My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 483

Vol 5 Chapter 483: Arrived In China A Whole New World

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Chapter 483, Arriving in Divine Land! A whole new world!

With one hand, the elixir in the Naling Ring flashed two azure sixth-level advanced elixir! Lin Chen took his hands and quickly began to practice the fingerprints.

The energy of the Elixir is turned into a majestic and pure fighting spirit into the Yuan Qi Mansion, which not only increases the essence of Lin Chen's fighting spirit, but also increases his intermediate water energy!

Lin Chen had previously refined 28 elite medicines of higher rank six or higher, all of which were used for cultivation. These fine immortals consumed 80% of the sixth-order medicinal materials and half of the seventh-order medicinal materials he had previously saved.

He intends to improve his cultivation base and the strength and training area of the eight types of Heaven Tribulation Warfare together!

Over the night, according to the agreement, the Yang family took out the number of high-level medicinal materials promised to Lin Chen, and prepared them according to the list of herbal medicines listed by Lin Chen in advance.

And because the propaganda effect of Lin Chens wave was excellent, the compensation provided by Yangjia Pharmacy was twice as much as originally agreed. There were a total of 2,400 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs and 30 kinds of seventh-order medicinal herbs. It is a seventh-order low-level.

After receiving the remuneration, Lin Chen set off immediately, and no one could stop it. Finally, Yang Qing'er, who had mixed tastes, personally took Lin Chen to carry the Yang family to the space channel of Shenzhou.

Flying to the inside of the space channel requires the use of specific space treasures. To make space treasures, you must have at least a seven-level cultivation base of Yuanzunjing. The production process is very complicated.

A total of 50 people traveled to the space treasures of China this time. Every time they used the space channel, there was a special Yang family to follow, and everyone who entered the space channel must pay a lot of taxes, because this thing is not an ordinary strong Able to carry.

Lin Chen, who is kind to Yang's family, waived a large amount of space access fees.

Before leaving, Yang Qinger told Lin Chen that their Yang family was promoted to the peak of Dandan because he won the championship at Xiaodan.

The Yangs all hope that when the summit summit meeting is held, Lin Chen will be able to travel back and forth to Danzhou to participate in the summit summit meeting again. With his refining skills, he will surely be able to achieve quite brilliant results.

Pinnacle Dan Meeting is a feast at the top of Danzhou Refining Medicine! It is equivalent to all the state-owned pharmacists in Danzhou gathered together to stage the most exciting refining matchup.

This is Danzhou's highest-specified medicine refining competition. It gathers many famous refining masters in Kyushu, regardless of age, and it is also the highest-standard refining medicine conference in Kyushu!

Compared with the rewards of the Xiaodan Association, Lin Chen knows that if such a conference has the opportunity, it is natural to participate.

In the space channel, a spaceship shining with silver-white space glides at a rapid speed, resisting the turbulent flow of space, and flying towards the other end of the space channel.

Lin Chen, sitting in the designated room of the spaceship, suddenly opened his eyes, and Zijin pupil's light circulated inside his eyes, and he showed an inexplicable smile.

"It seems that someone is following the coach, and he is still killing. Hey, since you sent it to the door, I'm welcome."

Lin Chen was probably able to guess who tracked himself, but he was not afraid, the soldiers would block.

In this space channel, if the other party dares to move, it will fall into the space gap, without the strength of the war emperor level will be extremely dangerous. Lin Chen concluded that the other party was afraid to start here.

Lin Chen took out two more fiery red elixirs, and took one, and while the energy of the intermediate fire system increased, the prototype of the fourth Battle Qi Yuanfu began to slowly condense from the body.

The space channel was created by two warlord-level strongmen, and is maintained daily by Yuanzun Jingjiu. It leads to another area in a long distance, and can cross millions of miles in a short time.

Lin Chen practiced in the spaceship for less than four days. When the fighting spirit finally broke into the triple stage, the pure power climbed to 80,000 Dragon Power! With the increase of the Divine Power, it is exactly 100,000 Dragon Power!

On the fourth day, an aurora shines in, and the spaceship flies out of the space channel and reaches a barren city!

The moment Lin Chen left the spacecraft, he could feel a clear difference. The space here is a few grades stronger than Danzhou, Lingzhou and other big states, and his weight has increased slightly.

"The space is very stable, here is, Shenzhou!"

After leaving the spaceship, there was a primitive wilderness outside the deserted city without any obstruction. This place was the stronghold of the Yang family. Outside the deserted city, the Yang family was not responsible for life and death safety issues.

Eighty thousand miles away from the deserted city, at a high altitude in the Rift Valley, Lin Chen suddenly stopped flying.

"Everyone, although I know I look handsome, but you don't have to follow me, I have no interest in same sex."

Someone Lin suddenly smiled at the void behind him, and there were five figures floating between the space distortions!

This lineup made Lin Chen raise his eyebrows, three early nine, two middle nine!

Put in the ancient family, all belong to the first-class Xeon lineup!

The figure of the five people flashed, encircling all the retreats of Lin Chen, and said in a dark and hoarse manner for the old Qingpao elders in the first to middle stages.

"Boy, hand over Alchemy's fingerprints and discard your arms to spare you from death. Otherwise, die."

Self-abandoning arms, this is to make Lin Chen never be the price of a pharmacist!

In order to recover the alchemy handprint obtained by Lin Chen when he won the championship, it can be said that he made a **** start!

"Oh, boy, the Yang family here doesn't matter, even if you call for help, don't think of others to save you!"

Another nine-layer mid-blood robe man sneered, killing strong!

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, the murderous in his eyes flashed!

"You probably don't know, it's you who should call for help now!"

Bang ~~!

Long Guang broke through the sky, and the Xuanqing Dragon Field of Long Qi covered all three of them in the early stage!

Heavenly Tribulation blasted into Lin Chen's body, and his whole body was gleaming with a brilliant blue brilliance. The ultimate moment + the five changes of the Jiuhuang change were instantly displayed! The third-level post-cultivation is a temporary advance to the fifth-level early pinnacle!

The rune energy dropped by 2000 points, and the four runes were launched together! An off-white gray trapezoid was suddenly suppressed on the two mid-levels of Jiuzhong!

Tear ~~!

Thousands of Dao's Wanzai Xuanguang blades with 680,000 dragon powers turned the sharpness and heavyness of the cutting stars, and turned into three winds in the early stage like a torrential rain!

Three figures flashed suddenly, the terrible water-quenched sword light, and the dark sword gang burst out. Three thousand miles in length and three, the three avatars focused all their offensives on attacking the mid-nine of the nineth layer!

"Huang De sacrifices to heaven Shura's Fury!"

Lin Chen's body held the five dragon dynasty emperor gun, his shoulders were shocked, and he was angrily, the moment when the spiritual impact of the mountain and river's fear was destroyed, the dragon's power swelled and condensed, and the incarnation of the magic devil punctured the dark mangling fire dragon. Guns, across the sky!

This offensive offensive in the world made the expressions of Ning Family's five Yuan Zun Zhongjiu instantly change color!

From the five-fold change and the ultimate moment to the four runes of charge, penetration, slowness, and phantom launch, the raid of the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon only happened in the blink of an eye!

In an instant, the positions of prey and hunter reversed instantly!