My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 492

Vol 5 Chapter 492: Mo Zixiao's True Strength

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Chapter 492 Mo Zixiao's Real Strength!

Is this **** human? !

Those five foreign aid strongmen who chose to leave the Luofu team in the previous step, even the eyes will be staring out!

Luo Weier's hand concealed her lips lightly, her eyes fluttered between shock and shock!

Yuanzun Realm quadruple spike Yuanzun Realm Jiuzhong, one-handed capture of the descendants of God! When she heard about the legend of Lin Chen from her sister, she was still a little difficult to accept. Now when she sees this scene, she completely subverts her cognition!

The strong men standing in the audience are scalp numb! If they did not see it with their own eyes, they would never believe that this child would be the fourfold of Yuan Zunjing!

Such terrible means, I am afraid that no one except the war emperor can use it!

The attributes of the sky are scattered and scattered, and there are countless treasure chests floating in the void. This is the attribute of the nine drops of the Nine Realm Realm, and the number exceeds 200 alone!

[The host obtains the God Slayer Talent Fragment (2/3).

In front of everyone, Lin Chenyun smiled lightly and lightly, and effortlessly broke off Mo Zixiao's neck!

"Do not!"

Luo Weier subconsciously exclaimed, Mo Zixiao turned into a ray of light smoke after choking off his breath.

Ok? fake? Everyone was shocked!

"If you, a descendant of a false god, die so easily, then I really doubt you are a waste."

Lin Chen clapped his hands, Yun Danfeng lightly smiled, anyway, the God-killer talent fragment has been reached, he is not in a hurry now.

"What are you talking about? Hypocrisy?"

As if irritated by Lin Chen, the figure lurking on the other side of the void appeared distorted, Mo Zixiao's face growled incomprehensiblely, as if the wild dog was trampled on the tail.

"Isn't that what you are, don't you know?"

Lin Chen clapped his hands, swept his eyes, and launched the three moments of the ultimate moment. The offensive was fierce at this time, and he had suppressed the two seriously injured late nines. I am afraid that it will only take a moment to win or lose!

"Are you that kind of person? It seems that today will definitely die!"

Mo Zixiao's expression gradually became mad, and one of his two swords suddenly came out of the sheath, and a dragon chanted Jiu Xiao!

The descendants of the false gods have a congenital memory from the moment of birth, that is, the person or force who knows the truth must be killed!

Lin Chen's eyes gradually dignified, Mo Zixiao is different from the previous soul black.

Soul Mobai is a very young type, only about thirty years old, but Mo Zixiao is a descendant of a pseudo-god who has been practicing for more than 100 years!

His spirit has already entered a period of rapid growth!

To be precise, it should be the pinnacle of the Holy Spirit.

Lin Chen has consulted ancient books. After the Battle of the Emperor Realm, if he can consolidate the body of the saint, and the body passes through the latitude and longitude, modify his own bloodline factors, change the life form, and the bloodline begins to morph, the descendants will receive the inheritance power of the prestige of the saint.

The more powerful the Holy Realm, the descendants will also receive more powerful blood power blessings!

The criminals who escaped from the 19th Holy Prison of the Holy Realm are all the pinnacles of the Holy Realm. Even if their holy body is damaged, their bloodline is still second only to the real gods!

The burning fighting spirit was burning like a fiery fire, the sharp sword energy cut the void, and Mo Zixiao's cultivation stepped into the middle eighth for a short time!

He launched the power of the blood of the false god! Through Lin Chen's previously demonstrated strength, he has clearly recognized the strength of this opponent!


The five dragon dynasty guns flashed and held, and they were launched at the last moment!

Qinglong turned into a stream of light into Lin Chen's body, his dragon power climbed to 680,000 dragon power!

"On fights, my grandfather is my ancestor! Brother Chen will turn you around today! It's not easy to talk to anyone!"

Brush ~! Tear ~! boom!

A terrifying space tearing sound, a pair of swords exploded in collision and explosion, and the dark flashes of the fast flashes were mixed with the smashing dragon force to stab Mo Zixiao's head, heart, legs, and abdomen!

The sword blade rotates, replies dozens of guns, the sword blade swims across, cuts back to Lin Chen! Jian Feng cuts the crystal walls of space, like a broken vacuum zone!

The body of the gun bounced back, and Lin Chenbu Ruo, who was shocked to open the blade, moved away with thunder, flashing immediately behind Mo Zixiao. A dark dragon palm of 680,000 dragon power blessed the charge and penetrated the rune.

Mo Zixiao daredly protruded his left hand into claws, churning with the magic blood of Jianmang, sharply soaring into the sky, and clutching fiercely between Lin Chen's five fingers of the nine dark dragon-like energies!

Boom! Boom!

A blast of tremendous explosions ravaged the audience, and everyone outside the venue completely held their breath!

A figure was awkwardly retreating, it was Mo Zixiao! The flesh and blood burst in his palm!

Some strong men who admired the descendants of God from birth couldn't help but take a breath!

In the hard encounter with Lin Chen, Mo Zixiao fell into the wind!

Lin Chen secretly operates the True Water GuiyuanMulinjingyuan two treatment secrets, the recovery speed is very fast. He mobilized charge and penetration two runes, the whole process started!

The two turned into two divine lights, and the shadows of each other flickered, and the guns and swords flashed vertically and horizontally, exploding and dancing, shaking the entire ring!

"Thousand Devil Wears Heart!"

The golden war rifle in his hand fluttered, Lin Chen's spearhead of Tianjiao war broke out, and the shadow of the dark man's gun unfolded in the sky, like a peacock opening the screen, advancing layer by layer!

"Fly drinking sword waterfall!"

The seventh-order low-level sword weapon Mingyue Nine Xiaojian swept out, and the sword cut into the sky. When a sword light tore through the void, the silver sword gas rushing down to form the sword waterfall, slashing away against the sky!

"Divine Shadow Wind Demon Legs!"

"Coagulation finger!"

The mixed legs and legs of Feng Lei Tribulation collided with the **** fingers of Ning Kong!

"Sura's Fury!"

"Thousand Soul Sword Style!"


An unprecedented fierce battle erupted from the ring center. Luo Weier and Luo Qingyu retreated and then retreated to the edge of the battle space before they were slightly away from the fighting range of the two!

The older generation of powerful players outside the court shuddered, so terrible!

The fighting specifications of these two young people have already surpassed the ordinary Yuanzun Realm Jiuzhong late stage, and are approaching the half-step emperor!

Lin Chen is not the same as before. Compared with the first encounter with the soul of the descendants of the false gods, Lin Chens current heritage is completely equal to those of the descendants of the false gods!

Regardless of whether it's a battle weapon, a combat skill rank, a skill collection, a talent level, a characteristic rune, or Lin Chen, it's far more than it was!

I thought that when he faced the soul and ink, he didn't even have a real purple order combat skill or a seventh order combat weapon! Even the talent has only one destiny!

But now, the descendant of the false god, who is admired by millions of people as the descendant of the creator, is far from being as tall as before! If someone in Lin wants to hammer him, he will be able to hammer him!

"No, he has launched the blood of the peak of the Holy Realm, why hasn't it changed..."

Just when Lin Chen was puzzled, a silver frost-like sword light pierced the void and shot from behind him!

"Be careful!"

Luo Qingyu exclaimed worriedly!