My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 485

Vol 5 Chapter 485: The Next Highest.

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Chapter 485

Luoyang City, at the door of Luofu.

In front of the Luofu gate, the beautiful lady was dressed in a dress with a heroic appearance, a beautiful appearance, short blue silk hair, a sword across her waist, such as a clanging rose blooming on a cliff, and waved her jade hand to the crowd.

"There are only three places left in Luofu's entrance to the sky tower. The minimum repair is required, Yuanzun Realm is eightfold!"

This practice requires that the restless crowd be gradually calmed down, and Yuanzun's realm is eightfold, and it is an elder with extremely high power in the ancient family. This requirement for participation is too high!

"I come."

A stream of light lased, and the young man in silver robe was single-handed, arching his fists.

"Huh? So young?"

"Null talk, can such a young man have the strength of Yuanzun Jingya?"

Dozens of Yuan Zunjing in front of Luofu cast their doubtful eyes, and even the short-haired beauty couldn't help but look at the silver robe youth, and said indifferently.

"You hide the cultivation base and release the cultivation base."

At the request of the beauties, the Yinpao youth lifted the energy fire net intertwined in the body, and when the real cultivation came out for release, many Yuanzun realms suddenly showed sarcasm and sneered.

"Yuan Zunjing is triple? No matter how arrogant, you should be a little self-knowledge!"

"This little brother's brain should be flooded. It's time to find a pharmacist to cure it."

Many Yuan Zunjing laughed back and forth, and the lowest among them was the mid-quadruple quadruple, which is the third post-triple, taking the lead to compete for these three places?

Could it be that he can still have the strength of the Eightfold Yuan Realm in the late triple? This is a fantasy!

"Humph! What's your name!"

The short-haired lady was cold-chirping, this man was obviously here to make trouble!

The silver robe youth shrugged and smiled lightly-"Being under the head."

What? Master?

The two Yuanzunjing Liuzhong couldn't help laughing-"Master? You need to be shameless!"

"Yuanzunjing Sanchong dare to claim to be a master? This is China, do you think you are a barren little place to stay?"

The Yuan Zunjing in the crowd exploded with ridicule and ridicule. This high prince was naturally Lin Chen in disguise.

Just when Lin Chen was planning to release his Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon to show his strength, a graceful and neutral voice slowly passed from Luofu.

"He passed, and our number is already full, no more recruiting."

A lightly written sentence suddenly stunned everyone present!

The senior inside Luofu actually let this boy pass? What happened?

The most important thing is to suddenly add a full man? Isn't it necessary to recruit other people after having this kid?

Even Lin Chen and the short-haired beauties in front of Luofu were stunned! The former was completely unexpected, while the latter was stunned by such a ridiculous decision by his sister!

"What the elder sister is thinking, really..."

There was a sigh in the heart, and the lady waved her hand and said in a cold voice-"As mentioned earlier, this time Luofu has enough recruiting staff, please go to other places to find a team!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the light of Zi Jintong flashed by, and he found that not only did he have the breath of Warlord, but also a familiar taste, but he couldn't remember anything!

"It's strange, I don't know anyone in Shenzhou, how could it be passed to me inexplicably? Did someone see through my strength?"

But under normal circumstances, even the Emperor Zhuang cant see Lin Chens real combat strength. His only bright surface is the threefold post-cultivation and the 100,000 dragon strength physical refining realm. The field is not enough!

What surprised Lin Chen was that this short-haired beauty made him feel familiar, but he was very sure that this was the first time he had seen this woman.

"How can this kid pass? Is this cheating?"

"What's your name? It's over if someone else is over. Hurry up and find the next one. It's so **** damned!"

"I'm not convinced! What is your kid who can pass the selection request!"

Several Yuan Zunjing's dissatisfied Chong Linchen shouted loudly!

The slightly ordinary face raised a very unsmiling smile-"No way, who will make me look handsome? The handsome and powerful people are so popular~"

"Grass! This high-headed man is so shameless!"

"Grandma, if there is no fighting in Luoyang City, I have to dump him eight pieces!"


In the restaurant's secret room, Lin Chen opened the system.

"System, I want to start the fusion function and merge all the exercises!"

[The host has a total of 229 blue-level intermediate combat skills, 589 blue-level advanced combat skills, 205 blue-level top combat skills, 205 semi-violet-level combat skills, 21 purple-level incomplete combat skills, and 21 purple-level low-level combat skills. 5 kinds. All fusion will cost 89,400 heavenly values. Does the host merge?

5 Purple Order Battle Skills! In the past, Lin Chen couldnt even imagine, but after killing the Ning Familys five Yuan Zunjing Jiuzhong, he first picked up the purple light ball of the purple order power, and then turned out two kinds of purple from the Naling ring Order combat skills.

Lin Chen's brows flickered, and with a little excitement, he radiated brightly-"OK!"

Lin Chen's value of Heavenly Dao decreased by 89400 points, consuming a third of his value of Heaven's Dao!

Two days later, he will participate in the trial with the strong recruited by the Luo family. Before entering the sky tower, the more cards are naturally the better.

[Boom ~ Ding! boom!

[Congratulations to the host for triggering the special reward, the fusion result is accompanied by a volume of alchemy handprints.

The fusion furnace levitates and produces a scroll of intense purple light, and a roll of jade dome mixed with blue and purple.

"Purple Tier Intermediate Need for Combat Skills: "Eight Wastes" mobilizes the fighting spirit to condense flood energy, the higher the condensed flood energy, the stronger the power, the eight kinds of flood energy gathered, the power is close to the purple rank advanced!"

"Semi-purple alchemy handprint: "Xuan Tian Shou", the hand print is mysterious, and it can be shocking. Practitioners need the spiritual power of the middle of the legal phase..."

Lin Chen's expression showed ecstasy that could not be restrained!

He gathered so many exercises at the same time, and finally got the middle-level combat skills of the purple order!

"This half-purple alchemy fingerprint is totally unexpected, but I want to keep it. If I can collect one or two volumes of blue-level alchemy fingerprints and merge them, maybe I can merge the purple-order alchemy fingerprints. !"

Purple Order Alchemy Handprint! This thing is completely priceless!

The same is true in Danzhou, because no one will take this heavyweight treasure for sale unless it is a handprint whose source is unknown or cannot be cultivated normally.

To put it bluntly, if an ordinary pharmacist does not have the opportunity to be super against the sky, it is difficult to have the opportunity to touch the purple order alchemy handprint in this life.

Lin Chens current medicine refining skills are not in a hurry for the high-level medicine refining handprints, its better to keep the fusion in one breath and hit the purple-order handprints!

"Practise the Eight Wasted Fingers first, this trick **** was born for my "Creation Nine Tribulation"!"

[Inheriting "The Eight Wastes" requires 9900 merits. Is the host determined to inherit?

Lin Chen: "...Robbery?"

He slaughtered hundreds of Yuanzun Realm and the more than 50,000 meritorious spirits collected by the two war emperors. Why does it cost 10,000?