My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 484

Vol 5 Chapter 484: And Then Get The Fragments Of God Killer

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Chapter 484 !

"Sky Star Armor!"

"Vientiane mourning hand!"

"Da Fen Luo Yin Palm!"

When many offensives were carried out, they collided with the offensive brewed by Lin Chen in an instant!

The three Jiuzhong early resisted the attack of Wan Zai Xuan Qinglong, but the two Jiuzhong midterms are not so simple! The slow runes of 1400 points in them solidify the space, this strange and unpredictable means they have seen for the first time!

A terrible shot of the celestial magic sacrifice, the terrible spiritual shock has a penetrating characteristic, and 20% of the mental shock hit their minds, so that they have fallen into the break of spiritual consciousness before they can break the shackles of the slow runes. status!

"Hey, what kind of attack is this, not only can it block the solidified space, but also penetrate the old man's defense and spiritual strength..."

The tingling and dizziness in the mind came from the mind, and the old man in Qingpao was unbelievable!

The energy storm is rolling for thousands of miles, and when the gangs move, the five dragon dynasty lances pierce angrily, "Thousand Demons Passing Heart" is displayed, and the runes of penetration and recharge are launched one after another!

When the 100,000 Dragon Power broke out, the marksmanship continued, such as the torrential rain pear flower pierced out, and the old man in the green robe penetrated on the spot. As a mid-nineth layer of him, he was an incredible look before his death!

I dont even know how I died! This young man's means are far beyond their imagination!

The old man in the green robe burst out with a dazzling array of attribute light **** and two amethyst treasure chests!

"The situation has changed, this son is evil! Withdraw!"

Another blood-robed man in the mid-nineth layer reacted between the electric light and flint, and the spontaneous combustion of two fighting forces Yuanfu broke the extraordinary power to break the shackles of the slow runes!

This kid is just a pig and a tiger!

Judging from the strength he showed at Xiaodan, they also speculated that this son would only be able to match the strength of the three early members of Jiuzhong at most. Five of them came and had almost 90% confidence to win him!

Can't imagine that when he actually fought and refined medicine, it was completely different!

"Come and come, go and go?"

Lin Chen's heart moved, and the 2,000 talent point suddenly disappeared! Launch the ultimate return and the second ultimate moment!


I saw; one of Lin Chen's three avatars, a dragon yell burst out in his hand, and a dark and dark single sword jumped out, holding it in his hand, the blade was like a dark night, and there was endless darkness contained in it!

The other two have a good body and soul and escape into the void, respectively assisting Wan Zai Xuan Qinglong to stop the three early nine.

"Seventh and seventh order swords?"

When he saw the Yongye War Blade, the blood-robed man shook his teeth, and then gritted his teeth fiercely, then pulled out a skeleton blood knife and slashed the knife!

The blood is engulfed, the horse is trained across the sky, the blood gas is swallowed up by the eight wastelands, and the anger is cut off! Between blood and gas, thousands of miles of space cracked a shocking crack!


Lin Chen's phantom doppelganger, but his pupil flashed through the silent blade of light, and the dark blade of the sword slashed out! The eternal night turned into a dead dusk, wiped out all the vitality around the world, drained all the energy of the blood gas sword, and slashed towards the blood robe man!

Yu Wei, who was slaying the soul, blasted away, breaking the defensive of the blood-robed man and breaking his arm!

"What a terrible attack, such a terrible attack can be carried out with the cultivation base that Yuan Zunjing didn't reach in the middle of the fifth period!"

When the blood-robed man was shocked in his heart, he was about to escape into the void, a dragon gun penetrated, and the stab came out, and he only reacted. The teenager in front of him was only an avatar!

The blood knife was blocked, the deep twisting power and the eight kinds of heavenly robbers of fighting penetrated his body. When the corner of the mouth overflowed, he could still escape in the future, and the heart of the blood robe man suddenly shattered!

"Hey, how is this..."

Before the death of the blood robe man, he stared at Lin Chen, and his body rolled out a large number of attribute light **** and several treasure chests...

Even Lin Chen himself was stunned!

Although he killed a mid-nine mid-level player just now, it was unexpected because of the slow runes and sneak attacks!

This mid-nineth layer breaks the shackles of slow runes. Although Lin Chen and Phantom Doppel use the ultimate moments, it still takes a few tricks to win him. Why is this one shot dead?

[The host triggers the Emperor Destroyer talent, and has killed the target enemy in seconds.

When the system popped up the light screen, Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, feeling that this triggered a 0.1% chance of killing the Emperor Destroyer, which is also very lucky!

Seeing that the two Jiuzhong's mid-terms led by his own team were killed by Lin Chen's electro-optical flint, the three Jiuzhong lost their fighting intentions in the early stage, and they showed their magical powers and wanted to escape!

Lin Chen, who responded very quickly, and another avatar formed a seal with two hands, and two strokes of Xuras Fury broke out, shaking the three peoples mental strength and breaking their consciousness!

Bang ~!

The other two avatars and Wan Zai Xuan Qinglong swarmed together. Lin Chen took advantage of the avatar and his final moments to end the last 30 seconds, and took out all the strength to siege the three early nine heavy!

Three phantom avatars plus Linchen deity and Wanzai Xuanqing dragon, and two are in the state of the ultimate moment. The three Yuanzun early Yuanzun realm can't resist for long, only defeated and killed in a few rounds. !

"The ultimate moment with the limit return, so my strength has skyrocketed several times!"

Lin Chen heartily sighed that before there was no limit return talent, his recovery of fighting spirit was not enough to support the ultimate moment of the perfect start of the body and another avatar.

But now, as long as he has enough talent points, he can add the three phantom avatars to the ultimate moment! I don't know how much the fighting power has turned!

[The host gains 300 talent points, gains 450 avenue points, 190 merits, 2800 qi and blood energy, water energy 41 points, wood energy 34 points, thunder energy 39 points, fighting spirit essence 3500 points...]

[The host obtains the light ball of the power attribute, and the low-level purple combat skill "Meteor Sword Technique..."

[The host opens the Amethyst Treasure Chest and obtains: God Slayer Talent Fragment (1/3).

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest to obtain: 10000 talent points.

When the attribute light sphere and all treasure chests were taken away, Lin Chen's eyes appeared ecstatic!

I'm coming! Started again! God-killer talent fragments!

"Hahaha! Cool! Hurry up and make up the other two, I will be a tremendous blow to fight brother Chen!"

With a sense of pride, Lin Chen couldn't help but laugh from the sky, turning into a stream of light glancing towards the sky.


Two days later, Luoyang City, Shenzhou.

Luoyang City is one of the main cities in charge of the Luo family of the ancient family of Shenzhou. Today's Luoyang City is full of people and hot!

There is no other reason, because today is the day when Luofu chooses the personnel to participate in the selection team of the Sky Pagoda.

Most of Luo's high-level officials perform their duties, and this time Luo will bring two Tianjiao from the Luo family into the house, so this announcement is issued.

In Shenzhou, only strong forces with a solid foundation are eligible to take part in the Sky Pagoda Selection Tournament. Only through selection can you enter the Sky Pagoda!