My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 494

Vol 5 Chapter 494: Lao Tzu Likes To Fight Offspring

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Chapter 494

Some older generation Yuanzun almost fainted in anger!

When the **** did the Purple Tier Intermediate Battle Skill become Chinese Cabbage?

If this is to allow some warlord-class old monsters who have been famous for tens of thousands or even 100,000 years to see, they must be crazy on the spot!

Even the Purple Order Intermediate Kung Fu, which is difficult for them to get, has two kinds at one time today, and it is still on younger juniors!

"Do you even have it? Very good, it seems that you really deserve this shot!"

Mo Zixiao's look changed slightly, he held the'Mingyue Nine Xiaojian' avatar with'Qingming Broken Soul', two seven-level low-level swords glowed with supreme gods, and a silvery glowing Xiamang practiced a flowing sword Above him, then turned into a pillar of light and rushed to Xiaohan!

The two swords are combined, the world is unparalleled! The unprecedented Yinhui sword spirit converged at one point, the blade tip was dotted into the void, and two thin lines of Yinhui sword mansions shot through the void, and the sky dome collapsed!

"Dead! This is the real power of this seat! Hahaha!"

When this sword broke out, Mo Zixiao looked up and smiled!

"Chunky, Brother Chen, I can break you with one finger!"

Lin Chen and his phantom avatar skyrocketed, the flood energy condensed by the fire calamity fighting spirit, circling the seven kinds of sky calamity fighting spirit, the fingertips were horizontally empty, and the two wildfire energy fingers across the sky were horizontal. Born!

Wildfire Energy's fingers pushed away, and under the attention of many people, Mo Zixiao's Yinhui Jianmang was crushed in only half a breath!


Mo Zixiao panicked, why is the same purple-level intermediate combat skills, the gap is so big?

But in Lin Chen's eyes, this gap is almost normal!

On the proficiency of combat skills, he has already perfectly inherited the "Baihuang Zhi", this finger, he exhausted all the fighting spirit in one breath!

Charge Rune four times the power plus four times the power of the ultimate moment, plus a phantom avatar that perfectly replicates Lin Chens strength, and Mo Zixiao will have to peel off without dying today!

Mo Zixiao struck with lightning defense. His avatar held his sword in front of him and repeatedly displayed his sword tactics to cover his retreat, while the body urged his madness to attempt to escape the area covered by wildfire energy fingers.

Two fingers pushed horizontally, shaking the entire battle space!

boom! boom!

The energy finger exploded the space barrier of the battle space, the energy storm swept through hundreds of thousands of feet of space, and almost swept the audience on the viewing platform!

The elders of the five half-step emperors shot at the same time, blocking the aftermath of the explosive energy!

Lin Chen's other two phantom avatars flashed by, urging Wan Yuexuan Town Armor to protect himself, plunging into the energy storm, a sword and a knife penetrated the last breath of Mo Zixiaos avatar!

The two major avatars grabbed the seventh-order low-level sword weapon of the'Qingming Broken Soul Sword' by Mo Zixiao's avatar. At this moment, he was someone from Lin!

Lin Chen's fierce glory, rushed to Mo Zixiao with three avatars!

At this time, Mo Zixiao, who had fallen on the other side of the ring, broke his left leg and disappeared. The azure seventh-order treasure "Sea Emperor Armor" on his chest became bleak, but he saved his life.

After the doppelganger fell, Mo Zixiao knew for the first time!

Feeling Lin Chen's intense and murderous murderous rush, Mo Zixiao first appeared in horror and fear!

He was born in the extremely eastern region of Shenzhou, and he is extremely noble, and he is truly born supreme!

Everyone around him enshrined him like a god, and everyone around him, whether it is Yuanzun Realm or War Emperor Realm, all surrendered to him from the heart, admiring him, death, and other things. This kind of identity has never been thought of, and it has nothing to do with him!

But at this moment, he really felt the fear of death, the other party really wanted to kill himself! And there is no intention to be merciless!

"No, no! I surrender, I surrender! I admit defeat, don't kill me!"


At the moment Mo Zixiao screamed in fear, the gun that he smashed was blocked by two old palms.

"The Mo family team has conceded defeat. The young people of the Luofu team, you won. According to the regulations, you can no longer pursue."

When the two referees pronounced their sentences, they were both sighed and sighed. Although the sky tower was not under the control of the pseudo-god, but if Mo Zixiao was killed, things would be quite troublesome.

What sighed them was how many years! Finally there are young people who can shake the descendants of God!

Was the audience outside the viewing platform slammed, actually won?

3 to 10, no, it should be exactly 1 to 10! This top leader singled out the entire Mo family team!

The next sentence of the high head made the audience feel the scalp numbness no matter how old or young!

"Grass! Senior, can't you shoot later, let me take advantage of a missed shot!"

Lin Chen regretted that even the two referees were slightly twitching their mouths, co-authoring this kid, even the descendants of God intend to kill?

This sentence fell into the ears of many older generations and felt a scalp tingling!

That is the descendant of the creator! Who the **** dare to move? This kid wants to kill Mo Zixiao?

This is not the degree that a newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger. This courage is to turn the sky!

Someone Lin really intends to kill this guy, and charge interest to those false gods first!

What's more, this guy is like a treasure, and he also intends to get another seventh-order sword weapon!

"Eh, look, what is that..."

"Wet? No, Mo Zixiao pee pants?"

At this moment, Mo Zixiao, inexplicable liquid ran out of his body in horror and tremor, which attracted many audiences to sigh.


Yuan Zunjing, who had previously been seriously injured and retired, immediately protected Mo Zixiao. They held a space jade jade in their hands and were about to crush it.

"This is the Sky Pagoda, not your Eastern Territory. Is it possible that you still want someone to make trouble?"

Several referees coldly warned that the injured Mo parent gritted his teeth and put away the space. Jade took away Mo Zixiao. Even if he called the war emperor in the family, he might not be able to defeat the guardian of the sky tower. The forces will be suppressed!

"People from the Mo family! Listen well!"

Suddenly, Lin Chen's voice suddenly shouted out.

He lifted the disguise of the magic cloak, a younger, childish young face surprised everyone!

"My real name is Lin Chen! Go back and tell you the old dogs of the Mo family. If there is any dissatisfaction, even if you come to me, I have no hobby. The only hobby is the servant of the **** who likes to beat you shit, Descendants of God, dont ask me why, my Lin looks handsome, just hanging!"

Lin Chen's domineering loud laughter made many audiences slammed!

Like to fight the servants of God? Descendants of God?

What the **** is this **** hobby!

If this is passed back to the far east side, I am afraid it will be turned upside down!

This sentence is equivalent to declaring war on all descendants of God!