My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 476

Vol 5 Chapter 476: My Legend From Danzhou

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Chapter 476, My Legend, Started in Danzhou!

[The system received: Strengthened reinforced iron bone talent to 30%, life increased by 100%, cost 25,000 talent value, the rest.

Electricity and numbness came from all the limbs, and his defense of the flesh was upgraded to another level! Mu Ling Jing Yuan Fa plus life growth, as long as it is not attacked by Yuan Zunjing's nine heavy attacks, it is not enough to cause fatal damage to someone in Lin.

Lin Chen hesitated again and again in front of the "fusion" function, and chose to give up. He obtained a large number of Yuanling Realm Rings and turned out a lot of advanced exercises, but he never activated the fusion function.

Lin Chen has known from the last wave of fusion before that it is very difficult to advance to the first level of the Purple Order, and the inherited collections of the Middle and Advanced Purple Order are not so easy to integrate.

And even if you can integrate a purple-level intermediate-level exercises now, you cant make sure that it is what you need.

Therefore, he has to accumulate a large amount of exercises, and then merge in one breath to ensure that he can get enough opportunities to improve his combat power after consuming a large amount of Heavenly Dao!

At this time, knocks came from outside the door.

"Master Xiong, have you rested? Qing'er has something to confirm with you."

"Not yet, please come in."

The door of the room was pushed open, Lin Chen closed the system bar, and it was Yang Qinger who stepped into the room.

"It's so late, shouldn't Qinger come to me to talk about dreams and study the structure of the human body?"

Lin Chen smiled suddenly; Yang Qing'er was followed by a middle-aged young woman in palace dress. Her strength was even stronger than the previous two old men!

The young woman in the kimono waved her hand, and the fighting covered the room, interrupting all sounds. When someone saw Lin, his arms were wrapped around his chest and his face was frightened.

Ok? This is also forbidden, what do they want to do? I'm still a kid! Please increase your efforts, oh no, please be civilized!

"Master, I don't know if you have heard of the recent Lingzhou upheaval in Kyushu mainland? There is also Linzhou Linchen."

Yang Qing'er's gentle and beautiful face appeared a bit cunning. Lin Chen's eyelids shook slightly and hit a haha"Slightly heard, I heard that Lin Chen is particularly handsome. I don't know how Qinger's girl said this? "

"Master, you are Lin Chen."

Suddenly, Yang Qinger's words were amazing, and even the Emperor Yuanzun's ninth and even half-step emperor could not recognize Lin Chen's disguise, and was even seen by this Nizi!

Lin Chen gave her a deep look. At this time, the beautiful woman in palace dress was next to him, and there were strong guards even outside the room. If Lin Chen forcibly shot, I wonder if he could seize the treasure chest and then evacuate the city's main palace.

After a little thought, he calmed down and smiled indifferently-"I don't know what Qinger girl said, I don't understand someone Xiong."

"Mr. Lin Chen, you dont have to install it. I recognized you when you replaced the alchemy medicine. Several kinds of alchemy handprints can be switched freely. You can use two alchemy handprints at the same time. You are good at disguising. ."

Yang Qing'er's eyebrows covered her lips and chuckled lightly-"Master Lin Chen, after all, the master medicine refining master who has nothing like your alchemy skills, is so young, and there are not many in Kyushu."

by! Feelings I thought someone in Lin thought that he was recognized without a stinky face like other pharmacists. Hey, after all, it's still a good temper. This bad habit has to be changed and must be changed!

"Hey, it's really annoying to be handsome. When you come to Danzhou, you are recognized. So, what do you want to do, little beauty?"

Lin Chen shrugged and admitted her identity. Under the pure and beautiful appearance of Nizi, there seemed to be some cunning.

Lin Chen admitted that the beautiful woman in the kimono couldn't help but shudder her eyes. As Danzhou's number one big city and refining medicine family, their news was very well informed, but they heard that this young boy calling Lin Chen was Have the power to kill the emperor!

After acknowledging his identity, it seems that the strong outsiders have also moved, very close to Lin Chen's room, forming a circle of silence between them.

However, Lin Chen was calm, he had enough confidence to escape from the city's main palace.

"I want to add one more condition to the original one. Of course, we will have enough remuneration to pay for Mr. Lin Chen, but I also ask my son to win the championship at Xiaodan. Xiaodan will have another one this time. Tianjiao, the elder of the ancient aristocratic family, participated. His level of refining medicine, throughout Danzhou, also ranks in the top 10 in contemporary times."

"If the son can win, the city's main palace can provide 800 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs and ten kinds of seventh-order medicinal herbs for Mr. Lin Chen to choose and take away."

Yang Qing'er sincerely said that the rich reward really moved someone Lin.

"Yes, no problem, although this is no different from what I originally did."

"There is another busy, if the son is willing to help us, then the reward promised to the son will be doubled again, that is..."

When Yang Qinger put forward the third condition, someone in Lin suddenly had fun!

"Okay! Bragging force me to be good at it, I'm done with this double reward!"


Xuyang City; Xiaodan meeting site, this is the preparation for Danzhou to select top refining pharmacists in various places, in preparation for the future Danhui Festival.

There are a total of 500 pharmacists participating in the Xiaodan Association's election, and the top 50 will be eligible to participate in the Dan Association.

Today, a lot of powerful people rushed to the scene specially, because the most mysterious master Xiong Chumo from Qingyun Street participated in the main house of Yangjiacheng this time!

But today, Master Xiong played on behalf of the Yangs and changed his name specifically.

At the Dan meeting site; the vast No. 233 refining ring, a white-eyed boy in the staring eyebrows stared at the corner of someone's mouth in front of him.

"You are the representative of the Yang family? Qing'er doesn't go into battle by himself. What are the facts of this school? Some cats and dogs can come on stage with me rather than my son?"

Ning Que sneered and shook his head, looking at Lin Chen as if he saw some rare beasts.

"Yeah, crooked melon and jujube? Are you looking down on me Yang Dianfeng!"

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows and jokingly laughed, he was not surprised at this kind of thing.

"Oh! The mud of your identity is not yet qualified to talk to Ben Shao! I care about you Yang Dingfeng or Niu Gui Snake God, after winning the championship, Miss Qing'er will promise Ben Shao's courtship, everyone is the same, I would rather lack this time Will definitely sweep the Sifang Alchemist!"

Seeing his arrogant face, Lin smirked, and at this time, there were voices all over the venue.

"Xiaodan Association will officially start, and the medicine will be prepared by yourself. The time limit is 20 days.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Many dan furnaces came to the scene one after another, and the pharmacists from all over the world began to make medicines every minute!

Ning Que's shot is the sixth-level peak of the red furnace, stunning four!

But at the next moment, many pharmacists in the audience, including all the referees and even the senior officials of the main house of Yangjiacheng, stood up suddenly! The expression is stunned and unbelievable!

Not because of Ning Que, but because of the silver gown youth in the field, Yang Dingfeng!

In front of each pharmacist, there was only one red furnace, but only Yang Pinfeng, he actually took out nine red furnaces in one breath! !

What does he want to do? This **** is not cooking! What the **** is he doing with so many Dan furnaces?

I saw that when the young man in Yinpao banged bangs, an ordinary and grim face appeared with a mad smile!

"Now that I have shot, let me tell someone from Lin's story, starting from Danzhou!!"