My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 482

Vol 5 Chapter 482: And Take Your Heart Off By The Way.

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Chapter 482: Take your heart off by the way.

In the evening, a banquet was held in the city's main palace to celebrate the championship.

But it is a pity that "Yang Dingfeng", who is the main character, did not appear in the wedding banquet, which makes people feel sorry.

The main palace of the city; at the top of an attic, the young man leaned on the window sill, staring at the distance with some hopeful eyes, and drank alone.

"I don't know what happened to Sister Yan..."

Lin Chen mumbled to himself. During his time in Danzhou, he struggled to return to Lingzhou in search of Bai Ruoyan.

During the Lingzhou War, countless forces were involved, and if Bai Ruoyan was casually engaged in a battle, I am afraid he would not be able to be alone.

But Lin Chen also knows that he has lost the powerful hand of the God-killer talent. Even if he returns to Lingzhou, it will not help, and even the contenders of the emperor and strong will have to rely on the hand of the deputy dean to him.

"When I have the strength of the war emperor level, I will find an opportunity to return to Lingzhou! If Sister Yan, you must be safe and sound..."

Lin Chen sighed inwardly, and the beautiful lady's beautifully sweet voice came from behind him.

"What's wrong, as the protagonist of the wedding banquet, actually blowing cold wind here."

Yang Qinger smiled, sitting next to Lin Chen, he drank a smile and smiled-"Why, come alone to me, not afraid that I'm plotting against you?"

"Not afraid, I thank Mr. Lin for not being such a person."

The breeze blew, Yang Qinger swiped the blue silk, and smiled charmingly.

"That's not necessarily the case. There is a heart in the heart. Who knows, I'm not a good person."

"At least Qing'er has never seen a master medicine refining guru like you. The price of the alchemy medicine is so low. When I secretly returned to the city's main palace just now, I gave two fifth-order medicines to the passing old people."

Yang Qing'er grinned, Lin someone shook his head helplessly, he still had to hide next time to help the young and the old, others thought Lao Tzu was a good person? I want to be the most handsome man in Kyushu!

"Mr. Lin, can Qinger see your true face?"

Qianbi Bibo circulated, Yang Qinger stared straight at Lin Chen, suddenly said.

"Don't be obsessed with brother, brother is just a legend."

Lin Chen blinked, but he said, his magic cloak lifted the camouflage function, slowly revealing his true appearance.

Stars reflected in the boy's face, Yang Qinger stunned!

When the evening wind blew, it was a very young, white face. The eyes that were slightly covered by bangs were very ghostly, and if the pupils were rotating like the moon, they were very spiritual. Ruo Ruofeng embellished, sharp and restrained, just looking at his eyebrows, this is a young boy who has become a tyrant.

But the corners of his mouth rose slightly from the beginning to the end, with a confident arc, a brisk nose, a spiritual eye, a confident smile, a very evil charm and a hint of madness!

When Yang Qing'er could see the god, Lin Chen lifted it up and touched the beautiful woman's green silk hairpins, and a pale golden amethyst chest suspended above her head turned into a streamer, and Lin Palm's palm disappeared and disappeared.

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and gains a passive talent: 0% of Divine Power. Talent can increase the host's pure power, up to 100%. Divine power can be strengthened by talent points, up to 10 million dragon power. More than 10 million dragon power is invalid. (Note: Talent talent is only applicable to the host body).

This new talent immediately caused Lin Chen's eyes to shine!

This is a passive strengthening talent similar to reinforced iron bones and life growth, and it can be strengthened up to 100%!

In other words, the maximum can double Lin Chen's strength!

If the body Linchen has 100,000 dragon power, it can be blessed to 200,000 dragon power if it is strengthened to the highest!

"Is this your true face..."

Yang Qing'er recovered from the loss, and his face was as blushing as Ruoxia, coupled with that pure face and blurred voice.

Since ancient times, heroes have loved beauty, and beauty also loves heroes. Regardless of whether Lin Chens many legends are true, his performance at the Xiaodan meeting alone is enough to capture the hearts of countless women and beautiful women. Yang Qing'er is no exception, not to mention that it is so unique and mysterious in front of him, full of attractive charm.

"Yeah, like fake replacement."

Lin Chen patted his hand on the jade pillar and made a standard wall bong, which was very close to Yang Qing'er, and her finger picked her delicate chin.

"I just came by Danzhou by the way, met you by the way, took the championship by the way, and took your heart off again~"

Lin sighed in his ear, Yang Qing'er, who had always been extremely resistant to men, did not reject it for the first time, and even had a look in his heart, and closed his eyes gently.

But at the next moment, the teenager closed his hand, and the disguise function of the magic cloak reappeared, returning to the ordinary look of the previous one, and hey laughed.

"By the way, do you Yang family have the fastest way to go to China?"

Lin Chen closed his hand, and Yang Qinger's heart burst into a loss, and he glanced at him with a grudge, and responded gently-"Well, we have a space channel dedicated to China..."

"That's just right, I'm going to China!"

Lin Chen smiled in surprise, and left with the jug, Yang Qing'er wanted to say, he raised his hand.

"I've got your reward, thank you."

After finishing the speech, Lin Chen jumped up and left the platform, leaving the beautiful lady with empty heart,

Seeing that Lin Chen had left without any action, the man surnamed Shan lurking sideways lifted his pants angrily.


Lin Chen turned on the system in the closet room.

"System, I want to consume 50,000 talent points to strengthen the Divine Power!"

[The system received that the talent of the host divine power has been strengthened to 25%.

This result made Lin Chen a little surprised, only 50,000 talent points actually strengthened by 25%?

It only took 25,000 talent points for life growth and reinforced iron bones to strengthen from half to fullness. Is this 25% of the magical person's 50,000 points? It seems that this powerful talent is more difficult to strengthen than the other two.

Brand-new energy, such as Daigo Initiation, poured into Lin Chen's body, and the pure power contained in his limbs and corpses became more powerful. As natural growth, there was no discomfort or gap.

At this stage, Lin Chen has 69000 dragon power, and after the increase of the divine power, he reached 86250 dragon power! A full quarter!

"The strengthening of passive talents becomes more and more difficult in the later period. The early stage is already so expensive. It seems that it is not so simple to strengthen to 100%."

After glancing at the talent point with only 209880 left, Lin Chen took a deep breath and dared not use it more, in case of unnecessary need.

With the two cards "Extreme Return" and "Ultimate Moment", he may consume tens of thousands of talent points at any time. If 200,000 points are not saved, he will soon reach the bottom.

And Lin Chen also found a problem, the increase of the Divine Power can only be applied to himself and Phantom Doppelganger, not to the Wanzai Qinglong.

That is to say, in extreme battles, he still has to rely on the pure power of Qinglong Possession, unless his pure power can surpass Qinglong under the increase of Divine Power,

"It seems that no matter how much the best talent is, it is just the icing on the cake. Right now, it is still the fastest to increase its strength, which is the most important thing!"