My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 472

Vol 5 Chapter 472: Leave Lingzhou

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Chapter 472: Leaving Lingzhou!

Thinking of this, someone Lin made a stunned thing for everyone.

I saw it; he took the orange medal on his chest seriously, and put it back into the palm of the vice president very politely and well.

"Sorry, deputy dean, someone in Lin has suffered the pressure I shouldn't have, so you should send me a purple honour, or you can just leave it alone."

Lin Chen laughed and scratched his head, shocking many senior officials and elders!

Is this kid having a bad brain?

How many top-ranked Zixun ranks have squeezed their scalp and wanted to become Orange ranks? Still take the initiative to return?

"Bash~ Hahaha!"

The deputy dean was completely amused by Lin Chen, and was always extraordinary. When she saw Lin Chen's sly face and even some convulsive face, she laughed tremblingly.

For someone in Lin, how can that not be retreated!

From the beginning to the end, he never thought about what savior to do!

He wanted to be at ease, to have **** and to do things, it's okay to have a bubble girl and a girl, who the **** would save the world! He is not Ultraman!

Besides, even fooling the little child Lori or something to bring a lollipop and milk, just give a broken medal and let him sing someone to get rid of those coveted Kyushu hypocrites? Does this make him a living Bodhisattva or a savior?

Big deal Kyushu ruined him and took some of her beautiful young ladies and class 66 to the other people's continent. Why go to death?

The deputy dean smiled for a while before wiping the corners of his eyes, and said with a smile-"You can rest assured, I know your thoughts, we naturally will not let you do this without any preparation, but you only have Yuan Zun Jing Xiu, as we have prepared, you cant even control a slightly more powerful seventh-order weapon."

"I don't care! Anyway, I am someone who is not good as a shit, let alone be a savior. I'll show it off. I don't accept drawing cakes. I choose to return the goods. This Orange Medal is not for me. Lin Choose to be a man who has nothing but handsome, thank you!"

Lin Chen's serious showdown made all senior elders have their foreheads, which is really a wonderful thing! Can this still bring returns?

"This little friend Lin Chen is really a strange person, and we have a vision today!"

The head of the Yan family shook his head and smiled; he glanced at the two elders and couldn't help but smile.

"Well, I will keep this orange medal for you first. I will decide whether to become an orange medal student when you come back next time. This is the head office."

The deputy dean shook his head and put away the orange medal.

This is probably the worst day in the history of Tiange Academy! The deputy dean personally awarded the first orange medal in history and was returned by this kid?

"Lin Chen, you should start your journey!"

Suddenly, the expressions of the deputy dean and the elders became dignified in a moment, and it seemed to feel that there had been a large number of strong men attacking Tiange Academy!

"How has the college's evacuation been done."

The deputy dean asked an elder warlord who had just entered the secret space.

"The students have been completely transferred, except for the individual students who insisted on returning to their families. They have left. Only the inheritance of combat skills and some treasure chests have not been transferred."

"It's okay, what's in the Treasure Pavilion should be our next strategic preparation resources. This change and future direction of Lingzhou can't be divided in one or two battles! They will convene manpower one after another, and we will also Anxious to return the elders who visited Kyushu."

Then, the vice president looked at Lin Chen and said righteously.

"Lin Chen, you are different from everyone evacuating to Tianzhou. Your goal this time is the Shenzhou Sky Pagoda. The road is far away and difficult. At present, we have not prepared too many warships to help you in danger. A lot of resources must be used. In the next battle, I only have this one thing, which can help you get rid of the crisis three times. Remember, if you run out of ruin, dont rely on it."

The void is suspended, and the green jade ring is suspended in front of Lin Chen. From the appearance, it seems to be just an ordinary ring, not even the Naling ring.

"This object is the Aurora Ring of the Bihai. It was made by me exhausting thousands of years of time. It can explode three attacks that are comparable to the second stage of the War Realm. It can help you get rid of difficulties at a critical moment, but it depends on you Myself."

Lin Chen took Bi Haijie and clenched his fists"Thanks to the deputy dean for giving the ring, hey, this reward is actually much more. I will be careful!"

"Go away, time is not waiting for anyone!"

As soon as the vice-president flicked his sleeves, he sent Lin Chen and other younger juniors away, and all the war emperors immediately escaped to the outside world!

Tiange Academy; No. 97 Sky Island.

Class 66 and Lin Chen gathered here as the last batch. Except for the elders and mentors who stayed in battle, all the mentors who had left last time gathered.

Lin Chen found Lao Yuan in the crowd and immediately rushed over and handed a panacea to Lao Yuan.

"Lao Yuan, this panacea was specially made for you. It can make your fighting spirit return to the peak, and it can also repair old injuries in your body."

At the moment of separation, Lin Chen was extremely serious, and Yuan Lao said with emotion-"Good boy, I really did not misread people in my life."

To restore his original cultivation practice and repair old injuries, Yuan Lao naturally knew that it was a difficult problem for the top-level sixth-level master refining master. This kid could be so intentional, and he did not waste his pains on him.

"Squad leader, are you going to Tianzhou with us?"

Everyone from Class 66 gathered, Ying Liang asked first.

"No, I'm going to the sky tower in Shenzhou! There, you can find the fastest growing method!"

Lin Chen's eyes crossed a touch of strangeness, he still had to look for the sacred sage inheritance of 47 left in Shenzhou, Shenzhou, he must go!

"Lin Lang, are we going to separate again?"

Yun Manqing hugged Lin Chen reluctantly, he smiled and comforted-"Relax, everything is only temporary. Besides, with the Holy Flame Seed I left to you, you will be able to enter Yuanzun Realm as quickly as possible! "

"You have to take care of your body too!"

Leng Yueqi held Lin Chen's palm, and Leng Yan's beautiful cheeks faintly expressed concern.

She knew that although she had advanced into Yuanzun Realm now, staying with Lin Chen would only become his burden. If not, she would definitely choose to follow Lin Chen to Tianzhou with her temperament!

The female students of Class 66 and Han Ziyun on the side were all courageous and hugged farewell to Lin Chen. Murong Qingxue looked at them enviously and confusedly. The male students looked at each other and everything was silent.

"Lin Chen, I want to find an old man in Mingzhou before, and then I will go to Shenzhou, then we will join hands together and sweep all the geniuses in Shenzhou!"

Yan Qianyun smiled, Lin Chen's heart rose with pride, and smiled-"That's nature!"