My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 474

Vol 5 Chapter 474: King Level Generation Refining

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Chapter 474

"The breath of this child is very young. Although he conceals his practice and age, the old man estimates that it is not more than a hundred years old."

"His! Not even a hundred years, how could this be the sixth-level peak medicine master!"

Throughout the 100-year-old age of Danzhou, Tianjiao, which can reach the sixth level peak refining medicine level, is one of the few, and it is no more than five people in the ancient family of Danzhou!

This condition is too harsh, and every century of cultivation wants to reach this level. Talent is more than a hundred times stronger than many natural medicines. It is possible!

"Huh, boy, can you help the alchemy medicine? Xiao Qing wants to see and see today!"

Among the crowd watching, an arrogant Jinyi fat man stepped out, and his sturdy palm flicked, throwing out several Naling rings and a roll of Danfang.

"Oh? Is there business so soon?"

The young man in Yinpao put away the pretending secrets and took off his sunglasses and smiled indifferently.

This young man is naturally Lin Chen in disguise!

He previously spent more than a month before finally crossing the edge of the three major states of Lingzhou, Tianzhou and Xuezhou, and arrived in Danzhou!

Danzhou has been going south, it is Shenzhou!

The mainland of Kyushu does not know how vast it is, even if the warlords want to go around the marginal area of the mainland of Kyushu, they dont know much about young people.

Lin Chen still used the Jiujiaoyan to toss around many high-level space passages and made some forces before he arrived in Danzhou.

In this more than one month, Lin Chen's fighting spirit has improved slightly, defeating many high-level beasts, and entered the triple mid-term cultivation.

The Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon completed its transformation in just over a month, and stepped into the sky in one step!

It has soared from the previous 10200 dragon veins to 68000 dragon veins, and its pure power has reached 680,000 dragon power!

The previous wave devoured a large number of Yuanzun Realm's bodies, which made Lin Chen's Qinglong leap from the middle of the sixth order to the beginning of the top six.

On pure power alone, the destructive power can match the Yuanzun realm of the eighth early stage! With many magical powers and the characteristics of the Dragon Race of the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon, even the strong players in the early stages of the 9th Chongzhong can break their wrists!

""Triple Fire Ring Pill"? Only the sixth-level intermediate-grade top medicine, which is not too challenging, and there are not enough medicinal materials in your three Naling Rings for remuneration. Blood Ginseng, two sixth-order intermediate fire fierce beast cores, and five golem spirit lotus, I bear someone to help you refine the best condition, how?"

After reading the fat formula of Xiao Fatty, Lin Chen waved domineeringly, then Xiao Qing sneered-"No problem, if you can really refine the best condition, then you! But if you cant, Okay, you have to pay full compensation for my loss!"

Xiao Qing is Danzhou's veteran Yuan Zunjing's top six powerhouses. He doesn't even think that Lin Chen can succeed in refining. His behavior this time is entirely intended to blackmail Lin Chen.

After all, this sixth-level intermediate-level top-grade medicine is only enough for the sixth-level senior medicine refining master. This kind of character is really difficult to move.

"Hey! You said it!"

Lin Chen waved his hand, and a light blue sixth-order top-level furnace appeared on the floor. This was the loot that he beheaded to kill the half-step warlord from the state of launching the **** killer.

Without saying a word, Lin Chen opened the three Naling Rings thrown by Xiao Qing and accurately selected the required medicinal materials.

While Lin Chen was running spiritually, he shot the Dan Furnace steeply in his hands, and all the medicinal materials flew into the Dan Furnace instantly!

"Why, what? He made these herbs at the same time?"

"Isn't it possible, does he really have a top six level of refining medicine?"

Even before the onlookers were surprised, even more shocking scenes kept popping up!

Thunder Tribulation jumped with mental strength, and the fingertips fluttered. When the fingerprint was formed, the thunder light appeared. When the five fingers on the right hand condensed the imprint, the eight-fold fire seals circled around the red furnace. Are they two completely different alchemy fingerprints?

"My grass! Am I right? He is using two alchemy fingerprints at the same time!"

"It's fast! The condensed fighting spirit of the Eightfold Fire Seal makes the temperature of each layer in the Dan furnace different. The Lei system alchemy fingerprints make the medicinal materials form faster and faster each time. The division of labor is clear and the clouds flow!"

Many powerful people sighed in the air, and the fat Xiao who wanted to pit Lin Chen's stroke was dumb!

Bang ~~!

In a quarter of an hour, Danxia came to say that Danxia condensed into Danyun! Then thunder thundered in Dan Yun, Dan Lei burst out!

The four directions moved, and the powerful people on the whole street looked at the direction of Dan Yun's cohesion, and couldn't help but wonder that the sixth-level intermediate and higher elixir was born. Which master of refining medicine is refining elixir?

"Dan Lei, you pick it up. I don't have time to bear someone."

When Cheng Dan was about to be born, Lin Chen raised an eyebrow at Xiao Qing. After a slight stun, the latter immediately ecstatically clenched his fists.

"no problem!"

Xiao Qing stepped up from the air and faced the thundering Dan Lei with a punch. After smashing the first Dan Lei, he then turned his fist into claws. All kinds of high-level combat skills came!

When Dan Yun dissipated and really emerged, the brilliant and clear Dan light reflected the shocked faces of all the onlookers!

"This, quarter hour?"

"He made the sixth-order intermediate high-grade medicine in less than a quarter of an hour?"

"True drug refining wizard! Without a doubt, he must be a wizard who is comparable to some of the strongest drug refining demon in Danzhou!"

"Master! Dare to ask Gao's name!"

Xiao Qing quickly put away the Elixir and offered the agreed herbs with both hands, staring admiringly at Lin Chen!

"The surname is Xiong, the first name is Mo."-Lin Chenyun said blandly, the disguised young man's face looked cold and proud, unpredictable.

"Xiong Chumo! Good name!"

"Master Xiong Chumo, as well as me! I will also practice it!"

"Me and me too!"

Many powerful people swarmed up and rushed to sign up for Lin Chen to substitute alchemy medicine!

In the next three days; a legend circulated throughout the Xuyang City; a young sixth-level peak refining master was born on Qingyun Street!

He substitutes all the medicines below the 7th level. All medicines can be refined in a few moments in his hands. The success rate is infinitely close to 100%, and he has never failed so far!

Dan Yun and Dan Lei emerging from Qingyun Street again and again confirmed the authenticity of this legend! Some people even calculated that the highest number of times is 26 times a day!

Is this **** human? Refining twenty-six sixth-order elixir a day? What a fairy!

For a time, even the main mansion of Xuyang City was alarmed!

Qingyun Street, the fourth day.

The prosperity of Lins business made him gain some unknown Tier 6 materials, filled with more than a dozen high-level Naling Rings, and made a lot of money. In addition, he has read the Danfang , Lin Chen has received a large number of high-level recipes!