My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 475

Vol 5 Chapter 475: Yang Qinger.

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Chapter 475, Yang Qing'er.

In the state where hundreds of Yuanzun were destroyed in Lingzhou, Lin Chen harvested a large number of spirit crystals and exercises, but he still lacked a lot of cultivation resources, condensing the needs of the Yuan Fu of the eight types of Heavenly Tribulation. Large, it still requires countless cultivation resources to be able to impact the important watershed of the four levels of Yuan Zunjing.

"My Lin, oh no, someone Xiong is not practicing today, the materials have been collected enough. You go back to each house, find your mom, and it will be indefinitely."

Lin Chen closed his stand and made countless strong men suddenly anxious and quickly persuaded.

"Don't, don't! Master, practice it again! I'm pointing at this immortality medicine to break through the Seventh Level of Yuanzun Realm!"

"Master, I am willing to produce forty kinds of sixth-grade advanced medicinal herbs. I will get it for you as long as you name it. This Jiufengbihuangdan also invites you to make another shot!"

Lin Chen waved impatiently-"Speaking of having already closed down, I'm welcome if you commit another crime!"

"Yang Qing'er, the city's main palace, would you kindly ask the master to refine the panacea again?"

The voice of light and lingering smoke was exquisitely sounded, and all of a sudden surprised everyone to give way!

The beautiful woman came, with long hair and waist, full face, pure temperament like a hibiscus, and a delicate figure. While a pair of delicate peach eyes looked at Lin Chen secretly, the cherry lips lightly smiled and said-"Qing'er would like to invite the master Is it possible to try again?"

Her voice is very graceful and beautiful, easily intoxicating, and there is a blur of smoke. Men who are as strong as Yuanzunjing and seniors like Mu Chunfeng, without exception, show a comfortable and comfortable look.

However, what attracted Lin Chen at first glance was not her voice or appearance, but the light above her head!

Yes; that is the light of the attribute light sphere! A golden amethyst treasure chest flashing!

"This girl is kind of interesting, the things in the amethyst treasure chest are generally not simple things, you have to find a way to touch her head and leave."

Someone Lin was tinkering with his small ideas, suddenly his eyes narrowed and his mouth slightly raised.

"It turns out to be a big family, and there are two Yuanzunjingjiu secretly protected next to it, which is a bit tricky..."

It was not only Lin Chen who was surprised, but also Yang Qing'er. The young man's attention was not put on himself at first glance, and he was not completely impressed by his charm.

"Why is he staring at Qing'er's head all the time, is there anything on top of Qing'er's head? It's really a weird guy..." He murmured in his heart, someone in front of Lin said seriously.

"I said if you don't practice, just don't practice. Please come back."

Seeing Lin Chens refusal, Yang Qinger smiled with a smile"Master is not in a hurry. Qinger was born in the main palace of Xuyang City. As long as the master can refine the panacea that Qinger wants and what medicine the master wants, Qinger can provide it. "

"Oh yo, the main palace?"

Lin Chen moved with a smile in his heart, and said with a smile-"I don't want medicinal herbs. If you insist on asking me to shoot, I can. I only have one condition, let me touch your head."

Hearing this condition is not only a beauty, but also a lot of powerful people on the scene are stunned!

What are you doing touching people's heads? If this is a misconception, is it another part?

"Master! You help me refine the medicine! I will touch it!"

A fat man Yuan Zunjing rushed out excitedly, someone kicked him with a kick-"Whoever wants to touch your dog's head!"

"How is it, Xiao Nizi, you can't agree with me on this condition, and I can leave without agreeing!"

"Bold! Miss is the body of Wan Jin, how can you tolerate the blasphemy of your nameless junior!"

The two grey robe elders scolded Lin Chen in a cold voice, and suddenly stood out. The space around them was twisted. Many powerful men stepped back and their pupils shrunk. Are these two people the most important thing in Yuanzun Realm?

The powerful sense of pressure on the battlefield surrounded Lin Chen!

"You can't be sincere, Xiao Ni Zi."

Lin Chen sneered indifferently, Yang Qing'er hurriedly waved his hand-"Two uncles, don't be impulsive."

"Miss, in case you have any failures, we can't explain to the city master!"

The second elder advised Yang Qing'er to seriously reduce Lin Chen's combat pressure.

"Master's condition, Qing'er can't meet for the time being, if the master can meet our condition, to complete another thing for Qinger, Qinger can give you... touch..."

At this time, Yang Qinger secretly heard Yu Linchen. At the end of the speech, a flush of blush flew to his cheeks.

The beautiful and beautiful voice of the beautiful woman scratched Lin's ear for a while; then he said quietly.

"What conditions."

"Play for Xiaoyang Club for Xuyang City for me, get the top three!"

"no problem!"


At night, the main palace.

There was a lot of discussion all over the city's main palace. Miss Qinger, who had little contact with the opposite sex, would take the initiative to bring a man of the same age back to the palace!

In the guest room, the guest room is old-fashioned, simple and elegant.

Lin Chen sat cross-legged and opened the system bar.

[Tiandao Picking System 4.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: Yuan Zunjing triple mid-term

Ultimate strength: 69000 dragon power.

Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 218700 points.

The essence of the mid-level fighting spirit: 20500 points.

Intermediate mental strength: 17 points (mid-term French phase)

Intermediate skills: 53450 points.

Intermediate rune energy: 170655 points.

Sky value: 240550 points.

Talent points: 255880 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 59 points in the fire system, 50 points in the soil system, 54 points in the wood system, 55 points in the gold system, and 46 points in the water system. There are 58 points in the thunder system, 64 points in the wind system, 5 points in the light system, and 88 points in the dark system.

Qigong status bar (whether open) or blood vessel status bar (whether open)

Passive Talent: 15% reinforced iron bones, 50% life growth, and Emperor Destroyer. Active talent: ultimate moment, ultimate return.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 4, Penetrate Rune Level 4, Charged Rune Level 4, Phantom Rune Level 4.

Treasures: 18750 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs, 13 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs, 89 kinds of seventh-order medicinal herbs, 14 kinds of seventh-order strange mines, 229 kinds of blue-level intermediate combat skills, 582 kinds of blue-level advanced combat skills, 582 kinds of blue-level advanced combat skills 190 types of skills, 59 types of advanced sixth-level weapons, 18 types of top-level sixth-level weapons, 9 types of semi-violet-level combat skills, 17 types of incomplete purple-level combat skills, 2 types of purple-level low-level combat skills,

The attributes of Lin Chens merits, rune energy, talent points, and even the Dao value are outrageously high!

Although the talent of'God-killer' will reduce the drop of the attribute light ball, but he wiped out hundreds of Yuanzun, plus seven or eight half-step emperors and a war emperor, and the attribute value of the non-growth type dropped is still terror.

This high amount of attribute value is one of the capitals of Lin Chen's trip to China!

As long as no real war emperor is encountered, a slow rune with thousands of rune energy will be knocked out, and the half-step emperor will have to be stunned by Lin Chen and become crippled!

No matter how powerful an enemy you encounter again, this attribute value, Lin Chen cannot exceed the level in the short term. Once it is used up, it is impossible to add it back in a short period of time.

But Lin Chen in normal condition, if it were not for the life-saving Bi Haijie left by his vice-president, he would not be able to take even the battle of the emperor in frontal fighting, let alone kill!

"System, I want to strengthen the steel bones and the life growth talent to the highest level!"