My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 496

Vol 5 Chapter 496: What Is This Operation?

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Chapter 496 What is this operation?

The three Lin Chen walked all the way to the main hall on the street. On this way, the interior of the city was peaceful.

When Lin Chen urged Zijintong, the people coming and going were some of the people here, but some were from the outside Yuanzun Realm, and there were even individual warlords walking on the street!

In the ten main cities, no one can release the fighting spirit, no matter if there is any grudges, even if it is the hatred of the father, the hatred of the genocide, you cant fight in the main city, otherwise you will be seated in the main city. Bomb it yourself!

Entering the hall, overcrowded, countless strong people come and go here.

This is one of the many heavenly treasure halls in the main city, where you can issue missions or accept missions, purchase treasures or exercises.

The three of them were amazed when they sat next to the roster in their hands!

"Purple Tier Intermediate Exercise "Ziyang Nine Days Secret" price: 300,000 sky coins."

"The seventh-order low-level fighter, Yunhai Tianlan, selling price..."

Purple-level intermediate and advanced exercises, seventh-level intermediate and advanced weapons, purple-level alchemy handprints, etc., rare treasures from the Kyushu mainland are dazzled here!

When looking at many secret realms, it is even more shocking. What are the frost ten heavy prisons, the nine abrupt meteor wind abyss, the Zhenyang Haokong secret realm, and even the high-level secret realms that help the war emperor break through the realm!

It's just the price of entry, either to buy a trial token for tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of heavenly coins! The price is also shocking!

When Lin Chen closed the roster, he took a deep breath - "It's a world where the powerful people of the entire Kyushu mainland are moths, and it really has a world!"

"It turns out that our rewarded Huang Tier trial token is worth 1,000 heavenly coins!"

When the second daughter was surprised, Lin Chen suddenly asked Luo Qingyu"Yes, I dont know why your progress is so fast!"

Now she is the fivefold of Yuan Zunjing!

Thinking long ago in the torch fire realm, she was only able to respect the pinnacle of cultivation. The time now has passed just two years, and her promotion rate is faster than that of someone in Lin.

"Actually, thanks to the mind you gave us, Weier and I have a new breakthrough, plus I have seen from you before the transformation of the Heavenly Tribulation Combat Spirit into a special energy bloodline, and found the accuracy In order to cultivate us, the family did their best to train us both in order to cultivate us, and we have only today."

"Well, now my sister and I have four or five types of Sky Tribulation Warfare respectively, and the mentality you gave us is indeed very powerful."

Luo Weier nodded, Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, he asked with a smile-"Have you decided on your next trip?"

"Well! All our sisters practiced the mental methods you taught us. We plan to go to the Five Elements Trial Realm. This is the most suitable for us. How about you?"

Luo Qingyu looked at him curiously, but someone smirked!

"Me? I can not enter the secret realm temporarily, I want to protect the world!"

Protect the world? The second woman looked at him in surprise.

"Young Master, I am going to be a cleaner, and I am proud to be a charity!"



A strange thing happened in the main city of Sky Tower 6.

The cleaning missions issued by 7 warlord-level powerhouses were picked up by one person at the same time!

You must know that all areas within the main city are not allowed to use war energy, and the territory of the Emperor Warlords is very broad. If you want to do hygiene and clean here, it is simply a few thousand rounds of battles than the strongmen of the same level. Still tired!

Which warrior dare to take this kind of task?

In Shanshui Mountain Villa, two Yuanzunjing Bazhong stared at the young man in disbelief.

"Are you the one who took over the cleaning task of my master?"

"It's so young, will it work!"

The teenager smiled confidently-"How can a man not work?"

The mountain and water villa covers an area of more than 100 square kilometers, and it can be obtained by just one of the heavens in the outside world, but it is placed in the main city of the sky tower, which is the level that the top rich man can get!

Lin Chen strolled here, bent over to pick up, picked up two silver, cyan light balls.

[Host gains 1000 Runic Energy, 47 Wood Energy,]

That's right! Someone in Lin didnt come to do hygiene and cleaning!

He is here to pick up attributes!

Ever since Lin Chen stepped into the triple of Yuanzun Realm, the strong players around Yuanzun Realm will rarely drop the attribute light ball, but this does not mean that it will not drop!

For the emperor-level strong, the attributed light ball is the king!

Which of the main city territories purchased by these veteran warlords has not been famous for a long time. In the mansion of this realm, entertained strongmen from various roads. Although the attributed light ball they left behind is not as much as it fell during cultivation, it is better than years. For a long time, the accumulated amount is quite complicated!

As for hygiene? Trivia, just give him the Phantom Doppelganger to do it!

Seal the fighting spirit? Prohibition of outgoing combat? Yeah, you can't use fighting spirit here!

But his Lin's doppelganger does not need to be aggressive! He relied on a unique rune, only need to leave a ray of fighting in the doppelganger without urging or using!

Someone in Lin only needs to take a walk, look at the scenery, and occasionally pick up attributes to grow at the fastest rate!

In the past, how could he have the opportunity to enter the training site of the warlord class? Now, if he walks in a leisurely way, he can take away the attribute light ball dropped by the warlord class by walking his hand in the room!

What is this called? This is called walking and can be upgraded!

Looking at Kyushu, who has such operations as my brother Chen?

Shanshui Shanzhuang, Lieyang Mansion, Qingyun Gate... The six warlord-level territories were all turned around by his "cleaner" who was born out of the blue!

The most important thing is that his cleaning task has not fallen.

With the help of three phantom avatars, the start of the work was stunned to clean the territory of the war emperor. Even the strong guards sent him away before and after are two attitudes!

Among them, Lin Chen obtained a large number of mental power attribute light **** in the Qingyun Gate, and the mental power advances by leaps and bounds. The value of the intermediate spiritual power attribute skyrocketed by 30 points!

This value is more than doubled before! The spiritual seeds have soared to more than 200, which is not far from the great stage of the French state!

Yuntian Mansion, this is Yun Potian's mansion of the old veteran warlord and strong man of the sky tower, and Lin Chen's last mansion that needs cleaning.

[Host gains 2 intermediate mental powers, gains 32 wood energy,]

In the back garden of Yuntian Mansion, Lin Chen still takes away the attribute light sphere here in a breeze.

At this time, he did not notice that three heads protruded from the wall outside the back garden.

"It's this kid! You see, he is not performing his task at all! He just touches the air and the ground irregularly!"

"Hey, what is this operation?"

"No! He didn't take any panacea. Why did his mental strength rise out of thin air?"