My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 486

Vol 5 Chapter 486: Where Are The Madmen

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Chapter 486 !

No wonder some strong men have practiced one or two Purple Order exercises for hundreds of thousands of years. This difficulty is really terrifying!

Resisting the urge to beat the system, someone issued a certain order.

Massive heritage memory poured into my mind, and Lin Chen's more than 90 spiritual seeds quickly absorbed.

In less than a day, the succession of the Eight Wasted Fingers was successful. According to Lin Chen's speculation, the power of the Eight Wasted Fingers was at least 5 times stronger than all the purple-level low-level combat skills he cultivated. The upper limit is unknown!

"Zi Ti intermediate combat skills are really perverted. I really dont know what kind of top-level Zi Zi senior and top-level scenes there are, as well as the legendary Orange Tier exercises. As long as I am someone who is not dead, I will see orange one day. Peerless style of first-order exercises!"

With pride in his heart, Lin Chen swallowed several immortals in one breath and began to practice. This time, he will begin to attack the four levels of Yuan Zunjing in one breath!

Before Lin Chen arrived in Shenzhou, he had specifically inquired about the situation in Shenzhou. The location of the sacred monument on the town boundary of Chen Shen Xuanlong No. 47 he was looking for was located in the extreme east area of Shenzhou.

And there, it is the area controlled by the descendants of God! And there is more than one!

To be precise, it should be a descendant of a false god. The true descendant of a **** has never appeared on the mainland of Kyushu!

Even though they are descendants of pseudo-gods, Lin Chen has already seen their talents. If they are only the descendants of pseudo-gods of the same age as themselves, such as the soul and ink, they are naturally not their opponents.

But if the other party is a descendant of a false **** who has been practicing for hundreds of years and thousands of years, if it happens, who will kill the deer is really unknown.

The most important thing is that if Lin Chen, who does not understand the situation in the Far East region, hastily gave up this opportunity to enter the Sky Pagoda, and went to search for the Holy Monument in the town boundary, once someone discovers his intentions, it will immediately provoke Scourge!

The choice between the two, Lin Chen naturally chose to enter the sky tower first.

Two days and one night, on the third day, the east gate of Luoyang City.

The five strong men stood in the sky. The former short-haired lady with a thin waist and sword, a green shirt like the wind, and awe-inspiring.

She couldn't help but frown her eyebrows when she saw the arrival of "Gao Shou".

Over the past few days, she has been nagging about this matter. Why does her sister recruit such people to join the team, and not to recruit other people, is this kid still able to top three Yuanzun eight? This is too ridiculous!

The team selection competition of the Sky Tower can have a team of up to ten people. The strong members of the Luo family have a stable position and can no longer participate. The two great peers in this family are about to enter the tower for cultivation, only to recruit foreign aid.

Lin Chen's face was a bit ugly. Naturally, he wasn't injured, but he was "eating!"

Yes, he has eaten almost all the medicines made at the Xiaodan meeting these days! A lot of energy is accumulated in his body, even if he rushes to the road while refining, it will take a few days to absorb it.

The other five strong men saw Lin Chen flying, and there was a sneer and sarcasm in the corner of his mouth. Lin Chen was not surprised at this.

However; when Lin Chen looked at the peerless son headed by everyone, he stayed completely in place!

He was wearing a pale green shirt, picturesque eyebrows, dotted lips, starry eyes, a white lupin, and a slender and slender figure that could be noticed by men and women alike. The dimples on the cheeks are present, charming and charming.

"Don't come unharmed, Lord Gaoshou."

Was it her? Luo Qingyu!

When he was in the flame zone, Lin Chen also played a dragon battle with her, and finally ended that battle by exchanging half of the exercises.

When someone Lin laughed, the short-haired lady asked curiously-"Sister... cousin, do you really know?"

It turns out they are sisters! No wonder she looked at the younger sister with familiar eyes and feelings as Luo Qingyu's sister!

"I don't know if you know. In a certain area, almost no one does not know His Excellency Gao Shou."

With a slight smile in his mouth, Luo Qingyu stared at Lin Chen. Someone Lin saw an acquaintance meet, he couldn't help but laughed and said-"That's natural. No, I can only come to Shenzhou to have fun.

Before he finished it, Lin Chen hurriedly refining the majestic power of his body. At this time, a lot of energy condensed into crystals in his meridians, making him a little swollen.

Seeing the Luo family's "Tongzi brother" actually worthy of this, several other Yuan Zunjing eight strong men could not help but looked at him curiously.

"Lets go. In this team competition, a total of hundreds of teams participated in the selection. Eventually only a quarter of them can enter the sky tower. I also hope that everyone will not spare their energies and try their best. Once, you dont want to wait another thirty years."

Luo Qingyu smiled indifferently, and the strong men immediately put their hands in fists seriously.

The crowd flew into the sky and flew westward. Although Lin Chen still had a lot of doubts and doubts about Luo Qingyu along the way, but he took care of it flawlessly. .

Millions of miles away from Luoyang City, a deep and quaint black tower gradually came into view, without reaching the top, straight to the sky, Zhennai Sky Tower.

As we approached, the holy sacredness as the origin of civilization suppressed all the powerful people flying in the nearby area, and everyone had to walk down the ground. This is respect for the founder of the sky tower.

At the entrance of the Sky Pagoda, the vast observation deck is vast, with hundreds of thousands of feet, where thousands of Yuanzun powerful people gather here!

Only when you reach the strength of the war emperor level, you do not need to pass the battle selection assessment to enter the sky tower, but there are other standards.

Hundreds of thousands of spectators gathered outside the viewing platform, and each round of the sky tower selection competition is very exciting, no one is willing to miss

Lin Chen just finished signing up after Luo Qingyu, but there was a crazy ups and downs in the viewing platform!

There is a team, but from the beginning, it has attracted everyone's attention!

That is the Mo family from the Far East region. This family is a descendant family! The team is led by two Yuan Zunjing's late nineth layer, and seven early nineth layer! This lineup is already the strongest level from the cultivation base!

However, this is not the most dreadful. What makes everyone feel frightened the most is that a blood-dressed young man in the team, Mo Zixiao!

He only had Qiuzhong's later cultivation practice! But he is a true descendant of God!

In this trial, almost no one wants to match them!

However, when someone Lin wasnt very interested, and wanted to concentrate on refining the energy in his body, his eyes widened suddenly!

Lin Chen was almost happy to jump up! !

His eyes fixed on the blood-clothed young man with double swords, the descendant of the false god, Mo Zixiao!

Lin Chen saw very clearly that there were not only a large number of attribute spheres in his body, but also his position of the celestial cover, turning a golden cannon piece!

The magical charm of this fragment is unparalleled, and the king comes to the world! Exuding the atmosphere of the emperor's destruction, it is a piece of talent!

And Lin Chen will never admit that this fragment is the fragment of the talent of God-killer! !

Luo Qingyu aside and other powerful people suddenly looked stunned!

They were shocked to find that this "high head" lord stared at the legendary descendant of the **** like a predator like a wolf and found a breath.

Where the **** is this madman!

How dare he have war intentions against the descendants of God?