My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 479 1

Vol 5 Chapter 479: Sorry I Just Took Part In The Competition.

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Chapter 479 Sorry, I just took part in the competition.

Dozens of kinds of Danlei condensed together, the power increased suddenly, the terrible Danyun shocked the space crystal wall of the sky without cracking like a python-like crack!

The power of Dan Lei was so shocked that many elders had strengthened the space boundary before they were relieved.

Ning Que, who was stepping into the process of condensing pill, glanced at Lin Chen with a sneer-"even if you make history, today this pill condenses so terribly, you make so many high-level pill medicine, this If you dont believe it, you dont have much more power to survive this catastrophe!"

Indeed, many people are now worried about Lin Chens difficulty in taking over such a terrible Dan Lei. After the cohesion of many Dan Yun, the power of this Dan Lei did not dare to underestimate the early stage of Yuan Zunjing!

In fact, this is the case. Lin Chen has consumed a lot of mental power and fighting spirit to refine so many high-level elixir, which consumes nearly 80%. It is very difficult to face this pill in this state.

Dan Lei didn't give him time to recover, it only took a moment to usher in a terrible offensive!

"If you put it in the past, this thing is really quite troublesome, but now ~"

Lin Chen smiled indifferently, between his thoughts, his talent cost 1000 points!

[The host has the ultimate Guiyuan talent and is recovering for the host.

When the light screen of the system came out, Lin Chen released a faint orange light, embellished like a fireflies, and his lost mental power and fighting spirit were all filled up in just one breath! Rebirth is like a state of heyday!

He waved his hand; the majestic and fierce fighting injected into his two phantom avatars, the fingerprints of the avatars changed abruptly, and the five changes of Xiuluo Jiuhuang's change were exhibited! The Qi Yuan Yuan Mansion quickly condensed, and lightning increased to the fifth Qi Yuan Yuan Mansion!

The beginning of the fivefold! Both of Lin Chen's two avatars transformed into the early stage of the fivefold!

The two avatars hold Wan Fengyuanming and the phantom queuing sword, one on each side.

The blue light flashed, and the Xuanqing Dragon was born, and the Xuanqing Dragon, whose size was reduced to a thousand feet, shouted to the sky!

Seeing a living sixth-order top-level Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon actually sprang into Lin Chen's body, many audiences were shocked and opened their mouths in surprise!

Sigh~~! Bang ~!

The thick thunderbolt mixed with red and blue light is as large as a dozen feet, and the momentum is unstoppable, making the space in the venue tremble!

Choke~! Roar ~!

The sword and sword shadow flashed, the blue dragon-shaped breath condensed into a blue dragon domain, and instantly reduced Dan Lei's offensive by half. Smashed into stars!

Regardless of how Mandan Danlei bombed, Lin Chen's two avatars and Qinglong were all accepted as a whole, not afraid!

Dan Lei, which was enough to make Yuan Zunjing fear the beginning of the ninth heavy layer, just disappeared for less than half an hour!

What even makes many people fall into the eyeglasses and twitch the corners of their mouths is that during this period, Yang Dianfeng Yang Gongzi even slept a little?

Why are you here for the game, not for vacation!

When Dan Lei dissipated, all the medicines in the nine Dan furnaces were suspended. Like the 27 light groups transformed into the sun and the moon, they glowed with colorful light, which was pleasing to the eye and breathtaking!

It is an honour to be able to witness 27 sixth-level advanced medicines at the same time! It is absolutely not too much to call it witness history!

These 27 elixirs contain Lin Chen's next resource for fighting strength cultivation, individual life-saving elixirs, and the elixirs he needs to refine the pure power of the flesh.

"The highest-grade panacea has six-level top-grade inferior drugs. This child can refine so many high-level panacea at the same time, and can also produce three six-level top-grade inferior panacea. God!"

Some referee elders were amazed and surprised. The Yang family in the city's main palace was both pleasant and sad.

The joy is because their Yang family was able to make such a powerful pharmacist, even though they are themselves a family of pharmacy, but this one is obviously better!

However, the worry is that Lin Chen's highest-grade panacea only has a sixth-level top grade!

This panacea is already very powerful on weekdays. Even Yang Qing'er, the best contemporary Yang family, is difficult to refine. Refining this kind of panacea has a success rate of no more than 20%.

But in the face of Ning Que, this grade of panacea cannot be said to be a win-win!

"There is only four and a half days left, and there is not enough time to re-refine the panacea!"

"Ning Que's young pill has been fully formed. He can't make alchemy fail. With his strength, participating in the Xiaodan meeting will inevitably bring out the true details. I am afraid that his panacea is also above the sixth level!"

"Unfortunately, if this little guy concentrates on refining a panacea, he will surely be able to outperform Ning Que!"

"Maybe this little guy's three panacea medicines have excellent quality potency medicines. It may not be better than him. After all, the panacea above the sixth-level top grade medicine, Ning Que's refining success rate is also very low. He has only refined the top-grade middle class, and only hopes that he will not play perfectly this time!"

The voices of several senior members of the Yang family just fell, and the eyes of the Yang family's head suddenly became dignified.

Angrily blazing Xiaohan, candlelight Jiuxiao! Purple Danxia began to converge into a light purple Danyun, the wind and clouds suddenly changed, Dan Lei surging across!

"This energy fluctuates! Is it?"

The seniors of the Yang family have changed their colors! You can't be wrong, this is the energy fluctuation that only the sixth-order top middle class has!

Ning Que is overtaking! Dan Lei moved, the wind raged!

Ning Que laughed loudly in the sky, and turned his arrogant eyes on the other side of'Yang Dingfeng', flicked his nails, and sneered with pride-"I see it, the real champion, I still want it! A cat and a dog should stand sideways !"

This triumphant Ning deficiency caused a lot of resentment from the older generation of refining masters. The higher level refining pharmacists can see that if Yang Dianfeng concentrates on refining a panacea, there is a great possibility of the result. It is his immortality that is even better.

This rather lacking skill is obviously inferior in skill to others, and it is a narrow-minded generation.

But in terms of the requirements and regulations of the competition, it is true that he was the top player in this Danhui competition. This is a fact, and no one refuted it.

Ning Que turned to Yang Qing'er of the Yang family and smiled proudly-"Qing'er, as agreed by our two, Xiao Dan will win the championship this time, and one month later, I will order my Ning family to raise The sedan came to the Yangs to pick you up!"

Yang Qing'er's pretty face is a little pale, and she couldn't think of a legendary pharmacist like Lin Chen, but she was defeated!

At this time, someone next to Yang Dingfeng Yang pulled out his ear and smiled easily.

"Isn't it four or a half days before I finish the game, what is the hurry."

Lin Chen got up, took 27 sixth-order elixirs, and then walked to the first kiln.

"I participated in the competition just by the way, so don't think too much. I didn't think of you as an opponent. Of course, winning you is just a very convenient and boring thing."

A smile appeared on the ordinary face of the youth, waved his hand, thousands of medicinal materials appeared again, and ten distinct seventh-order medicinal materials!

Everyone froze!