My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 468

Vol 5 Chapter 468: Emperor Linchen

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Chapter 468 !

"Our Bahuang Temple! Tens of thousands of years of accumulation has turned into nothingness!"

"But those people seem to be almost dead?"

"It seems that Lin Chen seems to have saved us?"

Those who successfully escaped from the Eight Great Palaces were frightened; Lin Chen seemed to know which camp they were in from the knife just now!

Tens of thousands of feet above the other side;

Ling Xiao, whose legs were cut, was slightly pale, and his body quickly withdrew. Lin Chen urged the water robbery, the wood robbery, and the fast-moving "Mu Ling Jing Yuan Fa" and "True Water Return to the Yuan Jue", a quick treatment With the injuries on the body, the internal injuries received were repaired at a rate almost visible to the naked eye.

At this moment; Lin Chen's head immediately suppressed a blazing energy giant sword, up to tens of thousands of feet, falling down from the sky!

This energy giant sword, there are countless ghost-shaped fighting spirits all over the place, the spirit is like the tide, like the ancient Tianpeng!

"Lin Chen, with your injury, how to resist our joint blow! Today is your death!"

When Bai Shengsheng drank coldly, it was almost the strongest blow that condensed the three war emperors! Even the Emperor of Triple Action can be shaken!

"Who's dead doesn't know yet!"

Lin Chen sneered; the power of runes was reduced by 18,000 points when the power of the million dragons condensed! Running the special meridian route of "Soul Slash" to urge the most powerful form!

"Soul Extinguisher, Cut the Emperor!"

A stunning red gold sword awn flashed out from the blade of the Yongye Battle Sword! The sword is so angry that all the trajectories of the crystal walls in space are reduced to nothingness under this sword!

All the creatures in hundreds of thousands of miles, whether it is a human race or an orc! All felt the fear of the instinct of life by the breath of death revealed by this knife!

This knife is poignant and dustless, like a fall before dusk falls. The scarlet golden sword is as wide as 100,000 feet, and the attraction of swallowing stars and moon is blooming! Wherever he passed, the space collapsed, the yin and yang rebelled, all vitality was withered, and the breath of the knife and the man was exhausted!

Bang ~~!

Daoman cut off the great sword of energy, annihilated all the energy of combat energy, and devoured it. The four war emperors were involved in it, and there was no chance to escape!

Click~ Click~!

The sky cracks hundreds of miles of space crystal wall cracks, and the sword lingering after rhythm rushes, breaking all the clouds of the sky!

Immediately afterwards, faint **** clouds condensed, and **** rains rose from the ground, and the murmuring wind blew out.

This is the heaven and earth vision of the falling of the emperor!

The many elders in the Eight Waste Palace can't help but sigh the air, and their hearts are trembling!

They never thought that there would be such a day, even witnessing the fall of the Warlord!

Each war emperor is a top character killed by the endless genius between heaven and earth, and must also have the will and courage to die to break the bottleneck of the emperor!

You know; to become a war emperor, you must first destroy your warrior Yuan Mansion, all broken, unsuccessful, and fall! How many ancient wizards and ancient evils stopped at this step, and how many days of arrogance and demeanor under the bottleneck of the war emperor, halted!

It is not easy for a world to be born a war emperor!

However, today they were fortunate to witness the fall of the legendary war emperor!

Everyone stared staringly at the silver-robed young man in the void, the emperor, what kind of style and domineering!

Lin Chens ecstatic irresistible heart, this knife he almost took out his full strength, and even used the penetrating rune, the penetrating characteristics shattered the three battle emperors full strength with a single blow, and then went through with extra strength Their body!

In the void, there are countless attribute light **** all over, and several dazzling treasure chests are suspended.

In addition, there are two peaceful suspended voids in the body, and the vitality is extinguished, which makes Lin Chen excited!

Body of the Warlord! That is the body of the warlord! If the blue dragon can devour the body of the war emperor, maybe it can reach the peak of the sixth order or even half the seventh order, and it is possible to have more than 900,000 dragon powers!

Moreover, the Naling Rings on them are even more precious among babies!

Lin Chen immediately showed off and moved, rushing towards the bodies of the two war emperors!

Tear ~!

Unexpectedly, a space jade jade teared open, listing the golden space channels, Bai Shengsheng and a hand grabbed the bodies of the two war emperors, Ling Xiao followed, and entered the golden space channel like lightning!

"Want to escape?"

Lin Chen drew another knife like lightning! The meridians in the body came with a sharp pain, but the knife was not angry, and Lin Chen's expression was slightly painful!

At this moment of hesitation, the two escaped with the corpse completely, and before leaving, came the Baixusheng's vicious curse.

"Damn the devil, one day, your dog's life, the emperor will come to fetch it! You will know that you will not even be an ant in front of an adult!"

As soon as the voice fell, the golden space channel shrank to nothingness and disappeared.

"Grass! Fuck, it's almost! It's almost! Master, my two warlord bodies!"

Lin Chen's anger was bad, and he yelled! Too much fighting energy was consumed in the state of the ultimate moment. He has reached the limit. Because of the momentary hesitation, he missed the opportunity for Qinglong to break through!

The record of killing the Shuanghuang, and these opportunities will be the time to launch the God Killer talent!

Want to copy this record unless he stepped into the battle royal realm, otherwise it is almost unrealistic, one can imagine Lin Chen regrets to what extent.

In fact, Lin Chen was enough to be proud of Kyushu! Each war emperor has survived tens of thousands of years, and they do not know how many cards and backgrounds have been accumulated!

If it weren't for the four men to confront Lin Chen this time, they might be the biggest threat to Lin Chen after they escaped. The most unlucky can escape three, and will never end with such a dismal result!

"The time that the Godkiller's talent lasts is almost over. Now is not the time to hesitate to regret!"

Feeling that the fluctuation of the fighting spirit in the body became weaker and weaker, Lin Chen put aside all his emotions. If he returned to the normal state, not to mention the war emperor, even a Yuanzun Jingjiu could let him Lin someone can't eat it!

Lin Chen sacrificed the blue dragon one by one, and took away all the attribute light **** in the void!

These attributes of the light ball can all be dropped by the four warlords, most of them are dropped after the fall of the two warlords, all of which are the four attributes of merit, rune energy, heavenly value and talent points. The high quality is what Lin Chen saw for the first time!

Regardless of the attribute value light screen popped up by the system frantically, he reached out and grabbed the multiple treasure chests floating in the void!

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and gains the active talent: Ultimate Return. The designated talent points can be consumed, and the host can be replenished with all consumed combat energy, mental strength, flesh shell status, and the required talent points in a very short period of time will be determined by the host's cultivation, status, consumed combat strength and other comprehensive factors.

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest to gain passive talent: the Emperor Destroyer, if the host launches an attack with a killing intention, there will be a 0.1% chance of triggering the second kill mechanism, which allows the host to directly kill the opponent. It is suitable for the Holy Land. All creatures.