My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 495

Vol 5 Chapter 495: Enter The Sky Tower

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Chapter 495: Entering the Sky Tower!

Like to fight the servants of God? Descendants of God?

The point is that this kid really doesn't seem to be bragging!

You say he is bragging? Look at the moment when he got to the Mo family in the team draw just now, then his mother was so happy that it was like a hundred-year-old bachelor who wanted to marry a daughter-in-law. He looks like a madman who likes to play **** descendants!

"Lin Chen..."

Luo Qingyu's expression was complex, and he sighed. Lin Chen's move must be to attract Mo's attention to himself, so as not to involve Luo Luofu.

As for today's affairs, Lin Chen and the Mo family have forged a never-ending beam!

As long as Lin Chen dares to take a step in China, he will be besieged by the Mo Family Warlords!

"Okay, a good Lin Chen! I remembered it from the Mo family, and dare to abolish my young master, our family and you will never die! Dare to offend the Mo family, this Divine State, there is no place for you!"

"Good! ~ Next time, remember to bring more batches of descendants of God to come ~ I will give you five-star praise ~"

Someone Lin smiled and waved goodbye, that look, almost didn't make the few Mo parents who were still alive to be irritated!

The strong man's gaze at Lin Chen from all walks of life is even more shocking, which also makes people bring more batches of descendants of God to come next time? Are you a descendant of Chinese cabbage? On the weight? Devil!

"Eh, Lin Chen, Lin Chen?"

"No! I remember this name!"

At this time, some well-informed powerful people suddenly lost their voices, as if they thought of some earth-shattering secrets!

"Lingzhou Linchen?"

"That young man with a dozen fights?"

"A dozen of four war emperors? Nonsense! Even the book dare not write like this, are you teasing me?"

Outside the viewing platform, there was a turbulent wave, Lin Chen completely ignored it, groped all over the ground, and the attributes hurricane!

[The host gains 55 ignition energy, 550 sky power, 400 rune energy, 700 talent points, 900 skill essence, 3570 qi and blood energy, and 5000 essence of qi...]

[The host obtains 9 lightballs of skill attributes, obtains 2 low-level purple combat skills, 7 half-violet combat skills,]

[The host opens five amethyst treasure chests to obtain: 20000 talent points, 20000 rune energy, 20000 power essence,]

This harvest is not only not for Lin Chen to lose rune energy and talent points, but has surged! Lianfan has gained more than 40,000 talent points and heaven value!

Luo Weier stared at him staring blankly. What happened in these days has completely subverted her cognition!

Seeing that it had nothing to do with him, Lin Chen, who was touching the ground, Luo Qingqing shook his head helplessly. When Lin Chen first arrived in Shenzhou, he provoked a descendant family.

This will give him another period of time, I am afraid that this Shenzhou will have to be upset by him like a Lingzhou!

"He, he really succeeded!"

"We have lost the chance to enter the sky tower and have to wait another thirty years!"

The five strong men who had left the team screamed, and a referee looked at each other coldly and sneered.

"You group of wastes also want to enter the sky tower. This young man has given you the opportunity, but you have no courage to face, no courage to go against the current. Talk about where to march on martial arts, martial arts practice, and Fighting between heaven and earth, the achievements of your life are nothing more than that. Hurry back to the world and continue to be your overlord!"

Faced with the scolding of the half-step royal referee, the five did not dare to talk back even if they were unwilling in their hearts.

They asked themselves that there was no such thing as Lin Chen. When their opponents picked up at the Mo family, they had only one idea, that is, to keep their own way.

As everyone knows, when the frog is boiled in warm water, people will not break through the limit when there is a back road. Regardless of life or martial arts, only when everything is pressed, there is a possibility of seeing hope! But, it is just a possibility!

After taking away all the attribute light balls, Lin Chen's cultivation base just entered the quadruple middle stage!

"Zi Ti's intermediate combat skills are fierce. I used a kind of fire-robbing combat energy to transform the energy of the wilderness, and I was able to break through Mo Zixiao's swordsmanship. The reason is, but if you can achieve the eight kinds of fighting energy into the eight wild fingers issued by the flood energy, that power!"

Lin Chen's mouth couldn't help but slightly lifted up, which might be able to crush thousands of miles of mountains and rivers with one finger!

One day later, the selection competition for entering the sky tower officially ended, and only more than 200 people entered the sky tower!

The most shocking eye-catcher in this trial is that the Mo family lost it!

Especially the descendant of the Mo family's god, Mo Zixiao, the ingenious swordsman, was defeated by a teenager who was born out of nowhere!

Lingchen Linchen!

This name will destroy the entire Divine Land with the storm sweeping momentum in the next very short time!

Shenzhou, which has been silent for hundreds of thousands of years, will set off for the first time people who dare to challenge the descendants of God!

However, these have nothing to do with Lin Chen, because the inside of the sky tower is completely closed, as long as Lin Chen can't come out in the sky tower, even if all the descendants of the gods are dispatched, it will not be possible to pull him out!

"This is your reward for passing the trial: 50 skycoins and one yellow-level trial token. You remember that when you enter the sky tower, everything must be done according to the rules inside, otherwise no matter what your identity is, people who violate the rules ,dead."

A number of referees warned many strong players who passed the trial, and then issued a roll of jade jade, a sheepskin bag, and a yellow token to everyone, engraved with the rules of the sky tower.

At the next moment, the referees slammed the entrance gate of the sky tower, and a space channel extended.

Numerous strong men have long waited and poured into the space channel, followed by Lin Chen and others.

While entering, Lin Chen and the three men read the rules and jade slips.

Inside the sky tower, there are ten main cities, each of which has primitive people, and there are countless villages and tribes. No outsider can harm the people inside.

The currency circulating in the main city is not the spirit crystal of the outside world, but the sky coin. The sky coin purchases many treasures of the sky tower. Here, as long as there are enough sky coins, even the purple order intermediate and advanced, the purple order alchemy handprint, the seventh order intermediate All of the above treasures!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The most attractive is the many trial secret realms of the sky tower. These secret realms are divided into five levels: yellow, green, green, blue, and purple.

The trial secret realm in the tower is all made of heaven and earth. The lowest-level yellow-level secret realm can attract all Yuanzun realm, while the green-level secret realm is suitable for Yuanzun peak or half-step emperor. The green-level secret realm has an increased chance of breaking through the battle emperor!

The highest-level Purple Order secret realm, even the seventh-level war emperor can benefit from it! It is conceivable how strong this background tower is!

The strong man contained in the sky tower is almost comparable to the entire Kyushu mainland! It is the last miracle of humanity in Kyushu!

And its origin is even more mysterious.

A ray of space shines through, and more than 200 powerful people, including Lin Chen, have all arrived in a new city!


At the moment of entering the city, everyone's power is sealed inside the body by a beam from above nine days, and the fighting spirit cannot be released!

After losing the fighting spirit, although everyone is mentally prepared, there is still a moment of panic.

"This is the inside of the sky tower!"

Only Lin Chen was calm, and when he looked around, his eyes lit up!