My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 493

Vol 5 Chapter 493: You And Me Play Doppelganger?

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Chapter 493, You and I Play Doppelganger?

Lin Chens Zijin pupil sensed the killing attack in advance, moved out at full speed and moved away, evading Jianguangs sneak attack!

I saw it; a figure who was exactly the same as Mo Zixiao held a three-foot green front and appeared behind him!

His breath showed that he was between Mo Zixiao and Mo Zixiao!

All the older generations are shocked! In order to play against this'Gao Shou', Mo Zixiao even launched the spirit!

Seeing this scene, Lin Chen was suddenly happy!

"You and I play avatar?"

Play Doppelganger? He Lin Chen is his ancestor!

Bang ~!

A phantom avatar flashed, Lin Chen consumed 4,000 talent points and continued to launch the ultimate moment!

The Mo family's team now has only one Jiuzhong in the late period of hard support, two phantom avatars that continue the ultimate moment chasing the mad attack all the way, not giving them a chance to breathe!

"This is the power of your bloodline."

Lin Chen smiled suddenly, and he could feel that Mo Zixiao's avatar and his phantom avatar had a trace of the same work!

"This avatar is not comparable to your tricks!"

Mo Zixiao's expression is cold, and he exerts the power of blood, his strength doubles!

Choke~! !

The two Mo Zixiao were holding their swords, their blades were cut diagonally, and their blades were cut across! Two silver frost swordlights swept obliquely, such as the Milky Way falling, and when the swords were looming, they merged into a single sword, one sword according to the Divine State, sweeping the galaxy tens of thousands of miles!

"Sura's Fury! The Devil Sacrifice Heaven!"

Eight kinds of Heavenly Tribulation were furious, and Lin Chen was transformed into a demon, and the golden war rifle with his hand was awe-inspiring!

The doppelganger holds the top-level sword of the sixth order, and his hands are held upright! When the blade hacked, a burst of purple and black sword burst out, violently galloping, dividing the world's light!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The confusing energy explosion ravages the entire battle space, and the sun, the moon, and the sky are turned upside down!

The four gods travel together in a flash!

Mo Zixiao's swordsmanship is fascinating, the blades of the swords are like crazy dragons going out to sea, and hundreds of swords are issued. Each sword has the power of a dragon and a snake. The Law!

With both hands swiftly turning the golden war gun, the blade of the blade splits and rolls, but picks and slashes, the sword light sword shadow, the sword lance, the wind wheel dance, and the countless sparks hit the void!

The two fight fast, from the sky to the ground, wherever they pass, all the crystal walls of space are broken into a vacuum zone!

Mo Zixiao, who has doppelganger combat, has more than doubled his strength! He and his avatar teamed up to fight in coordination, with a sharp heart and close cooperation between swordsmanship, which is seamless!

In the past, among the descendants of pseudo-gods at the same level, his bloodline can often occupy many changes and play styles, even if he meets the top descendants he can't fight, he can be invincible!

However, Mo Zixiao met his opponent today! Lin Chen's Phantom Rune is no worse than his avatar!

In terms of cooperation and tactics, Lin Chen even prevailed! If it wasn't for Xiuqiang to be on the front line, Mo Zixiao had already fallen into the disadvantages!

When the swords and guns collided, when the weapons of both sides flew out of their hands, a grey and white rune was born! Slow rune launch, solidify space!

Lin Chen was suddenly in trouble, and a dark dragon palm was furious!

When the dark dragon palm was about to hit Mo Zixiao's chest, his avatar burned a **** flame, and suddenly broke the shackles of the slow rune, holding the sword across the sword, holding it in front of the body, bearing Lived a dark dragon palm of Lin Chen!

Nine Daolong Dragon strangled through the avatar and passed it onto the body. The hem of the body of the avatar's two mouths bleed and retreated, and Lin Chen was forced to retreat by his sword's inverted sword spirit.

"Whose avatar is Xia Sanluo's trick in the end? Do you think you can suppress me with two low-level seventh-level swords?"

Lin Chen sneered when he secretly ran two major treatment cheats to treat the cracked palm.

"Less nonsense, this seat will be killed..."

Before he finished speaking, Mo Zixiao vomited blood again, and his expression was full of incredible!

At this time, his internal organs were completely ruined! Suffered an extremely serious internal injury!

"What's going on, is it because of that palm? No, there is a seventh-order treasure protector in this seat, how could he be so easily broken by him!"

"Master, this child's attack is very weird, and all of them have a strange penetrating power that ignores our defensive defense...poof!"

The survivors of the late Jiuzhong just reminded Mo Zixiao that he vomited blood violently.

"He actually recovered so fast? Can't fight this guy for a protracted battle! It must be a result to him!"

Mo Zi violently burned the power of his bloodline, and his avatar injury recovered with the magical speed of the blink of an eye!

This is the characteristics of his bloodline, as long as the power of the bloodline is still there, his avatar not only has the strength of the body, but also has a stronger life toughness than the body!

"In a way, your bloodline characteristics are not as good as the descendant of the false **** I killed before."

Suddenly, a hint of sensuous smile appeared in the corner of Lin Chen's mouth, and he secretly conveyed to Mo Zixiao.

"What? Did he kill other descendants of God?"

Mo Zixiao's pupil trembles, and the wrist holding the sword shakes a little.

"No! He must be intimidating this seat! To shake my mind, you are too tender!"

"This sword, I let you taste what is despair!"

In the body of Mo Zixiao and his avatars, there is a peerless sword in the battle!

At this moment, the storm of the entire sky tower meeting place suddenly changed, and the spirit within ten thousand miles began to tremble, responding to the call of Mo Zixiao's sword, surging away!

As the older generation of powerful people on the viewing platform looked awkward, the half-stepper's referee's eyes narrowed.

"It turned out to be a purple-level intermediate sword technique."

Purple Level Intermediate! This grade, placed on the Divine Land is also the top of the pyramid!

Many veteran warlords who have been famous for tens of thousands of years have never had this level of practice. It almost exists only in the category of warlords more than four levels!

If Mo Zixiao was a descendant of God, he would never be able to practice this kind of practice!

With Mo Zixiao's background, from the mind and then to the comprehension of kendo and the seventh-order sword, the purple-level intermediate sword technique performed with the bloodline avatar, the combination of the two moves, such power, even the half-step emperor must run!

"Purple Tier Intermediate Combat Skill, do you think you have it?"

Lin Chen sneered sneerly, he put away the five dragon dynasty guns and issued orders to the system.

"System, start the ultimate return!"

[Consume 2100 talent points, start the limit return to the talent.

The immense fighting spirit filled Lin Chen and his phantom avatar instantly!

When the violent and vast sky-tribulation wars gathered violently and transformed into the energy of the wilderness, the world changed again!

All the audience's throats gurgled, as if pinched by invisible big hands!

Does this kid even have a purple mid-level combat skill?