My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 499

Vol 5 Chapter 499: 3. Mission Impossible.

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Chapter 499. Mission Impossible.

Seeing that Lin Chen was so brave, the captain of Qing Dynasty alone blocked hundreds of fierce beasts, and hurried away with his men, but the two white-haired old men secretly disappeared.

"Huang Demon sacrifices heaven!"

The five dragon dynasty emperors speared out with one shot, and Lin Chen, the incarnation of the demon, went straight to the king of the golden meteorite tiger! A piece of gray-and-white fulu holds King Jinyuehu, and it screams in horror!

Bang ~!

The front of Lin Chen's gunpoint penetrated the head of King Jinyuehu, as strong as it could be compared to the peak of Ninefold, and was seized by Lin Chen to take the lead, and he started to be seriously injured!

The tiger king fell, and the tide of beasts from the siege quickly turned into a pot of porridge. It was not yet two quarters of a hour, and all was solved by Lin Chen!

[Host gains 3540 qi and blood energy, 4100 qi and blood energy, 2040 qi and blood energy,]

[The host gains 55 gold energy, 80 gold energy, 35 ignition energy, 44 thunder energy, 800 essence of fighting spirit...]

The light ball dropped by the sixth-order intermediate beast is not much for Lin Chen today, but the victory is large, the beast is full of blood, and his pure power has once again skyrocketed, reaching 400,000 dragon power!

The increase of 400,000 through the divine power, that is 500,000 dragon power!

The Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon has only increased by 10,000 dragon power. Its level is now the top six ranks. Unless it is a very good beast with the same bloodline at the same level, it is difficult to meet its growth needs!

"To be honest, what do you want to do when you enter the Golden Prison Mountains."

Someone Lin touched his chin and looked at the second daughter. They looked at each other. "Actually, we once had an ancestor here. We also want to take the opportunity of team formation to find opportunities."

"Now that's the case, let's go. With me here, everything is not a problem except the Warlord or Tier 7 beast."

Lin Chen waved his hand and looked in the direction of the disappearance of the two old white-haired old men. The light of Zijin Pu flashed past and the corner of his mouth rose slightly.

The two goddesses were overjoyed, and took out a jade jade of fighting spirit, which was covered with cracks, but if the fighting spirit was urged, it would still glow a little light!

According to the dimness of the jade jade's light, the two women looked for accurate directions.


At the same time, the Shenzhou extreme east area.

There are 30,000 sacred mountains in the fairyland, and the spirit attached to the breathing air is pure and sweet, like a miracle!

Here is where the descendants of God and the major families live!

No, it should be said that it is the place occupied by the false **** family. This is a paradise for the descendants of the gods, and it is also their first stronghold to dominate Kyushu.

Tens of trillions of people were influenced by them. They worshiped them as gods, opened temples and built temples, worshipped statues, and worshipped them with incense every year.

However, there has been a news recently that swept the entire Far East region! !

Shenzhou Swordsman, a snow mountain boy with a distinguished face and temperament on a divine mountain, is a three-foot green front, sneering with a sleeve!

"It's the descendants of the gods? Huh! Joke! I defeated Mo Zixiao, and I really thought I could replace me, every mortal, and I will meet him in person at this time!"

The Dragon Family of Shenzhou, the Dragon Cloud condenses in the void, and above the cloud sits a woman with a colorful and flowing Shenhua. Her face is arrogant and indifferent, and her mouth is full of contempt for contempt of all living beings!

"Mo Zixiao is the most mid-level among us. It's a big breath! If you let Miss Ben catch him, you must throw him into my **** cave to divide the body!"

Sword, Dragon, Mo, Lei, Wang! All the five false **** families have exploded!

Lingchen Linchen! This name is like a plague, sweeping the whole of China! Those strong men who once enshrined the descendants of the false gods shouted,


"Lin Chen of Lingzhou? Unexpectedly, he has already arrived in Shenzhou!"

"Ten days ago, the old deceased just heard his legend. At that time, the old deceased didn't believe it. He didn't think he would destroy a Mo Zixiao when he arrived in Shenzhou!

"Too strong, can history be rewritten?"

"No! It's not that simple, even if he is shocked, it's absolutely gorgeous, but here, it's China!"

"Even if he is hiding in the sky tower, the strong men of the five major families will order the descendants of the gods in the sky tower to siege him. At that time he wants to escape, I am afraid there is no place to escape!"

The land of China is surging!

Sky Pagoda; Golden Prison Mountain Range, 100,000 miles to the south, a ray of sky in two canyons.

"Unexpectedly, the ancestor really sat here."

"Being able to retrieve the ancestors' tokens, we also have a little more guarantee in the Sky Tower."

In a narrow gap within a day, a sapphire-like dry bone sits here, and Luo Qingyu whispered the second daughter back to the Naling Ring on the dry bone.

"The warlord's life span is approaching, and it can't escape life or death."

Seeing this dead bone, Lin Chen had mixed tastes, and the second daughter found the remains of her ancestors on this trip, which was considered to be the purpose of entering the Golden Prison Mountains.

After taking away the dead bones, Luo Qingqing solemnly gave Lin Chen a fist"Lin Chen, thank you for your assistance. This grace is unforgettable, and I thank you on behalf of the entire Luofu!"

Lin Chen teased and smiled-"Hey, thank you, you don't need to. You have a lot of calculations in your heart, and you can get so many things from one task to another."

"You guys? You mean, there are other purposes for other people to enter here?"

Luo Weier was surprised, Lin Chen snapped his fingers.

"Smart, I'll take you to a good show!"


Three hundred thousand miles north of the Golden Prison Mountains!

Two valleys shaped like moons opened around. At this time, the surroundings were in dilapidated condition, and three figures stood in the sky.

"Unexpectedly, your kid is hiding so deep! With the strength of Jiuzhong Peak, he has been quietly doing Qing Xiaokun's running dog for a year?"

These three people are the two former white-haired old men, and the deputy of Captain Qing, Ji Xiaosheng!

He smiled with a chill in his face!

"Being a running dog for a year, it's still worthwhile to get the news of the fall of the two war emperors, haha!"

"And you two, only, die!"

The strength of the two white-haired elders is much higher than that of the previous Yaeki period.

But that season, Xiao Sheng didn't know what secret technique was used. At this time, the ninth peak of the strong prosperity!

Bang ~!

Suddenly, the finger hole penetrated Ji Xiaosheng's fighting spirit, and the corner of his mouth suddenly overflowed with blood, and his expression revealed incredible! The same is true of the two gray-haired old men. How can there be third-party power?

As the seven figures emerged, Ji Xiaosheng used his method to hide, his eyes roaring apart-"Qing Xiaokun, aren't you dead?"

"I knew that you were not faithful to me, so I told Senior Xia Yudian the information long ago, but you let me and the seniors watch a good show."

Captain Qing, one of the seven figures, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and couldn't help sneering!

"Oh? That's the secret place where Emperor Baidan and Emperor Tianjian fell! It seems true!"

The old man in gray robe headed by seven people stared at a stone gate in the valley, engraved with dense mysterious mysterious lines, revealing a breath that even his half-step emperor did not dare to act lightly!

The atmosphere of the audience was frozen to the extreme. I could not think of a place where the two war emperors fell, which involved so many complicated and disordered abacuses and powerful ones!