My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 489

Vol 5 Chapter 489: Crazy To Nowhere

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Chapter 489

"For your help, I will be gentle."

When the woman was ashamed and angry, Long Li exploded a little, stunned Xia Yinyue, pushed her hands, and sent her to the edge.

"Is it possible to clean up the seventh stage?"

"This kid hides so deep?"

Everyone in the Luofu team was surprised, what a freak this kid is! It was beaten and upgraded, and it was the late stage of the seven-level killing of several big realms!

"A new breakthrough, you have to adapt well. This battle can just be used to warm up!"

Lin Chen's figure flickered in a flash, and the faces of all the powerful players in Yuanzun Realm with eightfold presence changed dramatically!

"No! He is coming!"

"Stop this kid! Damn, it's hidden too deep!"

As soon as the voice fell, a shock flash flashed in front of Luo Weier, and a boxing wind crushed the whole world.


The domineering fist wind turned eight kinds of Heavenly Tribulation fighting strength through the old man, his fighting strength defense was suddenly broken, rolling down several attribute light **** while retreating a dozen steps, the expression was full of incredible!

The distorted space suddenly flashed a blurry phantom, and an eighth-level middle-aged black lady who was good at assassination came with a dark red short knife and stabbed to Luo Weier!

Lin Dachen jumped on tiptoe and moved around Luo Wei'er. Between his body swings, Lin Chen's legs were violently thundering and kicked away!

The rotating Thunder Tribulation and Wind Tribulation were transformed into wind and thunder blades, cutting the short knife that flew the old lady in black, and then the second leg blasted lightning, blasting the old lady in black!

The warlord's reinforced space is constantly distorted, Luo Weier stares at the ordinary face of the youth, his mouth hung with a smile of evil charm from beginning to end, as long as he stayed beside him A sense of security seems to emerge naturally.

The strong men of Luofu and Yuexiamen suddenly separated and retreated, each side staring at the high head in the field, his eyes were full of incredible!

Yuan Zunjing has four levels, one leg and one punch, and repels the eighth early strong!

The four levels of fighting or one-sided?

This strange scene like an invisible big hand grabbed everyone's throat, even shocked to breathe hard!

This talent has already belonged to the level of the top sons and daughters in the ancient family of Shenzhou. The descendants of the gods have few rivals!

"You... do you hold enough."

Luo Weier recovered, and said coldly.

"The situation is urgent, this can't blame me."

The shrugged high head laughed, hey, added a sentence in his heart, thin waist and soft legs, really good.

"I can't think of your excellency Gao Shou being so powerful, but we were blunted before."

"It's worthy of someone selected by Luo Qingyu's son personally. This time we entered the sky tower to stabilize!"

"Your Excellency really deserves the name of a master!"

The attitude of Yuan Zunjing in the Luofu team towards Lin Chen suddenly turned 180 degrees, and all of them laughed beside him.

Luo Qingyu said with a smile-"Need help?"

"No, you stand by. I'll cook these guys."

Lin Chenyun raised his hand lightly and let everyone feel throbbing!

The many elixirs taken by Lin Chen not only improved his large number of elemental attribute values, but also included the elaborate elixirs, his dragon power, already 200,000.

With the talent bonus of the Divine Power, that is 250,000 Dragon Power! With pure power alone, you can compare with the late sixfold!

In addition, after stepping into the watershed of the quadruple realm, pure power plus eight kinds of Heavenly Tribulation fighting strength, combined with his many purple-level exercises, today he can rely on a series of trump cards such as Jiuhuang transformation and characteristic runes. The absolute majority of the Yuanzun Realm is head-to-head!

"You are delaying to stay with others, let's solve the kid first..."

The two old ladies hadn't finished talking yet. Between the space distortions, the shocked electric purple flame swept away, and their palms pushed out horizontally!

"not good!"

Er Lao's heart is not good, the backhand is condensed with Shen Ruwanyue's energy fingerprint, and the old palm is shot back!

I dont know, the youths five fingers curled around the nine spirals of dark strength, like the dragon screaming, and the palms shattered the old mans energy handprint, so that when the two vomited blood and retreated, the dark dragon strength twisted and twirled. Let the two fly away! Rolling attribute light ball floating in the void!

"Shoot together!"

Seeing that their two Yazhong were shocked in the early stage, the three Yacheng later old women suddenly drunk, Jianguang fist released lightning, blasted Lin Chen away!

A single sword jumped out of his hand, and the dragon force exploded. While several kinds of Heavenly Tribulation fighting energies were running, Lin Chen slashed out, and the sword gas turned vertically and horizontally into a monstrous storm!

"Thousand souls!"

The roaring earth robbery and wind robbery sword tornado ravaged the audience. All of the following eighth layers were injured by sword gas and fell to the side!

The remaining three finalists are still struggling!

In the Daoqi Tornado, Daoguang sword shadows collided and screamed, afterglow shadows flickered vertically and horizontally, and four figures collided one after another!

"No, look, what is this kid doing!"

Old-sighted people have discovered anomalies!

I saw that in the Blade of Tornado, the figure of His Excellency Gao Shou leaped like an electro-optical jump, extremely fast, and only a few people could capture his figure!

He slashed with a knife in one hand and swallowed with a handful of pots! Domineering and awe-inspiring!

Seeing this scene, some elders of the older generation were frowning, and the corners of their mouths were trembling fiercely!

One Yuanzun Realm four-player match three eight-player later, can you still drink while fighting?

How mad is this, and don't take people seriously!

"It's now!"

The eyes of the three old women in the late eightfold exchanged, and a wave of fighting that was several times more terrible than them tore the void!

In a green shirt and robe, a white-haired old man holds a three-foot Qingfeng hole and pierces a sword through the void. The blossoming plum blossoms on the four sides are faint, and the ghosts and spirits are easy!

It is Yuexiamen's Purple Class Swordsmanship! A sword broke!

Everyone in the Luofu team was shocked suddenly. This old man was still in the early stage of the eighth layer of cultivation. How did he suddenly rise to the middle of the nineth layer of the nineth layer?

"It is the foreign aid invited by Yuexiamen!"

"Oops! The mid-9th and late eighth layers are not of the same order!"

When the hearts of everyone in the Luofu team jumped, three kinds of Heavenly Tribulation were detonated, and Lin Chen's cultivation base rose sharply from the early stage of the fourth to the early stage of the fifth!

His hip flask disappeared instantaneously, turned into a majestic sword light, and the sharp sword light flowing to the extreme pierced abruptly, reflecting the smile of the young youth.

"Energetic Rune-Extreme Queshuiguang!"

When the sword broke through the skies, the gleaming sword light and the Meihen swordmans blasted, the crystal wall of the space cracked a light crack, overturning the airflow in the entire battle space!

Lin Chen stabbed out of a sword has not stopped his offensive, his right hand single-handedly slashed and slashed, the sword gas storm rolled out, and another soul light Qianmo rolled up all the strong!

In this offensive, two charged runes were launched one after another, three in the late eighth stage, and one in the mid nineth stage. They were blasted and seriously injured on the spot!

Seeing the silver robe youth holding the sword in one hand and the sword in the other, standing proudly in the field, the audience suddenly became silent!