My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 503

Vol 5 Chapter 503: He Shot A Loneliness.

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Chapter 503

"Human tribe, I think you are looking for death!"

When Zhenyan Zihuang groaned in disdain, several swords and swords were slashed and slashed towards Zhenyan Zihuang's eyes!

"Annoying flies, get me out!"

True Flame Purple Phoenix violently spit out a bunch of Purple Flame Tornado Storm, burning the world, Lin Chen's three avatars are in the state of the ultimate moment, and they are taking another step and disappearing ghostly in place!

This is the power of "Yueying Languang"!

The body skill of the low-level best-purple purple is very difficult to practice. Lin Chen not only cultivated this body to completeness, but also superimposed the power of four times the power of the ultimate moment!

There is no doubt that Lin Chen at this time, the strongest state already has the speed of the lower-level war emperor!

But this is not enough! If he can't break the defense, he will be exhausted no matter how fast he is! Purple order body method, huge consumption!

Lin Chen's three avatars are like annoying flies, constantly harassing the real flame purple phoenix, completely angered it! Continue to launch mad attacks on the three avatars, destroying the entire mountain range in a mess!

It was a new round of bow shooting. Hundreds of arrows of light poured down like arrows of rain, all of them hit the real flame purple phoenix!

but! Still, no effect!

Luo Qingyu, who retreated 100,000 miles away, looked at Lin Chen's eyes and was deeply puzzled!

She couldn't see through Lin Chen, she had a certain understanding of Lin Chen's strength.

Although the current attack is not weak, at least if Lin Chen really wants to kill this true flame purple phoenix, he will definitely be able to get a stronger number of attacks!

But he just didn't show real strength!

Even, he didn't even take out his seventh-order swords and swords!

Can't see through!

Not see through at all!

What does he want to do? Is it just to irritate each other and make everyone die faster? No, he is not the one to do such a thing!

This kind of attack that cannot be broken by the opponent's defense is not even tickling! Lin Chen is such a smart person, he should do everything with sufficient motivation to act!

But this time, Luo Qingyu couldn't even figure out his motives!

Every time he attacks, he can't hurt the real flame purple phoenix, only brings it to anger it again and again!

"Mr. Lin Chen, what the **** do you want to do?"

Luo Qingyu murmured in his heart, and his beautiful eyes flashed a faint color.

Not only Luo Qingyu, but also those who are trapped in the mountains are full of doubts!

"Quick speed! This is almost catching up with the warlord!"

"At the later stage of the Sixth Layer, this metamorphic speed can be exhibited, which is at least the speed that only the Purple Tier Intermediate Body Skill can possess!"

"Purple Tier Intermediate! My God, this child can actually have the Purple Tier Intermediate Skill!"

"Is this **** time right now, this kid is still madly angering Zhenyan Zihuang, isn't he looking for death!"

"This man's brain is sick! He can't even break Zhenyan Zihuang's defense. What is he shooting hard at?"

"Lying trough, look at this kid, he is still laughing? Is Nima crazy?"

Many strong men fled while seeing Lin Chen standing tall and standing on the top of the mountain, his mouth could not stop rising wildly! Countless Yuan Zunjing nine heavy, half-step strong people feel scalp numbness!

are you crazy!

You dont need to fuck, you cant even use your fart, you cant even break the defense of others, but you can irritate Zhenyan Zihuang! Is this expecting us all to die together?

"Mortal! Enough! Ben Huang wants to crush you to death!"

The real flame purple phoenix screamed angrily, flapping its wings into a turbulent purple sea of fire, sweeping all around!

Thousands of fire pillars broke out of the ground and flew into the sky, striking the three phantom avatars!

This terrible offensive has caused many powerful players to retreat, almost all of them shrink in two directions!

The faint shadow of the moonlight flashed through the void, the moonlight shadow body method was urged again and again, and the three avatars frantically escaped the burning range of the fire column.

While avoiding the tens of thousands of pillars of fire, the void above the head swept through several purple flames, burning the unpredictable avatar to nothingness!

Zhenyan Zihuang started to be serious!

Although the speed of the three avatars is strong, they gradually begin to fall in front of it!

Before half an hour, the three avatars were wiped out! However, Lin Chen killed several waves of arrows in turn!

"The next one is you!"

When Zhenyan Zihuang roared low and rushed to Lin Chen in the distance, several swords and swords straddled the sky and slashed towards Zhenyan Zihuang!

"What? There are even avatars?"

Seeing the three figures standing on top of their heads again, True Flame Purple Phoenix was completely furious!

"The human flies are really annoying, let's die!"

The real flame purple phoenix flew up into the sky, and suddenly fluttered its wings.

The terrifying temperature burned the mountain and cooked the sea, the stars were smashed, and the purple flame tornado was culling. Lin Chenqing was possessed by the dragon, and the terrifying dragon power helped him spread his purple phoenix wings, and the faint moonlight afterglow flowed. , If the space jumps fast!

Brush ~! Bang ~! !

The Purple Flame Tornado was destroyed all the way, leveled the mountains and rivers, and all burned to nothingness! Only a piece of scorched earth remains!

call out! call out! call out! The arrow rain circling and hitting again hit again, and the wind and rain stormed and killed the real flame purple phoenix!

"Damn, why don't you die yet?"

When Zhenyan Zihuang raised his head, he instantly froze! Behind Lin Chen, it was actually a pair of "True Flame Purple Phoenix Wings" connected with it!

"Good boy, dare to take the wings of my family, it seems that today you must kill you!"

True Flame Purple Phoenix **** the void, and when Purple Flame rolls, its speed is extremely fast, passing through the cracks in the void!

The afterimages are chaotic, and the two afterimages flash in the sky like crazy, almost unimaginable! Divine cover, deity archery, every time hundreds of arrows shot out! But every time, Zhenyan Zihuang simply disdain to avoid his attack!

As the afterimages intertwine, the juvenile overbearing laughter resounded throughout the Golden Prison Mountains!

"Hahaha! Come on, come and **** me if you are not convinced, see who dies first! Hahahaha!"

All the strong men who hid on both sides felt their scalp numb, and the corners of their mouths slammed!

What a dare to call the seventh-tier beast of the sixth stage of Yuanzun Realm, True Flame Purple Phoenix? This is not called a newborn calf, not afraid of tigers, this **** scene called a lunatic going crazy!

After more than a dozen attacks, the True Flame Purple Phoenix screamed madly-"Human race, let me catch you, you have to..."

Before the words were finished, a round of arrows and rain shot down and concentrated its feathers again!


At this moment, Zhenyan Zihuang's heart burst, and his vitality was completely extinct. When his eyes turned white, his beast pupil was full of incredible!

" can this phoenix die like you...the hand of an ant..."

That vast and massive body crashed down, shattered the earth's veins, rolled down countless attributed light balls, piled up into mountains, and dazzled!

Its beast pupil's light quickly faded away, and its vitality faded away, like a dead face!

At this moment, all the powerful people who are still scolding Lin Chen as a lunatic are instantly stunned!

They opened their eyes wide and twitched and twitched!

Die... die?

That terrible seventh-order beast, True Flame Purple Phoenix, died? How could this **** be possible?

Even if it is seriously injured, its vitality is still strong! Did not reach the level of falling!

And even if it is seriously injured, it is impossible to die so thoroughly and cleanly in an instant!

But the question is, how did it die?

The silver robe boy landed slowly, stepping on the head of Zhenyan Purple Phoenix who had arrogantly despised everything.

He looked up at the sky with some sadness and some loneliness.

"Dare... dare to ask this son, what is the arrow!"

A half-step emperor stepped out of the void, solemnly clenched his fists, and asked with a trembling tone.

He didn't have the first time to answer, took out a homemade cigarette, ignited with his fingertips, took a bit of a melancholy sip, spit out a light smoke ring, and laughed at himself.


lonely? These two words are reflected in the hearts of all people. At this moment, it is destined to be unforgettable forever!

Obviously, even the basic defense of the seventh-order beast cannot be broken, and in the end, it can kill the real flame purple phoenix in seconds!

This arrow technique is called: Lonely!

The half-step emperor murmured in fear.

"It turns out he shot a lonely..."

The darkness that shrouded the Golden Prison Mountains slowly faded away, the sky was clear, and the faint sunlight shone on the youth's melancholy but handsome face.

The smoke ring floated towards the void, winding into two words.