fighting has just condensed into Wanyue Xuanzhenjia, when Ling Xiaos sneer sounded, he shot a claw and shot behind Lin Chen!

Sigh~! boom! Click! Click!

Lin Chens Wanyue Xuanzhen armor was shattered on the spot, claw marks hurt Lin Chens body, and he penetrated into his body with heavy breath, causing bleeding in the corners of Lin Chens mouth. A whirlwind of light fell into the void!

Just as Ling Xiao was about to chase after his victory, his face suddenly turned particularly pale!

His legs are missing!

Lin Chen faintly sneered at the corner of his mouth!

"Damn, what a freak this kid is! Can he even predict this to what extent?"

Ling Xiao is planning to get his legs back. As long as his cultivator takes back the wound and runs the war, the legs still have a higher chance of getting back!

Bang ~!

Geng Jinjianqi extinguished the stars alone, and when he burst into the sky, he penetrated the void and annihilated Ling Xiao's legs that fell in the void into nothingness! Make his face paler!

"Lao Tzu is not so easy to deal with! Are the four war emperors very strong? Today, I am going to be the Emperor Lin Chen!"