My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 498

Vol 5 Chapter 498: Calculate Each Other

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Chapter 498

The aura of the sky pagoda is more than ten times stronger than the outside world. It is said that because the top of the tower connects the source of spiritual power that is connected to the outer sky of Kyushu, the evil beasts here and the treasures of heaven and earth are extremely prosperous!

"Do you use the secret method of concealment of spiritual power? Sure enough, there is a set. Although I don't know who you are, since I stared at Lin Chen, it is your own itching!"

The gleam in Lin Chen's eyes flashed, and there were no movements in the hidden atmospheres hidden behind him.

Seven people flew into the mountain range, where the energy of the gold system is strong, which is very suitable for the cultivation of the people of the gold system.

"Hey, it's not right, the ten golden meteorite tigers are together!"

Suddenly, when Captain Na Qing felt uncomfortable, the breath of fierce beasts within a few hundred thousand miles of the mountain range skyrocketed!

"No, we are surrounded by fierce beasts!"

"It's a fierce beast tide!"

The two sisters of Luo Qingyu exclaimed in unison!

Hundreds of Tier 6 beasts emerged from within the mountains, and all of them were level 6 or higher beasts!


Ten golden giant tigers with a height of thousands of feet stepped out of the sky. Among them, the head of a tiger, the cruel and cruel eyes turned a bit of wisdom!

"Have their Tiger King advanced to the top of Tier 6?"

"Oops, this tiger king opened his mind and united all the beasts in this neighborhood!"

The gloomy words of the two white-haired old men, countless fierce beasts hit the mountains and the sea, either from the sky or from the land!

At the forefront, all are similar to the Xuan armor wolf king, green armor ghost leopard this sixth-level intermediate or advanced, good at defending ancient fierce beast!

Captain Qing found something wrong and ran away without turning his head! He originally grabbed this task to intend to use these teammates to borrow a knife to kill people and complete the task. Unexpectedly, this tiger king actually evolved!

Luo Qingyu glanced at Lin Chen and wanted to wait for his position, Lin Chen said immediately.

"Go! We will also withdraw!"

Without further ado, the people who fell into the siege quickly retreated to the outside world!


When the king of the golden meteorite screamed in the sky, the attack of the fierce beast tide was extremely rapid, and he began to divide the crowd!

Under the command of the Tiger King, these fierce beasts are like a terrible army, attacking seven people fiercely and orderly!

Captain Qing and the two other white-haired old men were both eightfold, and quickly fell into the struggle!

Lin Chen took the two sisters, the dragon force exploded, and the boxing and leg shadows swept out, sweeping away the many beasts that attacked the three!

When the second elder saw Lin Chen's combat power so terrifying, he couldn't help but cast his eyes on the stunned and fearful!

The second daughter urged the fire to rob the war body, embellished the void with one finger, and shook back the two sixth-level high-level beasts. Lin Chen was a little surprised. The two Nizis were only five respects, and they were quite powerful.

"When will we shoot."

Luo Qingyu said to Lin Chen, he smiled indifferently-"Don't worry, the big fish is still behind..."

Before the words were finished, the three figures suddenly appeared like ghosts! The three of them turned out to be in the mid-nine levels!

"Abolish him! Then take away!"

One of the three figures flicked their sleeves and retreated their sisters and two daughters. They pierced their swords, and the sword light flickered, one finger in the void, one finger across the sky!

"I thought when you could bear it, it wouldn't work now!" - Lin Chen's mouth outlined a sneer, he knew from the beginning that these guys followed them from out of the city!

However, the two white-haired elders in the same team should have been aware of it, but they did not remind Lin Chen that the action was carried out with their own spirits.

The two figures flew by, Lin Chen's phantom avatar! Long Li was rolling and roaring, waving his sword and stabs, holding the knife and dancing across the cross, every knife was extremely heavy!

"Extremely short of water and soul of light!"

When Jiuhuang changed into four changes and charged runes, Jianguang split all the combative attacks, and the sword light turned from all directions into sandstorms, swept and entangled, and surrounded the three while confusing and blocked all of them. Retreat!

Lin Chen's cultivation base has soared from the mid-fourth to the peak of the mid-fifth! If the five-fold change is implemented, it will enter the later stage of the five-fold!

"No! This kid has a problem!"

"Damn, this is not an attack that Yuanzun Realm Quadruple can perform!"

Daoqi Storm blocked the three of them inside, slashing between them, and repeatedly penetrated their fighting defense!

These three men were the guards of the Qingyun Gate who had previously coveted Lin Chen's secret, but the attached brother had not yet appeared!

If it is Lin Chen before entering the sky tower, launching the charging rune is not enough to trap the mid-nineth layer, but his current soil energy attribute value is as high as 740 points! It is nearly ten times more than before! The power brought about by the transformation into a land-robbing war body is unimaginable!

When I thought about Lin Chen, who had never arrived in Shenzhou, none of the intermediate element energy attribute values exceeded 100 points!

But now, except for light and darkness, all nine attributes are above 600-900 points! Fighting power advances by leaps and bounds!

"Quickly call Brother Fu, this kid is his mother's pretending to be a pig and a tiger!"

"Want to call someone?"

Bang ~!

The sound-like explosion resounded, and Lin Chen's two avatars wore'Wan Yuexuan Town Armor', but this 740-point soil energy attribute value was transformed into a defensive combat skill launched after the earth-robbing war body, so hard that it was even the mid-ninth mid-level. The strong feel the level of scalp tingling!

There were dozens of rounds in the vertical flashes of the sword, sword and shadow. Lin Chen cooperated with the two avatars to kill the three people. Such terrible combat power even showed that the two white-haired old men showed some fear!

"This kid is so strong?"

Captain Qing and his deputy were stunned. This was originally thought to be a target used to attract the attention of high-level beasts, but actually killed two mid-nine mid-range?


Qinglong Changxiao, Lin Chen's Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon was born, sweeping all the fierce beasts around!

"This? This kid still carries a blue dragon?"

Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon released the Xuanqing Dragon domain, the dragon's spirit was vertical and horizontal, and the space was particularly heavy by Qinglong's 700,000 dragon force!

"Help me get rid of these beasts!"

Lin Chen told the second daughters that they nodded slightly, and the two avatars left and right, swords and swords, strangling all the sixth-order beasts, and the attributes of the blood and blood were raging!


At this moment, Yuntian Mansion on the other side.

The middle-aged man in a tiger robe stepped into the mansion and many guards shouted respectfully!

"Congratulations to Master Yun Potian!"

"Well, you all retreat."

Yun Potian raised his hand, and when the many guards retreated, his eyes looked at the stone mountain pattern in the spirit pool of his back garden.

This spiritual pool contains five elements of energy, most abundant in water. His expression flashed vaguely and hysterically!

"Soon, the energy of the five-element cycle will finally be full of energy. After some time, the secret record will be released, and the emperor will be able to take the two peoples relics in person! You have changed your alchemy handprint with the famous fame and mind, and you still have a shameless face. Now that you are dead, your handprint is still not the emperor's!