My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 478

Vol 5 Chapter 478: Tian Xiu.

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Chapter 478

"I really didn't read the wrong person!"

At this moment, Yang Qing'er's beautiful eyes flashed with splendor, and her heart shivered.

The three young people standing in the word "Pin" in the venue attracted everyone's attention and could not leave for a long time!

Sanqing Lingshui, Bahuang Xuanhuo, Thunder Instant Thousand Seals, Thousand Instant Thunder Hands, and several kinds of Alchemy Handprints on Lin Chen and the two phantoms were so fascinating, it was dazzling!

Advanced alchemy handprints are of course more subtle, but the mental energy consumed is also rising linearly, and different alchemy handprints have different attributes. The subtle differences that will bring to the pill will also determine the final quality of the pill.

Everyone is silent among Lin Chen's alchemy, forgetting why, and even forgetting to breathe! I forgot that I was watching a game!

Not only the audience at the scene, but also the people of Xuyang City who watched the game through the magic eye stone!

They are all silent in the alchemy of Lin Chen!

Under the control of various fast-changing alchemy handprints, the dazzling array of treasures such as autumn wind and rain have fallen into the nine pill furnaces. Everything is so smooth, perfect and seamless!

It seems that this is not alchemy at all, but enjoy an artistic performance in the clouds!

There are no flaws, no shortcomings, the audience in the field or the audience watching the magic eye stone, whether it is a pharmacist or a layman, can feel the ultimate refining skills!

This is not the technology of refining medicine, this is the art of refining medicine! Only his personal art show!

Tens of thousands of medicinal materials, nine or more types of elixirs, are mixed together, to make a perfect distinction, and at the same time to perfectly refine each elixirs of elixirs, even the seventh-tier medicine refining giant can't do it!

There is no doubt that this moment is the most historic and breakthrough moment in the history of refining medicine in Danzhou and even Kyushu!

According to common sense, this is indeed impossible, but Lin Chens "Tai Si Bible" can control the division of multiple spiritual wills, which is that Lin Chens spiritual power has always been stronger than that of the same level, and his past refining medicine So fast!

And this feature is applied to refining medicine, it can even show terrible power! When others are preparing the second and third steps of refining medicine, Lin Chen has already prepared the 30th and 40th steps at the same time!

So much so that it is impossible for Lin Chen to control two or three furnaces at the same time.

Together with his phantom rune, it can perfectly reproduce the strength of the body. The nine red furnaces are not the limit of someone in Lin!

However, driving several red furnaces at the same time means that Lin Chens mental concentration is used to control multiple red furnaces, then the speed of refining medicine will be reduced to the normal level, and the speed of refining depends on the alchemy handprint The grade and refining experience!

If we compare spiritual power to arms, ordinary people have only two arms of spiritual power, and his Lin Tai's "Tai Chi Bible" gives him eight or even ten arms of spiritual power! The efficiency of the two is not a magnitude at all!

Ning Que gritted his teeth "His mother, even if you can control nine red furnaces, this time Xiao Dan will compare to the result of a red medicine level, even if you refine nine How about, this one less medicine can suppress all your medicine!"

Ning Que began to go crazy in refining medicine. Various sixth-order high-end, top-grade, and even several seventh-order medicinal herbs seem to be thrown into life like crazy, refining!

Time is passing by one minute and one second, but for the people who are still in the process of Lin Chen's medicine, it seems that it is only a moment, and half a month has passed!

On the sixteenth day, Dan Yun made a sensation and the situation changed suddenly!

The intense energy of Danxia is colorful and splendid, rising from the nine Dan furnaces of contestant Yang Dingfeng, and until the moment when Dan is out, many talents have been refreshed and it has been half a month!

Because his refining medicine is so wonderful, almost 90% of people are still in it, forgetting the passage of time!

When all the audience stared at the nine red furnaces, they couldn't help but trembling in the corner of their mouths.

"He actually succeeded...Nine sixth-order panacea was born!"

"And without any failure, all the medicines in the nine red furnaces were successfully refined!"

"It's amazing! This is completely the latest arrogance of Danzhou!"

"This is a historic moment! How many people throughout the ages have been able to refine nine sixth-order elixir at the same time?"

"No, don't be too happy. The evaluation result of this Dan Association is the grade and quality of a single Elixir. The competition is quality rather than quantity!"

Just as everyone was amazed, several referee elders said in a deep voice, waking everyone up!

Yes, if Lin Chen's single medicine level is too low, it won't do any good!

At this time, Danxia condensed and turned into countless Danyun!

The colorful and magnificent Dan Yun condenses to more than 100,000 feet, and it continues to condense!

Dan Yun is getting bigger and bigger and more and more vast, so that some referee elders and refining masters have a sense of fear and fear!


The deafening sound of Dan Lei shakes the world, like the imminent imminence of a large disaster, the pressure is coming!

"Something wrong! Why is this Danyun so terrible! This is not like the Danyun of the sixth order immortality!"

"Hi! You look at Yang Dianfeng's nine red pots, there are more than nine red potions!"

When everyone looked at it, there were twenty-seven dazzling glows in the nine red furnaces!

Three finished sixth-order elixirs are condensed in each red furnace!

Moreover, at first glance, the appearance of these immortals is not lower than the sixth-order advanced!

That is to say, this child has controlled nine silver furnaces at the same time to make 27 red medicines of higher rank 6 or higher?

A master of medicine refining that is as strong as some medicine refining millennia or even thousands of years can't help but stay in place!

Is this **** human? This medicine is as simple as drinking water!

That is not a fourth-order, fifth-order panacea! It is a genuine sixth-order panacea!

Sixth-level advanced! Each immortal medicine is a level of value, even the strongest of the sixth and seventhth level of the Yuanzun Realm!

Just as many medicine refining masters and referee elders were shocked by the number and rank of the nine medicines in the nine red furnaces, some sharp-eyed audience exclaimed!

"Look, what is that inside Dan Yun?"

"Okay, it seems to be a word?"

Everyone stared at each other, and I saw the magnificent Danyun, the colorful energy of Danxia, each Danxia was in a different color, and it was clearly cleared, and finally it condensed into a vast and huge'show' word, suspended in In the sky!


"God, Tianxiu?"

I saw it; Yang Gongzi's silver robe in Yang Dingfeng in the meeting room rolled over, and the person next to him took out a soft chair. He lay down very leisurely, put on his homemade sunglasses, and put his hands on the back of his head, leisurely and comfortable to himself Road.

"Who is pretending to be so dazzling? Fortunately, I made a pair of sunglasses, otherwise I will be blind."