My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 471

Vol 5 Chapter 471: Holy Legend

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Chapter 471: Legend of the Holy Realm! !

"This son is really shocking to the heavens. Sure enough, our Qian Yun, Nizi's vision, has not misunderstood people. He is indeed a star of hope in our Lingzhou!"

At this time, a gentle and elegant middle-aged man in white walked into the enclosed space, as well as two old men in linen who were able to smile.

These three people are the second elder and the third elder in charge of the Yan family head and the Supreme Elder Council!

"Oh, although this catastrophe was twenty years ahead of schedule, there is a legend in our hospital now. It is still unknown who will kill the deer!"

The deputy dean laughed softly, softly flicked his sleeves, and a brand new gentle fighting spirit was injected into Lin Chen's body, so that his consumption was completely filled, and there was even a sign of exceeding the heyday!

"Vice dean, or will I stay with the college?"

Lin Chen licked his tongue and said excitedly. The attribute value gained after fighting with the Emperor of War really made him want to stop!

And most importantly, he can now help those warlords controlled by the will of the Flame Seed to find their reason! This is a vital fighter!

"No! You must leave. As long as you are alive, we have hope. Don't think that you can stay here by removing the will of the torch. This Lingzhou War, the specifications are far beyond your imagination! The war we have now The enemy is completely unknown. We havent figured out who the enemy is. You must not stay!"

The dean's expression was very serious, and even some of the college's elders were impressed. They had never seen the dean's expression.

Lin Chen sighed slightly at the corner of his mouth. At this time, the deputy dean spread his snow-white delicate palms, and the light orange brilliance shone up!

Bang ~~!

All areas of the entire Tiange College can clearly see an orange beam blooming in the high altitude of the college!

Elders, mentors, and students who are gradually moving away have turned their heads to stare at the orange beam of light!

More than a year ago, the Academys Zi Xun class was born with such a vision, but this orange beam of light is much more dazzling than the Zi Xun class!

The beam of light shone a million miles away, all the affiliated forces, cities, and countless people who were in panic once stared at the orange light in the direction of Tiange Academy!

"This, this is?"

"Orange Order...can't be wrong, this is the light of the Orange Order of Tiange Academy!"

"This is the first time the Orange Order student appeared in the history of Tiange Academy!"

"Who is it? Who is eligible to get the Orange Order!"

"Absolutely him! Lin Chen! No one is more qualified than him!"

"Old Age once remembered that Yun Tiange, the founder of Tiange Academy, once said that if the Orange Order appeared in Tiange Academy one day, it would surely shake the entire Kyushu and be an arbitrary character!"

"We, Lingzhou, have no despair!"

With Tiange Academy as the center, all the forces and people in the flames of war are struggling to ignite warfare and hope!

In the extreme south of Lingzhou, the emperors appear!

Thousands of Yuanzun realm, and even dozens of war emperors turned to Tiange Academy at the same time!

"The Orange Order of Tiange Academy has been born. It seems that this time there are a lot of changes."

"You can destroy our two war emperors at a young age. This orange rank is endless!"

"The old foxes of the Yan family actually hid in the Tiange Academy, but they didn't expect to let them speculate on our step first."

"Anyway, let's go, destroy Tiange Academy!"

In every direction, the emperors are born!

Goal; Tiange Academy!

In the secret space;

Lin Chen looked dumbfounded at the beautiful cheek of the deputy dean's smile, and said inconceivably-"Here, is this an orange medal?"

"Yes! I originally planned to wait for you to arrive at Yuanzun Realm Jiuzhong before giving it to you. Although it is still a bit early, it will belong to you sooner or later. Lin Chen, you will be the first and perhaps the last in the history of our Tiange Academy. The orange rank! I believe that no one will disagree with this decision, and no one will fit it better than you!"

When the deputy dean smiled lightly, the elders of all the colleges present were caressed and smiled. This deserves this name!

Seeing that the deputy dean's intentions were decided, Lin Chen took the orange medal, and when a slight tremor, there was a spiritual robe attached to his chest.

When the orange medal recognized Lin Chen, a new memory suddenly appeared in his mind!

"The next generation, my name Yun Tiange, is the first generation dean and founder of the college. If you get this medal, it proves that you already have the height of my expectations."

"Junior only remembers that the mainland of Kyushu was created by the 100 saints of our human race. Besides Kyushu, there are countless human worlds of the Kyushu mainland, the higher ones, and the legendary holy world, **** realm. The space is the pinnacle of the origin of my human martial arts, and there are gods in charge of the Holy Realm."

"And God Realm is the time and space where the gods rule the chaos. In the past, hundreds of millions of years ago, the Holy Realm had a terrifying change, and there were souls who shook the gods to find allies and destroy the most terrible ten of the Holy Realm. Ninefold Holy Prison! All of the Holy Prison are the most cruel and fierce generations in the Holy World!"

"After they escaped from the holy prison, they mixed into the endless human territories, professed to be gods, enslaved the mainland of the human race, and provided them with nourishment for repairing the holy body. Among them were a group of criminals from the holy state of the eighteenth to nineteenth holy prisons. To the mainland of Kyushu."

"After they broke through without success, they maliciously provoked the war between the devil and the human race, and started a full-scale battle in Kyushu, resulting in the fall of the 100 Saints! Descendants, your task is to rob them before they repair the broken Holy Body. Completely destroy all false gods! Once let them repair the holy body completely, with their strength to approach the pinnacle of the holy realm, the mainland of Kyushu will be completely reduced to hell!"

That simple and heavy mental voice shocked Lin Chen for a long time!

It turned out that the memory he saw in the Celestial Battle Tower was the truth of this world! The mainland of Kyushu was created for the Hundred Saints. Those who are called gods on the mainland of Kyushu are all a group of false gods!

They brought disasters and wars to Kyushu, and they also called them the gods to create the mainland of Kyushu, in order to let future generations celebrate the great achievements of gods!

"It turned out that the soul I beheaded was only a descendant of a false god! I was actually asked to kill those poor and terrible generations from the Holy Realm, which is too worthy of me Lin someone?"

"Besides, you just leave a message, and you will not give anything to the lord, let me take the lead?"

Knowing the whole story before and after the incident, Lin twitched!

He is still just a triple of Yuan Zunjing who has nothing but handsome! It is unrealistic to let him kill those false gods who even fear the Holy World.