My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 490

Vol 5 Chapter 490: Crazy Again? ?

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Chapter 490 ?

"Four levels of realm, one move to kill three late eight and one late nine!"

The voices of some hidden powers tremble!

Eightfold realm and nineth realm are completely two concepts! And he is a spike!

"Did he say that he touched the realm of the descendants of God?"

"Is this person also a descendant of God?"

Just as the horrors of many powerful people continued to rise and fall, Mo Zixiao, who had remained indifferent, opened his eyes slightly and swept Lin Chen in Taichung. The corner of his mouth outlined a disdainful arc.

"Little ants, there is only a unique secret method, there is no breath of the gods, and I want to confuse this seat."

Several old people next to him suddenly smiled and said-"That is natural, the young master is unparalleled, the sword is invincible. Within this Kyushu, no one in the same level can be the enemy of the young master's sword!"

"Humph! The ants, if you let this seat come across, kill it with a sword!"

With a disdain, Mo Zixiao continued to close his eyes and recuperate.

On the ring 26, the half-step royal referee gave Lin Chen a deep look and announced.

"The first round of selection, the Luofu team wins!"

[The host gains 480 points of Heavenly Dao, 300 points of merit, 800 points of talent, 40 points of ignition energy, 55 points of wood energy, 3 points of mental power, 3000 points of essence of qi, 1100 points of energy of blood,]

[The host obtains 7 lightballs of skill attributes, 1 low-level purple combat skill, and 6 half-violet combat skills.

Lin Chen took away all the attribute light balls, and had not had time to look at the attribute bar, a light screen continued to pop up.

[The system has detected a new version, version 5.0 of the Tiandao picking system, and it is expected to be launched: level 5 feature rune function, decomposition function, open fourth blood state, talent evolution function and so on. System update conditions: 800,000 points of Heavenly Dao, 400,000 points of intermediate-level exercises,

system update?

Someone Lin was trembling with excitement, and hadn't had time to revel, and when he saw the value of that attribute, he almost passed out!

800,000 days worth? Where did he go!

Take out 400,000 intermediate-level exercises and spirits. I am good. He only collected less than 60,000 intermediate-level exercises and spirits when he launched the God-killing talent.

"Damn, this system is getting more and more tricky!"

After recovering his state of mind, Lin Chen withdrew from the system and looked at the strong man in the Luofu team. He looked at himself with admiration and awe in his eyes. His strength, wherever he went, was capital. After showing his strength, Lin Chen, all Everyone realizes that this seemingly mad young man is their unreachable powerhouse!

"You only shot now and almost caused us to lose. How are you going to compensate us?"

Luo Qingqing laughed like a smile, someone Lin patted his chest, smiled confidently-"Then compensate you guys without having to shoot, all stand by, I will hammer any team!"

As soon as this sentence came out, many elite strong teams that ended the battle early had cast their eyes on anger and disdain. This high head is indeed very strong, but it is not too arrogant to arrogantly oversee any team alone.

This year, there is a Mo family! The team of descendants of God is here, and they have not said anything!

"Don't, don't, Gaoshou, let's go through the difficulties together."

The two Jianxiu immediately laughed, and His Excellency Gao Shou waved and walked down the stage-"Where there is me, there is no difficulty."

To tell the truth, someone in Lin really wants to single out all of them, these strong men are all moving attributes of the light ball treasure house! He didn't want other strong men in the team to help him!

"Sister, is he..."

When Luo Weier asked, Luo Qingyu made a mute gesture.

When returning to the waiting area, Luo Qingyu told Lin Chen's legend to his sister. Starting from the Holy Fire Realm, all the way to the back of the gods, and then to the back of the four consecutive titles!

Every deed, not to mention in Lingzhou, even in Shenzhou, it is also the level of creating history!

Luo Weier was shocked and swayed, is this something that the unscrupulous "Gao Shou" can do?

Among them, it also includes his record of fighting alone against the four great emperors, and destroying hundreds of Yuanzunjing. When Luo Wei'er, who has always been heart-wrenching, heard this, his brain was almost blank, and he was stuck in place!

"Here, the triple cultivation of Yuanzun Realm, how to destroy hundreds of Yuanzun Realm! Not to mention four battle emperors!"

"I remember that the descendants of the gods who had battled the emperor for half a step challenged the emperor's early strong players. At most, they could only contend for more than a hundred rounds, let alone defeat! He, who the **** is he? How did it happen!"

Luo Weier, who was trembling, was flustered several times, and calmed down a little under the comfort of Luo Qingyu's smile.

"Sister, do you mean that the "Chaos Five Spirits" we cultivated is also the next one from him?"

"Well... although he is not a descendant of God, he is far more than a descendant of God!"

Luo Qingyu stared at Lin Chen with his eyes closed and practiced, smiling with a smile.

"So, Mr. Lin Chen is the object of our Luofu to do everything we have to pay."

The battle lasted for a day and night before all the teams were selected. After just a half-day break, the second wave of draws was ushered in! If the same number is drawn, the two parties are hostile.

The second round is the last round, as long as you pass this round, a bright avenue will be placed in front of your respect!

This time the lottery was drawn first by the Mo family. The number drawn by their team was number 24!

Everyone is meditating in their hearts, don't draw the 24th!

Nima, if the team against the descendants of the gods, just their seven early nine, the lineup of the two late nine is already the strongest level in the game! Add another Mo Zixiao, no one can beat it!

When it was Luo Fu's turn, there were only six teams left, and at this time the other No. 24 pick hadn't come out!

In other words, including the Luofu team, one of the last 7 teams will face the Mo family! To the descendants of God!

Luo Qingyu said the fact that the white and slender jade hand reached into the lottery box, the strong people of the Luofu team were all silent!

"No 24! No 24!"

Someone Lin behind the team was panting, breathing trembling, roaring in his heart.

"No. 24! No. 24! You **** come out to Laozi! It must be No. 24!"

Under the attention of many people, Luo Qingyu pulled out an arrow, and the figures above appeared abruptly!

24th! !

Zhongte's first prize! The faces of all the foreign aid strongmen of the Luofu team lost their blood color instantly and were as pale as paper!

There was an uproar in the audience, and the high head dark horse that turned out to play against the strongest Mo Family!

Mo Zixiao sitting in the VIP seat slightly raised the corner of his mouth, and outlined a sneer of cats and mice.


The silver gown youth in the field jumped up excitedly, waving their fists excitedly!

The audience outside the viewing platform looked like ghosts one by one. Is it particularly good to draw the descendants of the gods?

The other strong members of the Luofu team wanted to cry without tears, and could not help but scold in their hearts!

Why are you crazy again? Good sister!