My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 473

Vol 5 Chapter 473: 1. Preparation Before Parting

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Chapter 473: Preparation Before Parting!

This time, Lingzhou has undergone drastic changes, and everyone in Class 66 is born in a wasteland. Don't worry about it for the time being. Unless Lingzhou fights to win or lose, there will be no danger in the marginal areas such as the 24 domains.

Ning Qingxuan's Ning family has the so-called "spirit" asylum, which is actually one of the many pseudo-gods coveting Kyushu. Even if the Lingzhou war broke out, there is no need to worry for the time being. Lin Chen's only worry is Bai Ruoyan.

If Sister Yan has been silent since the last fight between Lin Chen and Qi Tianqi, and now such a terrible war broke out in Lingzhou, how could she easily be alone.

"Let's go! We are the last group to leave the college!"

A war emperor elder who was in charge of escorting the mentors of the students suddenly drank coldly, and a ray of space rose in the center of the sky island, which turned into a space channel, and everyone entered together.

The light reversed and everyone disappeared.

Lin Chen and others just walked, and the breath of many powerful empires swept across the sky, and they came to the world!

The Vice-President led many warlord-level strong men suspended to a height above 100,000 feet, looking directly at the blurred shadow in the distance.

"Huh? You actually touched the power of the will of the adult?"

"A good day song academy can't think that even the outrageous thing of removing the power of will can be done. Sure enough, you should be wiped out as soon as possible!"

With the high altitude direction of Tiange Academy, an unprecedented battle for emperors has been launched!

What Lin Chen didn't know before he left was that it was his Ruoyan sister who led the war of the Lingzhou kings!


Tianzhou; Yunfu Pavilion, straight to Xiaohan. There are several figures standing on the top of the pavilion, the breath is as strong as the emperor!

"Unexpectedly, the catastrophe of Lingzhou came ahead of time! How long did it take to convene the Sky Spirit List Conference, Lingzhou fell into a mess!"

"Should I put in a hand?"

"No! The Lingzhou upheaval is not a trivial matter, but one party has combined the power of many ancient families. Even with the power of our Tianzhou, we have to unite most of the forces to deal with it. Do you think we have this energy?"

"It's the best choice to wait and see what changes."

The five figures talked hotly, and only one of the white-haired old men stared at Lingzhou's direction.

Three days later

The space channel transports the crowd to the edge of Lingzhou, tens of millions of miles away from Tiange Academy.

"This place is the Tianling Wanling Sea. The Wanling Sea is the largest ocean in our Lingzhou, and the end of the Linghai is a space boundary. It is said that the boundary is an infinitely distorted space that will devour everything. However, as long as we need to cross the Tianshan Mountains, we can reach the junction of Tianzhou and Lingzhou."

The leader of the war emperor elder sighed a little, immediately attracted Lin Chen's eyes!

Yan Qianyun is different here. She is going to Mingzhou, and she is going to go the other way.

"All of you go first, I still have something to do, and after I finish, I will leave!"

Lin Chen left a sentence, suddenly swept towards the direction of Wanlinghai!

Everyone glanced at each other, it was a bit helpless, no one could guess through Lin Chen's ideas, but they did not need to worry, now that they have reached the edge of the Lingzhou area, the battle of the emperor and the strong has not been so easily extended to this!

Lin Chen swept straight into the sea of all spirits, and the ocean was vast. Even if Lin Chen urged full speed, he jumped thousands of miles only for an instant. After consuming Lin Chens fighting spirit for seven, eight, eight, he saw a dark space. black line!

At the end of the ocean, there is a black line of space that plummets into the sky, which is very strange. It is only about 40 meters away from the sea level!

The starting point of the black line in space is an extremely small vortex. The space at the starting point is all collapsed and twisted. It cannot be repaired by itself, and it is always in a curved state!

"Sure enough! This thing in the space world is the same as I expected!"

Lin's eyes lit up! This space boundary is a bit similar to the "black hole" that he recognized in the earth as a principle!

However, it is much smaller than a black hole, but the principle is similar to a black hole, and it is an infinitely twisted space-time.

Every time the internal rotation of the space boundary point will release strong energy fluctuations, such as ripples that spread open, causing a storm in the ocean.

If they are too close, the strength of Lien Chan's emperor will also be absorbed, even difficult to escape!

But at this time, Lin Chen began to slowly brew a shocking plan!

"It seems that this time before I leave, I have to prepare a big gift for those who started the Lingzhou War!"

Lin Chen laughed, then turned and left.

One day later; in the north, looking at the sea, inside the bottom of the sea, a teenager repeatedly punched, shocked the waves on the sea surface, and lively penetrated a hard tunnel on the seaside cliff!

Three days later, the sea of dim sea, similar situation continues to stage!

In just ten days, Lin Chen destroyed the coasts of dozens of seas in a row. These seas are the main seas in Lingzhou, and 80% of the water comes from these seas!

He changed the flow of seawater, so that all the seawater in these sea areas flowed to Wanlinghai!

When the sea surface began to rise, and the seawater flooded the starting point of the space boundary, suddenly the space was trembling!

The seawater of the Wanling Sea begins to be sucked into the interior by the space boundary, forming a space vortex, which continuously absorbs all the seawater!

With the influx of seawater, the space boundary began to sink gradually, sinking to the bottom of the sea compared to the original position. As a result, the entire ocean was gradually lost and swallowed!

However, Wanlinghai is the largest sea area in Lingzhou, and its seawater is more than a few trillion tons, which is not something that can be seen in a while.

What can be seen at most is that there is an extra large vortex in Wanlinghai.

And this vortex, in time, will become the first gift to the enemy when Lin Chen returns!


One month later; Danzhou, one of the mainland of Kyushu.

Danzhou Xuyang City is a huge city with hundreds of millions of people.

In these days, Xuyang City is about to hold a small Danish party, which is full of people's voices and gathers many powerful and powerful powers and powerful powers of all levels!

At this time, Xuyang City is also a gathering of high-level pharmacists, among which there are six-level intermediate and advanced pharmacists.

Qingyun Street, Xuyang City, is a special area where many pharmacists exchange natural materials and precious materials, exchange barter or exchanging elixir and elixir.

A corner of Qingyun Street attracted the attention of many powerful people. On the soft bench lies a young man in a silver robe wearing black sunglasses, next to which is a bottle of jade inscribed with 82 Fila.

He was very comfortable, his hands were resting on his head, and the faint wood-based fighting spirit held up a book of "Single King's Pretending Secret" standing in front of him out of thin air, reading carefully.

What makes people more concerned is the sign next to the silver robe youth, which attracts the powerful people passing by!

"King-level refining: purchase a large number of Tier 6 and above treasures, you can accept on-site refining, and refining all the red medicines below the seventh order, no problem. The higher the difficulty of refining the red medicine, the higher the remuneration required more."

A simple and simple sentence makes all the powerful people passing by stop!

Refining all immortals below the seventh order? How arrogant it is to say this!

The success rate of the sixth-level peak medicine refining master for refining the sixth-level top medicine is generally not more than 50%! Is this young kid still a sixth-order peak medicine refining guru?