My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 487

Vol 5 Chapter 487: Ah Cool

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Chapter 487 Cool~! !

Someone in Lin, actually encountered two pieces of God-killer talent in such a short time! This luck is a burst!

The corners of Lin Chen's excited mouth trembled, and his heart shouted excitedly!

"Damn, this pseudo-god descendant Lao Tzu is set today! It is not easy for anyone to talk, and if he is not listed, then wait until he enters the Sky Tower!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the fierce light was revealed! The God Slayers talent fragments are worth his adventure! Moreover, in the sky tower, there are few areas where the family power of the descendants of God failed to control, and entered it, but they are not the ones who have the final say!

Seeing the fierce light in the eyes of His Excellency Gao Shou, everyone realized! This is not a war intention at all! It's more like a wolf that is about to run away. A look at prey!

This **** treats descendants of gods as prey?

When everyone was terrified, "Shou Gao" wiped the saliva of his mouth very hungrily and swallowed it drastically, his eyes never left Mo Zixiao!

People who walked with him instantly felt scalp tingling! A dozen steps back subconsciously!

crazy! It must be crazy!

A tribute to Yuanzun Realm regards the descendants of God in the late seventh period as a prey? Even such a series of characters, even the late Yuan Jiu Realm Ninefold, and even the half-stepper emperor may be killed by him. He is a fart!

"This kid is too dangerous. Should he propose to kick him out of the team?"

"I guess he should be a redneck somewhere. He has just arrived in China. He hasn't heard of the name of the descendants of God, and he mistakenly thought that people are ordinary Qizhong later."

"Damn, if this son and Luo Qingyu in Luofu knew each other, I would never team up with him! In case I offended the Mo family, I wouldn't have enough nine lives!"

The fellow Yuan Zunjing's eightfold mouth twitched, and it was a time bomb to catch such a dangerous man!

At this moment, two Qingpao Jianxiu stopped in front of Lin Chen, sneered.

"Boy, where the **** are you, wouldn't you have never heard of the legend of the descendants of God?"

"Don't offend the man, you will find yourself dead later, but don't pull us!"

Lin Chen was stunned and said subconsciously-"Of course I know the legend of the descendants of the gods, the descendants of the gods. They are born supreme, have excellent talents, and have the power of the gods and the earth."

The two sword repairers were stunned! Do you still know the feelings?

Do you even know that you are drooling about others? Do you want to kill someone in minutes? This is not brain water, this **** sea?

"Okay, this matter should not be mentioned again. The first round is about to start, we are ready to fight!"

Luo Qingyu gave Lin Chen a deep look, with a profound meaning, and then smiled indifferently.

The strong men did not dare to make this time and gave a respectful fist.

"Sister, will this man be too dangerous..."

Short hair lady, Luo Weier has some worried secret messages.

"Oh, Weier, if you have seen or heard his legend, you will know that this behavior is very normal for him. The entire Kyushu rules apply to everyone, but he alone is special."

Luo Qingyu smiled, Luo Weier was surprised, his sister has never praised a person like this, let alone the opposite **** of the same age!

Lots began to be drawn on the spot, everyone held their breath, and the opponents drawn will determine their future in the sky tower.

Most people meditated in their hearts: "Don't win the Mo family, don't win the Mo family!"

Your Excellency Gao: "Must win the Mo Family! You must win the Mo Family!!"

As soon as the results came out, the Luos played against Yuexiamen, and it was a top first-class force in China!

Everyone in the Luofu team was relieved and smiled-"Great! There is a chance!"

The mouth of His Excellency Gao Shou twitched slightly, shaking his head and laughing: "Well, there is still a lot of energy in my body, and it is not suitable for fierce fighting at the moment."

Lin Chen and others entered the ring on the 26th. The outside world seems to be only a thousand feet in size, but stepping into it is vast and contains a small world!

"It is the expansion of the space set by the Warlord class, which is really mysterious!"

Lin Chen sighed with admiration; staring at the beautiful ladies in front of him, several people held high-end swords, and the sword was awe-inspiring! Some wear a full set, and there are ten people in awe-inspiring posture. The highest one is Yuanzun Realm in the eighth stage, and the lowest one is Seventh Stage!

"No. 26! Start!"

The referee of the half-step battle emperor suddenly drank coldly, the fighting spirit surged, and ravaged the entire battle space!

Innumerable handprints of combat, high-level combat skills, all blooming!

The woman at Yuexia Jianmen held the sword and pulled it, the sword gas was vertical and horizontal, and the finger was tearing the void, turning the sky like a silver snake, and the fire was swept away. The sword gas rose to the sky. The two sword repairs led the team to kill!

"The three of their eighth layer will be handed over to us later, and they will ask Luo Qingyu to lead others to siege others together!"

The two swordsmen were very calm, the brothers and the two joined forces, the hearts were spirited, the swordsmanship was perfect and flawless, and the waves of the offensive made the three old women who were the same in the eighth layer of the late stage blocked, and the expressions of the three were a bit gloomy. .

Luo Qingyu nodded slightly, swept the white feather fan, several meteor-like starbursts were falling like smallpox, blooming around the battle space, blocking the four people on the opposite side!

"Give me their left wing!"

"His mother, where is the arrogant boy?"

When the team in Luo Qingyu started fighting, some powerful people could not help but yell.

As soon as the voice fell, an extremely weird moan sounded throughout the audience!

"Quick! Hit me hard, continue, don't stop!"

"Ah~~! Cool~~!"

"Right, right, that's right there, hard! Ouch, comfortable!"

The audience outside the court and the strong players in the No. 26 ring all smoked!

The short-haired and simple woman wearing the sixth-order advanced blazing gloves was shy and annoyed, and she punched him in the chest with a punch, smashing him hard!

The "High Head", who fell to the ground, twitched all over, chanting words while twitching.

"No! It's so comfortable! Mama, I'm so cool!"


Many spectators and the strong players who participated in the battle on the 26th stage frowned!

Are you here to participate in the knockout or enjoy?

Saying that this **** is not called enjoyment! Where is the pervert! Shuang is still being beaten up?

In the eyes of others, His Excellency Gao was beaten and lost his mind.

But in his own feelings, it was really cool!

Of course, it was not because he was perverted, but because the woman who had been in a crystal state when he attacked him accelerated refining a bit!

Lin Chen, who discovered this anomaly, immediately understood the reason! The energy of his flesh shell is as strong as a wild beast, and the outside world can give him some stimulation to help him regenerate these solidified energy faster!