My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 497

Vol 5 Chapter 497: Behind The Hunter There Is Lin Chen.

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Chapter 497: Behind the hunter, there is Lin Chen.

"This kid's spiritual strength is still rising! I can't be wrong, he was like that in Yuntian Mansion at that time!"

"It's too weird. He hasn't taken the Elixir, nor got any treasures. His mental strength has risen so fast. It seems not surprising to see his expression!"

The three Qingpao people lurked in the dark. They were the old guards of Qingyunmen. They were rewarded by the emperor of Qingyunmen for their crippled spiritual cultivation secrets, so they were very sensitive to the spiritual power.

Although the cultivation base was temporarily sealed, the spiritual perception was not lost, not to mention that the three had once learned the secrets of spiritual cultivation.

"Brother! Sure, this kid really has three suspected avatars to help him complete the cleaning task!"

At this time, three figures appeared quietly outside the back garden, said excitedly!

"Sure enough! I was right at the time. There must be a big opportunity for this kid! Remember his spirit. If he leaves the main city, we will immediately find a chance to be him!"

That eyebrow-filled brother Fu made a gesture of wiping his neck!

Lin Chen didn't know that he was being stared at. He touched Yuntianfu's attribute light ball and was about to leave, passing a pool stone mountain.

"Eh? This thing seems a bit wrong."

Suddenly, he glanced at the stone mountain of the pool at random, and found that the stone mountain shaped like a stele was carved with very pale lines, as thin as hair, and the curved lines actually trickled down. If you don't look carefully, you won't find it.

When Lin Chen curiously urged Zijin Tong, his expression changed slightly!

"Grass! Found the treasure?"

Seeing with naked eyes, the stone mountain is rugged and has no energy fluctuations, but under the reflection of Lin Chen's purple golden pupil, a very mysterious pattern appears!

"Unfortunately, my fighting spirit was sealed. At most, I could only use the double realm of Zijin Hitomi, and then urged upward, the fighting spirit had to provoke the seal, which violated the regulations.

Lin Chen screamed pity in his heart, and immediately took out a pen and paper to quickly record the pattern of Shishan.

The stone mountain pattern road is finally outlined as a catalogue of Yin and Yang poles. Inside the poles, there are countless complicated fine lines.

In addition to this, there are also a series of characters: Golden Prison Mountain Range, Long Kai Long Guan.

"The water in this pool is Lingquan, and the lines that the former Lingquan has flowed through are only about one-fifth."

Lin Chen drew the lines through the previous Lingquan, then immediately put away the catalogue, pretending that nothing happened, and left the Yuntian House safely.

Returning to the mission lobby, Lin Chen submitted these seven missions, each of which had 100 to 130 sky coins.

Lin Chen met the two Luo Qingyu sisters in the hall.

Within four days of Lin Chens completion of the seven tasks, they had returned from the secret realm of the Five Elements Trial. The breath and cultivation were completely different, but they could not be released.

"Lin Chen, we took over a team task, and the rewards are high. Do you want to be together?"

Luo Weier took out a task scroll and handed it over. Rarely invited Lin Chen to invite him. He was about to decline, but his eyes were suddenly frozen!

"Golden Prison Mountains, hunt 10 high-level sixth-order beasts, Golden Meteor Tiger. The mission coefficient is higher, it is recommended for the team to perform, mission reward: 1500 sky coins."

Golden prison mountains? Lin Chen Ling moved, a palm slapped on his shoulder.

"Are you two little beautiful girls serious, can this little guy hunt down the sixth-order senior beast with us?"

Four figures emerged behind Lin Chen, in a green robe, two middle-aged men, and two white-haired old men.

"Oh, Captain Qing, this is a bad word. Why don't we give young people a little more opportunity. What's more, there is one more helper in this trip, right?"

The white-haired old man showed his yellow teeth, and his smile was deep.

"Yeah, Captain, it's okay for at least this kid to share the attention of the beasts for us. It's a big deal. Let's share him with less money!"

Captain Qing's deputy smiled.

"Relax, I am a physical training martial artist and I won't drag you behind. I participated in this task, and my shortcoming is that there are too many advantages. At the front."

Someone Lin said suddenly with a smile, that Qing captain snorted coldly, a few words lowered the remuneration that Lin Chen could separate, but let Lin Chen pass.

At this moment, Lin Chen and Luo Qingyu looked at each other and smiled.

Seven people formed the team this time. After a little preparation, they officially left the mission hall. Before leaving, a few ghostly figures followed them.

In this operation, the praying mantis catches the cicada, the yellow **** is behind, the yellow **** is behind, there is the hunter, behind the hunter, there is a Lin Chen!


Leaving the main city of No. 1; the seal of fighting spirit sealed in the body is automatically lifted, and the four fighting troops of Lin Chen Yuanyuan burst into a stronger and more powerful fighting swing!

This time Lin Chen has harvested the most attribute light ball in seven cleaning tasks is elemental energy! In addition to light and darkness, all of his nine attributes have reached a value of 600-900 points!

In addition, it is a double of the spirit seed!

The substantial increase of the element energy attribute value will mean two problems. First, the power of the attributes attached to Lin Chens Tiancai fighting spirit has been greatly improved.

Second, Lin Chen's body of the Heavenly Tribulation gradually moved to a higher level, and the exercises that depended on the body of the Heavenly Tribulation would advance by leaps and bounds. Whether it was Shura Jiuhuang's change or many combat skills, the power would skyrocket!

Although Lin Chen did not directly break through the cultivation base this time, his fighting strength was completely doubled!

On the way to the Golden Prison Mountains, Lin Chen opened the system status bar of curiosity curiously.

[Host: Lin Chen-Expand the status bar of exercises

The progress of the cultivation of exercises: Soul Slashing (100%), Shura Magic Gun (100%) Eight Wild Fingers (100%), Shura Jiuhuang Change (50%) Taishi Bible (99%).

Mind method: Top Purple OrderCreation Nine Tribulation (98%).


"The Genesis Nine Tribulation Heart Method is actually the top of the purple order! My mother, looking at the top of the purple order in the history of Kyushu, I am afraid that you can count it with a slap!"

Lin Chen's mind trembled, no wonder that the creation of Jiujia even has a design in the field of arithmetic, it turned out to be the legendary purple-level top practice!

He had forgotten to open the status bar of the exercises, but now he knows how powerful his mind is!

"If my last light-attributed Sky Tribulation Warfare can be condensed and completed, I don't know if I can achieve 100% proficiency in this mental method."

Between thoughts, seven people flew to the Golden Prison Mountain Range. The mountain range was endless, several times larger than the outside world.

The inner space of the sky tower is completely different from the outside world. The space here is so stable that only the warlord can tear the space, and the aura is extremely strong!