My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 491

Vol 5 Chapter 491: Spike

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Chapter 491: Spike! ! !

"That's the Mo family, do we have to abstain, how can we fight this!"

Two Jianxiu said with a trembling tone, knowing that the eyes of His Excellency Gao Shou on the side were full of fierce light!

"How to fight? Just fight! Be sure to fight! Fight hard! Lao Tzu is the descendant of his mother god, what kind of **** **** descendant, Lao Tzu is going to fuck!"

Everyone's scalp is numb, but it is a descendant of God! Take the lead to fight with others?

But for someone Lin, that is really good!

The space inside the sky tower is vast and infinite, and its area can be compared with the level of the mainland of Kyushu. If Mo Zixiao enters the sky, someone in Lin wants to find a hands-on opportunity more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack!

When the time comes, it is to watch the second God Slayer's talent fragment go away! The duck to the mouth is flying!

But if it is now, someone in Lin has 100% certainty to get this talent fragment!

Once, Lin Chen saw the soul of the descendants of the gods in white, his first impression was to marvel and shock, but now, after understanding the truth of the mainland of Kyushu, he only has heartfelt hatred and aversion to this so-called false **** descendant!

This is a group of people who invaded and enslaved the mainland of Kyushu, and now it has started to take root in Kyushu. If no one can stop them, sooner or later, Kyushu will become a plaything of the'pseudo-gods' who came out of the Holy World prison !

Lin Chen didn't want to be a savior, but he didn't want to see his continent fall into the hands of this group of criminals!

Now I can't do a false god, but I can't do you a descendant of a false god?

Luo Qingyu hurriedly covered Lin Chen's mouth, and blamed-"You whisper, don't put my Luo House on the opposite side of the Mo family."

Even if the current Luo Qingyu pretended to be a man, the faint fragrance fell between Lin Chen's nose and only slightly slowed his fighting spirit. Someone Lin grinned.

"If you want to organize me, you can hug a little tighter. I don't mind you plugging my mouth with your lips. After all, you look so handsome, and I can do it with boys."

Luo Qingyu realized that he was clinging to Lin Chen and gave him a glance, charming and charming.

"It seems! This seat is underestimated!"

Mo Zixiao stood up abruptly, whistling a storm of peerless sword gas in his eyes.

Anyone can see that this descendant of the **** from the Mo family is angry!

Feeling Mo Zixiao's murderous spirit, Lin Chen turned suddenly, and when his eyes met, the murderous awe-inspiring!

I saw that His Excellency Gao Shou extended his **** to Mo Zixiao very calmly to show friendship.

Seeing this, Mo Zixiao's mouth twitched! Some audience members could not help but secretly air-conditioning, this high-headed crazy!

When encountering descendants of God, not to mention the top sons and daughters of all walks of life, even the entire ancient family had to avoid making three-pointers and dared not offend.

"No one of you will do anything later, this will let me abuse him! I will cut off his hands and feet with my own hands, it will not hurt my heart!"

Many viewers secretly stay away, who knows what consequences this Mo Zixiao's anger will cause.

Now just wait to watch a good show!

"Now, please invite both parties on the 24th!"

The referee said indifferently, everyone in the Luofu team panicked!

Fight or not? Fight is to die! And will offend the Mo family, if you do not fight, the big deal will wait another thirty years!

"I'm sorry, Luo Qingyu, I'm leaving!"

"Me too, I don't want to die!"

"Offended the Mo family, there is no possibility of mixing in Shenzhou, sorry Ms. Luo Weier!"

At the beginning of the eighth stage of the five Yuanzun realm recruited by Naluo, they all chose to leave the team! This is even worse!

Seeing this situation and this scene, the powerful people who came to power in Mo family couldn't help but sneer again and again.

At this time, the old referee frowned and announced to Luo Qingyu's two sisters-"Luofu team, are you still fighting. The upper limit of the team game is ten, but there is no lower limit, you can still choose."

"Sister, this?"

Luo Weier was a little unable to breathe, but Luo Qing whispered at Lin Chen, and some solemnly asked Lin Chen-"Are you sure?"

Lin Chen turned his neck and smiled indifferently.

"A little bit, there will be a 90% certainty, and the rest of the achievements will not be said. The advantage of me is low-key, and I am embarrassed to be humble."

Hearing this, Luo Qingyu smiled happily and nodded to the referee.

"Well! We run for election!"

As soon as this statement came out, all four parties were surprised!

3 dozen 10?

This is still three young juniors playing against the nine old monster levels of the Mo family and a descendant of God!

What is this unfolding?

Everyone was shocked and trembling, which was too awesome!

"After you come to power, just cheer for me next."

Lin Chen loosened his bones and muscular bones, and his eyes flashed a rare sense of seriousness and excitement-"I don't know, how many attribute light **** will there be in the Nine Yuanzun Realm and the Ninefold plus a false **** descendant!"


Before he came to power, Lin Chen's body showed five kinds of detonating Tiancai fighting spirit! His practice is from the early stage of the fourth fold to the middle stage of the fifth fold!

The old referee gave him a surprised look, and there was such a mysterious skill.

The four characteristic runes are ready to go, Lin Chen jumps up, and the space on the ring suddenly expands, followed by the second daughter!

"If it wasn't for the young master to personally torture this kid, the old man really wanted to kill him personally! How dare I look down upon my family so much!"

The head of a Jiuzhong later laughed coldly, and the referee suddenly waved his hand!


boom! boom! boom!

At the opening moment, the battle situation changed rapidly, and almost no one reacted! Three grey and white runes descend from the sky and shock the world!

Lin Chen's mid-level rune energy has dropped by 18,000 points! 15,000 points are spent on slow runes!

The moment the space became solidified, the incredible power of all the Mo family stayed on the face! This offensive came without warning, and there was no fluctuation in the fighting spirit, including Mo Zixiao, they did not react at all!

At this moment, the dragon air inside the observation platform formed a black-and-white field.

Three whole bodies flashed around the glorious blue figure, the spearpoint was stab, the blade was cut across, and the sword went away. The shocking offensive took place only for a moment!

"Sura's Fury! The Devil Sacrifice the Heavens! Extremely short of water and light! Slaughter the soul!"

boom! boom! boom!

The ultimate moment plus the limit of Guiyuan plus penetration, recharge, slowness, and phantom runes are launched at the same time!

Lin Chen's offensive made everyone on the scene instantly discolored! Even the Half Step King is no exception!

The Mo family's nine Yuans respected the realm of Jiuzhong. Except for the two Jiuzhong who suffered serious injuries in the later period, all of them were blasted off the scene. Four people fell on the spot and five were seriously injured!

There was a scene that made everyone stand up suddenly and breathe air!

The fourth silver robe youth in the ring stood proudly in the field. He rolled the silver robe, and the eyebrows between the eyebrows were awe-inspiring. He pinched Mo Zixiao's neck and neck with one hand, and lifted Mo Zixiao in the air like a chicken! It seems that with a little effort, the descendant of this incredible **** can die!

Spike! ! Team kill! !

One Yuanzun Realm is fourfold, killing nine Yuanzun Realm ninefold, and capturing a **** descendant? ? ?