My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 470

Vol 5 Chapter 470: Speaking Or Human?

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Chapter 470

Therefore, the vice president personally sat inside the college and gathered all the high-level elders who had absorbed the seeds of the torch. Once they had any abnormalities, they would immediately be suppressed by the vice president personally, even if they exploded!

But if the deputy chief wants to suppress all the elders who have refined the seeds of the torch, they can't participate in the battle. Without her combat power, it is a fatal blow to the current situation!

On the other hand, it was Lin Chen's situation that was more detrimental to the people!

"You just came back like this, Lin Chen? Why didn't you bring him back!"

"The Han family appears the four warlords of the Bai family and the Ling family? Wait, what did you just say, was Lin Chen covering you back?"

"He has a Yuanzun realm to cover you out?"

In the secret room of the high-level of the college, when the high-level people who had not absorbed the seeds of the torch gathered together, they were completely shocked when they heard the reports of the Han ancestors and Meng Qianmo and others!

Yan Qianyun and other senior members of the Yan family are also among them. Hearing this situation, the senior fortune tellers who had once seen some wicked monsters also took a breath.

A king of four emperors?

A young man in Yuan Zunjing, could actually cover the entire Han family to escape from the four war emperors and hundreds of Yuan Zunjing?

I dont dare to write such a **** novel! If it were not for the Han family ancestors to sit here personally, everyone would not even believe the possibility of 1 in 10,000!

After obtaining multiple certificates, the answer of the entire Han family is the same! The senior management of the college barely believed in accepting this fact!

"But, I still can't figure out, how can one Yuanzun Realm be able to fight the four warlords!"

Several senior college students shuddered and unconsciously murmured.

"No need to imagine, my strength and face value are proportional!"

The door of the secret room was suddenly pushed open, Lin Chen walked into the secret room, hehe laughed.

"Lin Chen?"

"I depend! Is your kid really okay?"

"You can really fight the four war emperors? My God, this is too ridiculous! We have practiced for so many years, and it's simply training into the dog's belly!"

"Brother, how are the four warlords!"

Many high-level officials saw Lin Chen's return and swarmed.

"Fool! Why are you so reckless!"

Yan Qianyun rushed to Lin Chen anxiously, before and after checking whether there were any defects on his body, but after realizing his gaffe, he immediately retreated several steps of Xiafei's cheeks.

Lin Chen scratched his head, shyly.

"I killed two, mutilated one, and seriously injured one. It's a pity that in the end I couldn't take away their Naling Ring and body, shit, I feel like I lost billions when I talked about this!"

Lin Chen couldn't help but scold, seeing his expression of extreme regret, but it was not like lying at all! Like the old Lin Chen who was reluctant to eat a small loss in the past!

From the field to the senior elders to the college mentors, all stared at Lin Chen with a ghostly expression!

Taking the cultivation of Yuan Zunjing as the killing of two war emperors and the disability of two?

Still want to take over the old people?

Is this still human? Is this still human?

Seeing everyone's complete ignorance, Lin Chen laughed a few times, and immediately a serious way.

"The elders don't need to care about these things. To be honest, I can challenge the four war emperors because of some personal secrets in my life. This is the only chance I have in my life. For, even a Yuanzun Jingjiu can treat me."

Lin Chen lifted the Ten Thousand Fire Strategies, deliberately revealing his cultivation behavior, so that everyone knows his details, otherwise everyone will think he can challenge the war emperor, and he will have to turn it when he is handed over to him. Skin water.

Even so, everyone still can't be calm for a long time. From the perspective of Lin Chen's spirit, he doesn't seem to be injured and pays a similar life-span price, that is to say, he almost got the strength to challenge the emperor at the slightest price. ? This is too ridiculous...

"Right, what next to the college? Where is the dean?"

Seeing that the atmosphere was no longer so tight, Lin Chen no longer joked and asked seriously.

Meng Qianmo said with a solemn expression-"The deputy dean controls all the elders who have absorbed the seeds of the torch in the space plane near the gate of the purgatory secret realm. The college next plans to completely migrate to Tianzhou and Mingzhou. The academy is in Tianzhou. It has its own branch, which allows immediate transfer."

"Control all the elders who have absorbed the seeds of the flame?"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and he immediately recalled that his creation of the Nine Tribulation Heart Method could eliminate the will of the seeds of the Holy Fire!

It's just, I don't know if it is useful to the elders now.

"Lin Chen, you are back now, and we are all at ease. It's time to evacuate. This time the Lingzhou Incident has changed. The vice president has already told the whole hospital to evacuate! Turned to Tianzhou, the people staying here, life and death Unknown!"

Lin Chen nodded in unison at the high level.

"I know, but I have something to do before I leave!"


The entrance to the gate of the purgatory secret realm, inside the secret realm space.

"You mean, this little guy, destroyed two war emperors, and also hurt Bai Yusheng and Ling Xiao of the Ling family?"

When the dean heard many elders' reports, he moved slightly!

"Yes, although we have not seen it with our own eyes, from the reports of the Han family and the three elder mentors, it should be true!"

Several elders shook their heads and exclaimed, which made the dean's eyes beautiful!

Looking again at Lin Chen, who is giving many elders the mentality in the enclosed space, the deputy dean shook his head and wondered. She never thought that Lin Chen could achieve the achievement of the emperor at the age of 20!

Have not waited for the deputy dean to marvel, surprise after wave! Those elders who were controlled by the will of the seed of the torch began to gradually restore their minds.

"Huh, what happened to me before, but I just wanted to attack everyone in the academy..."

"It's terrible, the old mind seems to have received some orders...just want to destroy the college..."

"Strange, the old man hasn't encountered such a thing for thousands of years..."

More and more Taishang elders and seniors recovered their minds. When Lin Chen sweated like rain, every time he put his palm on the elders foreheads, he quietly operated the creation of the Nine Tribulation. As they entered their bodies, they found that will from the depths of their spirits!

At the time of the turbulent fighting, they crushed their will in the deep spirit!

"nailed it!"

Lin Chen sat on the ground, many elders and senior mentors thanked him, and the deputy dean was even more amazing!

"What a magical mental method, it is indeed a mysterious skill that can shape several kinds of sky-tribulation warframes. I am afraid that the rank has surpassed the purple rank and above!"