My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 477

Vol 5 Chapter 477: Show Scalp Tingling

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Chapter 477

Danzhou is popular in refining medicine, so it has attracted countless powerful people to come here. Tianjiao is more like crucian carp crossing the river, and there are countless forces. Many forces have come here to discover the sect forces enshrined by the refining pharmacists and returned to their home.

The Xiaodan meeting is an important screening link before the Danish meeting is held. It is very important. At this time, millions of viewers have gathered in the Xiaodan meeting place in Xuyang City. There are heaven and earth, Yuanzun realm, and some hidden worlds. The old monsters were all born and arrived at the scene to watch.

Thousands of magic eye stone projections are carefully arranged in the venue to countless people, so that everyone can watch, and it is a feast that almost everyone is paying attention to!

This is a feast, but there is an unprecedented, unheard of situation! That is there is a pharmacist, he took out nine red furnaces?

Some referees in the audience felt numb and numb. They questioned the Yang family one after another, and some powerful people even thought that the Yang family's move was to disrupt the venue!

"This? Is this Yang family representing Yang Dingfeng crazy?"

"Nine burners, is there a problem with your mind? Refining medicine does not depend on the number of burners!"

"Did it come here to make trouble?"

The unreasonable of the referees, the doubts of the forces of all parties, dozens of seniors of the Yang family suddenly felt like needles! Even if their Yang family is not small, they dare not joke on this occasion!

"Qing'er, what kind of person are you Nizi looking for on behalf of our Yang family!"

"If this provokes sanctions from the senior members of the Danhui Association, our Yang family can't afford it!"

"Shall we let this guy down and change someone else?"

Some of the Yang Family's Taishang elders are constantly blaming Yang Qing'er, and the beauty at this time is also a little panicked. She didn't expect Lin Chen to give them the Yang Family!

"It's okay, we don't need to change people, we just wait and see what happens."

At this time; Yang Fengyun, the owner of the Yang family. Yun Danfeng, a middle-aged man in a green crown and white robe, smiled softly. When he looked at Lin Chen, a glance in his eyes flashed!

Ning Que in the venue, holding her Dan furnace with one hand, almost laughed and died!

"Hahahahaha! Nine furnaces? Why don't you go to juggling? It's a pity that people like you don't do performances!"

Alchemy is an activity devoted to mental energy. The many steps of fighting spirit, mental power, alchemy handprints, and medicinal materials, any mistakes in any process will lead to a total loss.

Manipulate nine alchemy alchemies, and he cant even do a seventh-order alchemist!

"Alas, it's crazy for people to laugh at me. I laugh at people who don't understand it. You don't understand this kind of loneliness that is the most handsome and a genius."

Someone Yang put away the'single machine king costume secret secret', silently lit a homemade cigarette, looking at the sky lonely and melancholy.

"Ah, if you don't understand, don't understand. After all, I came here this time, just by the way."

Master Yang Dianfeng shook his head in disappointment, Ning Que glanced at him.

"By the way? Really, on the opening performance, you are indeed more amazing than your son, you are a qualified clown!"

After talking, Ning lacked sitting cross-legged in the air, waving the palm of the Naling ring, hundreds of rare medicinal materials suspended into the void.

When he was running the alchemy handprint; a blaze of fire shone on the palms of his hands, dazzling, and became the protagonist of the whole venue!

"This is the top-ranking alchemy handprint of the Ning family in Danzhou, "The Bright Fire"! What a mysterious handprint!"

"This is the strongest strength of Ning Jia's contemporary! It seems that the champion this time should be him. Judging from the medicinal materials he refined, it should be the sixth-level top medicine!"

Some young and beautiful women stared at Ning Que with their eyes full of love.

Just as everyone's attention shifted to Ning Que, some individual hidden world refining medicine masters rushed from the auditorium to sigh air-conditioning!

Their eyes fixed on Yang Dingfeng in the field!

I saw that two figures emerged from the air, and two people who looked exactly like Yang Dianfeng appeared in awe-inspiring presence!

The three joined in a row, their hands spread out, and their spiritual power emerged like an abyss like the sea, and their momentum was like the sun, the moon, and the sky.

"It's the skill of avatar! Turn the decay into a magical avatar!"

"What does he want to do? Does he really want to make nine medicines at the same time?"

"Impossible, this is not a battle. How can a doppelganger achieve an alchemy that is as accurate as the body!"

At the moment when the powerful men were shocked and lost their voices, the three people in the field spread their palms, ten high-level Naling rings emerged, and they were thrown into the sky!

boom! boom! boom!

The Naling Ring exploded!

Various energy fluctuations appear between heaven and earth, golden wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder and light, many medicinal materials with different properties and energy, and the ferocious nuclei are suspended and condensed into an energy sky, which is more than two thousand feet long, and dazzling across the void!

Tens of thousands of Tier 6 treasures! This just fooled everyone!

Bang ~~! The terrible spiritual fluctuations opened along with the alchemy fingerprint. The fingerprint of the young silver robe was extremely fast. The left hand was soft and tender, and the right hand was heavily printed with lightning.

Massive celestial treasures, ichthyosaurs penetrated into nine sixth-order dan furnaces, and the order of each plant entering the dan furnace was perfect, orderly and not chaotic!

In the Dan furnace, the mighty fighting spirit rolled suddenly, and the spirit of the rolling force controlled every medicinal material into the Dan furnace!

Removal of impurities, deprivation of the essence of medicinal materials, extraction of energy and spirit, extraction into liquid, and melting into crystalline solid state.

There is nothing wrong with every step! Skilled to reach the heights and become enchanted!

This Yang Dianfeng is not bluffing at all. He can really use nine silver furnaces to refine the panacea, and it is completely controlled, without any burden?

This can no longer be described by the word crazy! This is really to subvert the refining industry!

"Show two alchemy fingerprints at the same time?"

"My God! And it's still one-handed! His realm is terrible. What level of refining medicine is this?"

Just as waves of waves and waves were raging in the venue, some of the famous medicine refining masters were trembling, and they found even more terrible anomalies!

With nine medicinal herbs in the red furnace, every red furnace is completely different!

That is to say! The elixir of the nine red furnaces made by this child is different!

The rhythm, fineness, and spirit control of each red furnace are completely different! It is equivalent to nine alchemy masters practicing alchemy in the venue!

Simultaneously control nine red furnaces to make medicine! Dont even dare to think about this kind of thing!

On the side, Ning Que looked at the sky and dazzled with a lot of medicinal materials. When he fell into the furnace, he suddenly stayed in place, and his throat gurgleed like an owl.

"He, can he really control nine red furnaces?"