My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 488

Vol 5 Chapter 488: What Can I Upgrade If I Get Beaten? ?

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Chapter 488 ?

"Damn, if I get another fight to refine all the medicines accumulated by the Elixir, I have to break through the four levels of Yuanzun Realm on the spot!"

Thinking of this, Lin Chen stood up with a carp, his face showing a hungry grin, swallowing saliva, went to the woman, and waved his hands to signal the woman!

"Sister~ Come here, don't stop! Do me, do me fast! Do me hard! Give me dozens of punches again, oh no, hundreds of punches! If you use force, you must use force, not because I look handsome and pity me, come and ravage me!"

Looking at the perverted smile of the high-headed lord, the audience, all the audience and the strong players in the audience have a chill in their hearts!

crazy! It must be crazy!

"Crazy! You **** abstained or didn't participate in the competition. Why did you keep up and beat others?"

"Why did Luofu recruit such a lunatic this year?

"This guy is sick of his brain, and he is not too sick!"

Some viewers couldn't help but swear, and they were ashamed of the team together! Get together to beat others? Isn't this your brain?

"Sister, what is he..."

Luo Weier was full of doubts, this is obviously a person with abnormal brain!

From the moment he entered to stare at the descendants of the false gods, this kid's behavior was normal for a moment! What kind of unpredictable hidden world powerhouse is this? This is just a pervert just released from the prison!

"Leave him alone, we continue to fight!"

Luo Qingyu smiled indifferently. Although she had doubts in her beautiful eyes, she believed Lin Chen from beginning to end!

"The whisperer is right, we don't care about him, at least from the result, he has procrastinated for us a sevenfold late!"

The two Jianxiu shouted loudly, all the strong men immediately withdrew their minds, yes, as long as they resolved the opponent in front of them, they were one step away from entering the sky tower!

As long as you can enter the sky tower, it is a bright avenue in front of you!

Many strong men began to fight hard, and the audience's surprise and verbal abuse were only temporary, and soon turned their attention to other battles.

However, only the woman with short hair became more and more frightened!

Lin Chen threw up again and again, and he wanted to avoid him, but he followed him completely inseparably, forcing himself to shoot!

The most frightening thing is that every time he punches him, his vitality has not diminished, but Ling has become stronger and stronger!

Every punch of his own will make him have a strong and powerful energy and energy fluctuation in his body!

He is getting stronger! This is absolutely beyond doubt!

Is he getting stronger through his attack? Beaten to become stronger? This is unheard of!

It is not only the parties who noticed the anomaly, but also some hidden eyes of the old world with old eyes!

"It's not right. Have you ever seen someone who suffered such a heavy attack in the late seventh layer, can it be unscathed?"

"Furthermore, this child has not even urged his defensive skills, and there are no high-level defensive weapons on the bright side!"

"Even in the middle and later stages of the Eighth Layer, he can't do anything like him, and he will be unscathed!"

Some hidden elders suddenly found the anomaly, and stared at the head of the high head!

With the two treatment secrets of True Water Guiyuan Jue and Mu Ling Jing Yuan Fa, plus Lins Life Growth and Reinforced Iron Bone talents, his defensive power is terrifyingly high!

For him, the late seven-stage attack really can only be regarded as the level of "only feel the pain, but there will not be too much damage", even if there is damage, it is also a matter of the two major treatment secrets recovering for a moment!

However, this level of attack just happens to stimulate the crystalline medicine in his body!

Xia Yinyue was ashamed and angry when he punched another punch and hit the back of the other party. This rogue is simply a beast move!

If he runs away, he will follow him. If he doesn't take action, he will move his feet, either touching the thigh or touching the hair, or touching the waist and neck!

Anyway, he was so angry that he had to beat him up and die! Who is so cheap!

"Since you want to die, then I will fulfill you! Tian Yuan Qi Qi Fa! Long Xiao Explosive Fist!"

Xia Yinyue's fighting spirit rushed into the sky, and the eighth fighting force Yuan Fu in the body condensed with a little illusion!

The fist wearing the dragon-tooth glove burst into a roaring dragon roaring in the sky, and a flame of dragon-shaped fighting spirit lingered on the fist wind, and a punch was hit on the expectant Gaoshou!

boom! boom! boom!

The boxing wind hit Lin Chen, and the lingering flame dragon shape continued to explode on someone Lin!

"Ah~~~! I can't do it~~!"

Lord Gaoshou flew out, traversing the void and turning into a meteor falling arc, and the moan of comfort made everyone cold again!

When he fell to the ground and twitched, everyone saw that the goods hadn't moved at all, and they thought they wouldn't hear the weird moan anymore!

Xia Yinyue was breathless, and the eighth Qiyuan Yuanfu in her body disappeared and returned to an incomplete state. This was her strongest attack. The power of the brief eruption into the early stage of the Eighth Layer was enough to shock the Eighth Layer!

If even this move defeats him, then Xia Yinyue thinks he can only give it to others to deal with.

"Can't you get up finally..."

As Xia Yinyue was about to leave, the figure of the silver robe that fell to the ground suddenly heard a stronger wave of fighting spirit!

Bang ~! !

Lin Chen, the fourth Yuanqi Mansion, the cohesion is complete!

Yuan Zunjing is fourfold!

"Finally comfortable, all the medicine has been refined before entering this realm!"

Gao Shou got up, and from the massive battle spirits harvested by killing many powerful men before, and then swallowing 27 Elixir, many accumulations entered the quadruple realm!

"Yuanzun Realm is fourfold, it is indeed different, it is a watershed. My flow of fighting energy has formed a connected state among the four fighting forces Yuanfu. The tsunami is only in one thought."

Seeing the intoxicated Lin, all the viewers and strong men who noticed him before were all dumbfounded!

What is this technique? Can be beaten to break through cultivation?

Seeing this scene, Luo Wei'er's eyes tremble slightly and suffer so many times in the late seventh period. Not only did he not have any damage, but also broke through the realm?

Seeing him unscathed, Xia Yinyue's teeth twitched slightly, and his eyes were lost-"How is it possible, even a shock that can be shaken in the middle of the eighth layer, he actually..."

"Your excellency! If you don't shoot, we won't have a chance to win!"

The fabulous son on the side smiled at him, his style was charming and charming, and His Highness Lord's finger waved.

"No problem!"

Tear ~!

When the Purple Phoenix wings flicked a little, a flash of shock flashed behind Xia Yinyue, so fast that she couldn't react at all!