My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 500

Vol 5 Chapter 500: Which Is Like My Pure Child

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Chapter 500

None of the people who can become the ninth of Yuanzun Realm is a fool, but far beyond what they imagined, the scope of this matter is extremely complicated!

All Yuanzun Realms in the audience are in a state of tension, and those who are capable are all cultivated at the mid-nineth level. If they are at the same level, holding the mortal mentality and pulling the other party together, then they are fully capable of doing it!

Suddenly, the vision changed suddenly!

A palm circulated with a sharp, sharp edge like Gengjin's air, swiftly penetrated Qing Xiaokun's heart!


Er Lao and Ji Xiaosheng were shocked, even killing themselves?

"Now that you have come here, you are naturally not needed."

The old man in gray robe sneered coldly, and Qing Xiaokun's immortal state before his death was frightening.

"Get rid of these guys, the old man will come and shoot himself!"

The old man in the gray robe of the half-step emperor said sternly, waving his sleeves, and suddenly grabbed a tens of acres of energy giant hand, grabbing Ji Xiaosheng!

"Shoot! Cook this troublesome guy first!"

"The two old things are handed over to us, don't keep your mouth alive! Otherwise, we will have to die if the news is leaked!"

Of the remaining six, there are four mid-nine heavyweights, and two late ninth heavyweights teamed up with the old gray robe!

When Yuan Zunjing entered the battle emperor, he needed to condense the nine warrior Yuanfu in nine different points of the body. After forming the cohesive force of the war Qiyuanfu, he needed to condense the small world law of the nine Yuanfu into a real crystal of war. .

Condensed into three battle spirit crystals, which is the mid-nineth layer, condensed into six battle spirit crystals, which is the late nineth layer, and condensed into nine battle spirit crystals, and is a half-step emperor. The half-step emperor is twice as strong as the general late nineth layer!

In the end, the nine battle spirits were crystallized and smashed together, absorbing the crystallization energy of the nine Yuan Yuans of their own, which was the moment to step into the battle emperor! Chenghuang defeated, see life and death on the spot!

The terrible chaotic war was set off in the Golden Prison Mountain Range. Many Yuanzun Realm battled nine times, even if the inner space of the sky tower was stable, it also stirred tens of thousands of square meters into a flat land, a mess!

A quarter of an hour later, the battle came to an end. Among the six, one was seriously injured and two were slightly injured. Ji Xiaosheng and the two white-haired elders could not avoid the repression of the half-step emperor and all fell.

The shocking fissures and abyss were all cracked around the mountain range, affected by the battle, but the two valleys and the stone gate were not affected by the slightest!

"Finally got them done, the place is not damaged at all, it must be protected by the breath of the emperor, and our guess should be 80% possible."

When the old gray robe was excited, a round of cheerful applause sounded all around, instantly alerting everyone!

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh upon there, there was no kitchen here, I really wanted to fry two side dishes with a bottle and go to the world to watch this mission-critical show."

The teenager appeared with two beauties from the other side of the sky, making the expression of the six people instantly cold.

Someone Lin walked in a hurry, said very resentfully.

"What do you say you are doing so many operations on a mission? You older generation Yuanzun realm, you are all dirty in playing tactics, or do I simply get a batch, the skill depends on picking up, the weapon depends on Robbery, magical power is by touch, sister is by sultry, man is handsome, he has a scorn in his words, his head is huge, his brother is..."

"Stop, stop!"

Grey robe old man's mouth twitched wildly, raised his hand, why is this kid so cheap

Moreover, when he was lurking in the dark, he didn't even find out at all!

The hearts of the six people were sharp, one eye converged, and the body was instantly unfolded, turning into a lingering afterglow, flashing towards Lin Chen!

Lin Chen smiled lightly, the five-fold change blessed the Blue Dragon Possession, and when the charged rune was launched, the head of the Shura virtual image was suddenly shocked, the anger was skyward, and the moment the spiritual sound screamed away, awe-inspiring turned and swept his legs, flashing out The shadows of the wind and robbery and the legs of the war are endless!

"Dark Shadow Wind Demon Legs! Shura's Fury!"

boom! boom! boom!

The Yuanzun Realm, hidden in the void, was only spitting blood in an instant! Spiritual shock is mixed with Lin Chen's terrifying wind robbery and legs, each containing 710,000 dragon power, it is a man-made natural disaster!


This young kid had such a strength. The old man in gray robe was about to take it when he was shocked. A gray and white rune turned out to contain him!

Two phantom avatars hold'Yongye','Qingming Broken Soul', one sword and one sword like a sword, and the sword dances violently, the sword cuts the sword, cuts the waist and cuts the upper and lower torso, rolls a lot of attribute light balls, this is impossible The half-step emperor of the first moment beheaded to the ground instantly!

"Seventh-order tier weapons! This kid actually has two tier-7 weapons?"

"Not good! Withdraw!"

The remaining five people wanted to leave in vain, Lin Chen and his avatar did not give them a chance! Kill in place!

Zhongqiang fell, and finally only Lin Chen and his sister were left. They landed in front of the quaint stone gate between the two valleys.

"This stone gate is guarded by an unusual breath!"

Luo Qingying was amazed. When she touched the stone door, she would have ripples in space and flick her fingers away!

"It seems that it really is here!"

Lin Chen compared with the catalogue is a little surprised!

"This is a five-element energy catalog. It needs five battles to open!"

Lin Chen couldn't think of it, so quickly he found the secret location he obtained in Yuntian Mansion!

The two sisters looked surprised, Lin Chen was only a few days to the sky tower, how could he know that this kind of treasure will cause many powerful battles!

Lin Chen has run successively; gold, wood, water, fire, earth. Five completely different attributes of fighting. After the earth robbery fighting, a Yin and Yang bipolar catalog appeared on the stone gate, reflecting the five kinds of radiance!

Bang ~!

The colorful glow instantly ingested the three people and disappeared!

The moment the three disappeared, the Golden Prison Mountain Range was crumbling, and a breath of terrifying energy came from the northwest.


Turning in a whirlwind, the three of them had arrived inside the valley when they reacted!

The battlefields in the valley are full of shocking battle marks. There are two pale blue bones and skeletons. There is a Naling ring hanging around them, and the weapons they used in their lifetime.


Sensing that there were creatures entering, Zixia's misty longbow was pulled away, aiming at three people autonomously! The bowstring and arrows are self-condensed, and the lasing flew into a dozen arrows and meteors, soaring three people away!

"Tier 7 level bow?"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, swept away with a slap, and then launched a Shura's anger, forcibly suppressed this battle bow!

"There has been a battle between the two emperors, and both sides have fallen."

Luo Weier exclaimed.

At this time, two extremely thin spiritual wills slowly came out.

"Later, you can inherit my inheritance..."

"But... can only inherit one of the two...otherwise, he will die in a blast..."

This seems to be the last obsession of two warlords who live and die, but this is completely different when he falls in front of someone in Lin!

"Huh? Only inheritance is the same? The child makes the choice, I, Lin, all of them!"