My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 469

Vol 5 Chapter 469: Lingzhou Is At Stake

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Chapter 469, Lingzhou is in Danger!

Lin Chen's heart, the previous regrets and annoyance were instantly overwhelmed by huge ecstasy!

First, the Ultimate Guiyuan talent, which is almost his most lacking talent! Lin Chen, who has the ultimate moment, is always in a state of lack of fighting spirit. As long as the offensive is a little bit fierce, the fighting spirit will bottom out immediately!

And that passive talent; destroy the emperor; this is a bit vague to fuck...

For Lin Chen, this talent can only be expected, not depended on!

The 0.1% chance of the Emperor Destroyer is one-thousandth, and one of the attacks that should be one-thousand times according to the apparent probability will trigger the spike mechanism.

But I would like to ask, if Lin Chen in the normal state faced the strong king, who would attack him a thousand times?

Not to mention a thousand times, one is a problem! Even getting close is a problem!

"Forget it, this talent will at least make my life not completely desperate."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled. After the God-killer was lifted, this talent was the only way Lin Chen could threaten the Warlord!

Suddenly; Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, staring at his beautiful lady not far away, showing a painful and struggling expression.

"Huh, is she?"-Lin Chen was a little surprised, this woman was the Murong Qingxue that Lin Chen had saved one life!

She stared into her own eyes with both pain and strong killing and hatred, as well as a desperate struggle.

"The will of the flame seed is controlling her?"

Lin Chen was shocked, his figure moved a little, and flashed to Murong Qingxue, palms pressed against the snow white jade of the beautiful woman, releasing her fighting spirit to ease her pain.

At the same time, Lin Chen's fighting spirit quickly shuttled into her body, located in her sea of spiritual consciousness, burning a ray of red fire.

The flames spread out like net-like lines, followed by Murong Qingxue's spiritual seeds and even her will!

"Is this the ghost thing...break me!"

Lin Chen ran eight kinds of sky-tribulation warfare, condensed a stream of light, and flew away. The red flame squeaked like a mouse and a cat, and it quickly retreated!

The eight kinds of Heavenly Tribulation fought together into a big net, and suddenly rushed over to annihilate the red fire!


Murong Qingxue's expression of struggling pain flashed by, and was replaced by agility and doubt as before?

"You recovered? How are you feeling?"

After seeing the teenager in front of him and recalling his previous memories, Murong Qingxue was shocked and puzzled.

"You, me... I seem to be controlled, as if the entire Murong family is controlled... Lin Chen, are you actually a warlord...?"

Lin Chen shrugged-"Hey, it's not that bad, it's so handsome, and it will go back later."

"But, you saved me again..."-Murong Qingxue Hao bite, for the teenager who saved himself time and time again, maybe it is the most complicated existence in her life.

When he quietly entered his heart, he found that he was the one he hated.

But he is so unique! Time and time again, the Celestial Leaderboard has won four consecutive championships, and even the four emperors of fame are not his opponents! How many people are there in ancient and modern times?

Lin Chen is not a fool, he shook his head and smiled-"Why do you grieve yourself and live a bad life for yourself? Why do you have to let the grievances of your family or others restrain you."

Hearing this, Murong Qingxue was stunned!

Feeling the gradual weakening of the fighting spirit in the body, Lin Chen's expression became solemn and serious.

"Let's go back to the academy and talk about it now. The entire Lingzhou is now overturned! I'm afraid things are far from that simple. Perhaps as the four guys said, Lingzhou has been transformed by them!"

"Well." The beautiful lady nodded cleverly, Qian Yan flashed.

Lin Chen pulled Murong Qingxue, tearing the void, stepping into the cracks in the space, escape into the void and disappeared, leaving only the marvelous strongmen outside the Eight Waste Palace!

Lin Chen, who had escaped into the void, was advancing while assisting Wanzai Xuan Qinglong to refine the majestic energy in the origin of the Green Dragon. Hundreds of Yuanzunjing body, its dragon veins have penetrated to 20,000!

20 thousand! That is 200,000 Dragon Power! The value has more than doubled than before! But it is far more than double in lethality!

In terms of pure power alone, Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon already has a destructive power comparable to the six-fold mid-term, and with its many supernatural powers, it can also fight one in the later seven-fold!

However, at this time, the dragon vein is still constantly opening! At the end of Qinglong's final growth, Lin Chen couldn't imagine it!

According to Lin Chen's guess, the reform of this war may have a decisive relationship with the Bai family, and they can call out the will of the flame seed!

The will of the torch seed remains deep in the spirit. If it accumulates over time, it will inevitably know the body of the host. Once it rebounds, the consequences may be unimaginable!

Those who have refined the seeds of the flame can be controlled! The most important thing is that those who used to refine the seeds of the holy fire were not like Lin Chen.

If this is the case, then Lingzhou may now be waging a unique war in history!

Judging from the hundreds of thousands of history of Lingzhou, there are countless powerful people who have absorbed the seeds of the torch!

The seed of the Holy Fire is almost one of the most important resources for cultivating the young arrogance of the ancient family and the virgin son. From the top of the ancient family to the young son, I am afraid they will be controlled!

"I'm afraid Tiange Academy can't escape the venom. I don't know if this disaster can survive it. It turned out that the sky machine I was deducing at the Tianlingbang arithmetic conference was actually this catastrophe. According to the timeline predicted at the time, at least It will take about 20 years to erupt. What caused the catastrophe to come to Lingzhou in advance?"

Lin Chen, who was moving fast, had many thoughts in his mind. At this time, his fighting spirit suddenly began to diminish! Lin Chen was so shocked to quit Void Steal!

The fighting spirit turned from nine limbs to nine fighting forces Yuanyuan, the pure power of the whole body began to diminish constantly, and the spiritual strength was constantly shrinking, as if going back in time, it was very magical.

In the end, the Yuanqi House of War was slowly reduced to three, and it was changed back to Lin Chens original Yuanzun Realm triple repair!

The God-killer talent has already ended.

"It is worthy of the strongest talent in the current version of the system. Even if the state is lifted, I don't have any weak state to bear."

When Lin Chen exclaimed, he opened the Purple Phoenix wings. At this time, he had reached the tens of thousands of miles away from the college, not far from the college!


Tiange Academy; the whole school is already in a panic!

Of course, more elders are still in a state of calm, and the Yan family's hundreds of thousands of ethnic groups have migrated here, avoiding the genocide! At the same time, the ethnicities of Yan and Han families also transferred with the students of Tiange College.

The Yan family also revealed to Tiange Academy that the secret of the Seed of the Holy Flame shocked the Academy!

The elder warlord of the academy is too elder, at least half of the amount is the seeds of holy fire!

Once they fight, they will be immediately engaged by outside enemies!