My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 480

Vol 5 Chapter 480: Yang Dingfeng Is The Champion

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Chapter 480 Yang Yangfeng is the champion!

Everyone was stunned when he saw Lin Chen's large amount of medicinal materials!

What does he want to do? There are only four and a half days left in the game now. Does he want to refine the panacea again?

If you want to surpass Ning Que, you will be too late in time!

Bang ~!

But this time, completely different, Lin Chen's two phantom avatars were standing on his left and right, respectively. Alchemy fingerprints were suddenly urged, and when the spiritual power emerged, massive medicinal materials poured into the Dan furnace!

"Why, what?"

"Auxiliary pharmacist! His avatar is the auxiliary pharmacist, and he is the main pharmacist himself, so that the speed of refining medicine can be doubled!"

"But isn't this a foul?"

"What a foul! He didn't let others help refining, others can use the art of avatar to assist in refining medicine, that is their own ability! The difficulty and pressure are the same! If this is the foul, then what do we think of us? Alright?"

The deity Lin Chen personally sits at the position of the master pharmacist, assisted by two clones, and its speed of refining is terrifying!

The two middle fingers are bent, the thumb is docked, and the mental power surges out, which turns into a vertical flash of thunder and pure water and soft warfare. It is involved in many medicinal materials.

The medicinal materials in the red furnace are constantly transformed with the changes in the fingerprints. As soon as a medicinal plant enters the red medicine, it will continue to melt at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Immediately afterwards, the handprint becomes heavier and the firebrand compresses again, crushing hundreds of medicinal materials to extract its essence! Lightning blasted into a fierce beast core!

Lightning flashed, and thunder struck in the furnace, lightning away the impurity energy in the fierce beast core!

This speed of refining medicine is a monster!

In one hundred steps, three parts can be differentiated and succeeded at the same time, and Lin Chen's medicine refining speed and experience are invincible levels in the same realm. Thousands of medicinal materials are condensed at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Not to mention the layman, at this time, the drug refining guru and the referees in the venue were all dazzled, and could not even tell which step had been taken! Because the speed of Lin Chen's refining medicine is too fast!

For general multiplayer refining, the main pharmacist and the auxiliary pharmacist need some brief communication and cooperation, but Lin Chen and his two avatars do not need to communicate at all! Keeping your heart comprehended at all times, seamlessly!

Which step Lin Lin Chen needs to enter in advance, which medicinal plant to melt, and which alchemy handprint to use in order to perfectly display the characteristics of the medicinal materials or the next match, etc.

These steps do not need to communicate at all, the three of them are like one-piece refining, moving in the clouds!

"What a joke, is he really planning to make a panacea that surpasses me in such a short time?"

Ning Que's pupils were afraid of tremor, and he could feel that if it continued at this speed perfectly, it was entirely possible that this Yang Dianfeng would be able to produce the sixth-level top-grade inferior medicine in the last few days!

Not daring to have extra thoughts, Ning Que took the lead in turning to face his own Dan Lei. He could treat Dan Lei with all his might. If he couldnt get it, Dan would destroy the furnace!

As time passes, three days have passed in a flash!

During these three days, many contestants have come out, but no one can reach the top level of the sixth order. The highest rank is the top rank of the sixth rank, the lowest rank is the top rank of the fifth rank, which is uneven.

But the attention of everyone, almost all of the three young people standing in the venue! He is the highlight of this Xiaodan meeting!

When the fourth day has not yet fully arrived; Lin Chen's dan furnace has filled with strong and powerful energy fluctuations!

All the veteran masters of refining medicine suddenly shook their faces, and the young Dan condensed successfully! This has almost 80% of the success rate can be refined out of Elixir!

"He really succeeded in refining...No...!"

Ning Que gritted his teeth and secretly heard Lin Chen from the air.

"This friend, please sell me Ning lack a face, give up Ning Dan, afterwards, my Ning family can come up with two top-level top-grade red medicine to compensate you, this competition is very important for my Ning lack, I hope my friends will sell a face!"

Someone in Lin Dan is a little surprised, okay! Hard to find that I can't beat, and actually want to buy myself!

Yang Dianfeng Yang someone laughed jokingly, without any taboo, and did not wrap up the voice with fighting spirit, a bright and solemn smile.

"What stinky **** are you Ningque? Selling your Ning family's face? The young man hasn't looked down on your immortality medicine. I said that this time the competition is just by the way."

Lin Chen's remarks surprised many powerful people, and those who experienced old age would naturally know what happened between them.

"Damn it! Shame your face!"

Ning Que's face suddenly became the color of pig liver, and he gritted his teeth.

Then, Lin Chen suddenly shot on the Dan furnace! Radiant red Danxia energy rushed to Jiuxiao, haunting the void!

The wind was dancing, the silver robe hunting, and between the rolls, the young man's mouth showed a wicked smile.

"Of course, winning you and winning the championship is just by the way."

Bang ~!

Dan Lei shocked, Lin Chen punched away! With two avatars, personally deal with this time Dan Lei!

Seeing that Dan Lei, who was all dreaded in the early stages of the Nineth Level of Yuanzun Realm, was broken again and again in the fist of the youth, and was shaken back and forth again and again.

At the moment when Dan Yun repulsed, the clouds were clear and the sky was clear, and the sun shone on the young Yinpao in the venue.

The slightly ordinary face reflected in the sun, except for those spiritual eyes, there is no surprise. But at this time, it was so attractive, as if it were a peerless sword, the blade of the sword was contained in the sheath of the sword, and the sheath of the blade of the sword was bound to move!

He smiled indifferently when he took the Cabernet Elixir suspended from Danlu.

"Sixth-tier top-grade top quality, ten calamity fire calamity, forging body with fire calamity energy, can make the physical martial arts soldiers break through a big realm, if the fire fighters take it, they can also absorb the fire calamity energy and break through. Respect the absorption below eightfold, there is a probability of more than 80% to break through a big realm, and below ninefold, there is a probability of 50%."

The understatement, but let everyone in the audience take a breath of air!

Sixth-tier top quality? ! 50% probability of breaking through the realm?

This is already the sixth-level peak-level panacea! The quasi-seventh-level elixir and the seventh-level elixir were not born, and there was no opponent at all!

It seems that the sixth-grade top grade and sixth-grade top grade are only two small levels away, but in fact there is a very obvious gap!

Just like Yuanzunjing's Yae later stage and Jiu Zhong later stage, the four Yae later stages are not opponents of Jiu Zhong later stage, the difference between the two can be seen at a glance!

The cultivation of Yuan Zunjings ninefold is that even a small realm consumes hundreds of years or even thousands of years to improve its energy. One medicine can save thousands of years or thousands of years of cultivation. This is how many people dream of it!