My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 501

Vol 5 Chapter 501: Gwangjutai Promotion

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Chapter 501

Can I only get one of the two warlords? What a joke! This is not in line with my good habit of rain and dew in Lin!

A small number of attribute light **** are scattered here, but the light of each attribute light ball is dazzling! It is a level that Lin Chen has never seen before!

Lin Chen released the Qinglong and took it away!

[The host gains 4 points of mental power, 120 points of water energy, 99 points of light energy, 4400 points of merit, 6500 points of essence of combat spirit, 3450 points of rune energy, 1500 points of heavenly power, 1890 points of talent,]

The element attribute value and the essence of the fighting spirit, the mental power have soared again, and the spiritual seeds have soared to more than 500!

[The host gained a total of 98 intermediate spiritual powers. Congratulations to the host's advancement into the spiritual phase of Dacheng.

[The host received a total of 89,500 points of mid-level fighting spirit. Congratulations to the host for advancing into the fourth quarter of Yuanzun Realm.

When the system light screen pops up, Lin Chen can't help but sigh a little air! It's worthy of being the attribute light ball dropped by the war emperor.

Once Lin Chen used the God Killer to kill strong enemies, it was impossible to drop the attribute light sphere of the growth class, and even the attribute light sphere of the consumption class would only drop a part.

So in fact, Lin Chen has not yet felt the full attributes of the real battle emperor's damage drops!

Bang ~!

The supremely pure fluctuations of fighting energy bloomed from Lin Chens body, shining across the valley like a crescent moon. His body glowed with endless energy from the light system, and his whole body transformed into a translucent white light, the vastness condensed into the last. Kind of Heavenly Tribulation!

Light robbery war body!

Nine kinds of sky-tribulation war bodies have been transformed! Lin Chen clearly felt that his nine types of Heavenly Tribulation Warframes constituted a kind of connectivity. This is a kind of integrity, which means that the mentality is about to move towards completeness!

"That's it, the Light Tribulation Warfare! Hahaha! I'm making big money this time!"

Lin Chen was overjoyed. He clearly felt the refinement of the nine types of Heavenly Tribulation War Bodies, which made his fighting spirit Yuan Yuan more expanded, and the fighting capacity of Yuan Yuan was wider!

"This is the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare of the transformation of the blood energy of the light system. Unexpectedly, his mind can actually reach such a point..."

Luo Qingyu exclaimed, but Luo Weier was completely in a state of coercion! Lin Chen stood on the spot like this, his blue dragon rolled, he himself made a bizarre breakthrough?

What is the cultivation principle?

He first walked to one of the bones of the broken white roulette, and the system immediately popped up the light screen.

[It has been detected that there is spiritual information left by the Emperor of the Emperor. If it consumes 18800 points of intermediate power, it can accelerate the inheritance.

The light screen popped up by the system made Lin Chen's mouth slightly twitched. I inherited a purple-level intermediate combat skill at 9900 points. Are you going to be about 20,000? ?

Now Lin Chen is faced with updating the system, and the skill and spirit are extremely lacking!

"Damn, the spirit of the exercises just picked up has to be used again, just look at what the Warlord's heritage is!"

After deciding to consume 18,800 points of merit, when Lin Chen put his palm on the arm of the skeleton, massive memories poured into his mind!

This sapphire skull is actually a seventh-order alchemist? Is a real Dan Huang!

All these inherited memories are derived from his experience and experience in refining medicine, and all flowed to Lin Chen like a tide!

This memory is in no way inferior to the many refining cheats and handbooks collected by Lin Chen in the Han family.

However, Lin Chen has more than 500 spiritual seeds today. The spiritual seeds are rapidly rotating in the sea of knowledge, and the memory of these memories is absorbed very quickly in a systematic way.


Outside the Golden Prison Mountains, this time reduced to a sea of fire!

Hundreds of thousands of feet above the sky, purple flames are rolling and sweeping the sky. At the other end, everything is in full swing!

"Miscellaneous bird, you dare to steal the Emperor's eggs!"

"Laozi is a purple phoenix, and the bloodline is nobler than you. I don't know how much. If I were a hairy bird, then what kind of garbage are you?"

The sharp screaming reproach came from the sky, this is the two unprecedented behemoths entangled together, when the purple flame thunder burst, bombing the entire sky!

A head like a eagle, tens of thousands of feet, seemingly flexible feathers showing a blade as indestructible as a steel knife, full of thunder and lightning, every ripping and smashing comes with a thunder exploding!

The other side flapped the huge wings of the wilderness, rolling up the violent purple flames, swaying in the sky, burning all the space around it twisted and cracked, its swallow jaws beak, snake head and fish tail, full of purple feather feathers, beautiful Beautiful and beautiful, the dancing tails are light and graceful.

Even mortals can tell the latter is more honorable! This is an unprecedented battle of the seventh-order beast!

"My God! Why the seventh-order beasts will fight here!"

"Finished, they unfold the magical powers of the seventh-order beasts, we can't escape outside the Golden Prison Mountains!"

"Can we only wait to die inside the mountains?"

Many powerful men in the Golden Prison Vein wailed everywhere, and the strength of their Yuanzun Realm could not stop the seventh-order beast from starting the war! Even the half-step emperor encountered only one dead end!

The two giant beasts collided again, and countless purple flames and thunders rioted on the sky!

The aftermath of a battle from time to time comes down, and the world is falling apart! Two angry seventh-order beasts, everyone can only pray that they can hurry away from the Golden Prison Mountains!


Inside the valley, the inheritance lasted for a whole day, and the second daughter protected Lin Chen without disturbing him.

When Lin Chen opened his eyes again, there was a trace of the smell of red dust in his eyes, and then he hid deeply into the depths of his pupils.

A Dan emperor, how broad his life is, but Lin Chen fully inherited his skills and experience in refining medicine, as well as part of the seventh-order recipe of the secret!

To put it bluntly, now Lin Chen, even only the blue-level advanced alchemy fingerprint can challenge the refining of the seventh-order pill!

"Fortunately, I don't have the first time to move the Naling ring. This top-level Naling ring used by the Dan emperor is dangerous. If there are different mental powers trying to erase the spiritual mark inside, I am afraid it will explode automatically!"

Lin Chen wiped a cold sweat, this information, he also learned from the inheritance memory, as well as the recipe and method to open the Baidan Emperor Naling Ring.

Niandongkouju and knotting handprints conveyed a gentle spiritual force, which opened the Naling Ring.

Lin Chen's mental strength was swept away, and there were more than a hundred thousand coins in the Naling Ring!

There are also ten volumes of seventh-order Danfang and a volume of files with a deep purple glow.

Lin Chen opened, read mentally, his expression suddenly changed!

"Purple Order Low-level Alchemy Handprint "Wanqianhua Lingyin"?"

Lin Chen shivered to open the system, he swallowed saliva, and pressed the fusion function start button.

[Consume 16,500 points of Heavenly Dao, and start to merge alchemy handprints: the blue-tier top "Zijintong Xuanyin", the semi-purple-rank "Xuantian Hand", the purple-ranked low-grade middle grade "Wanqianhua Lingyin".

Lin Chen is waiting for this opportunity! He wants to merge the Xiaodanhui championship prize he has previously obtained with the semi-purple alchemy handprint produced by accidental fusion!

Combining with the low-level middle-grade purple handprint, the final product is also the lowest-grade low-grade high-grade!