My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 504

Vol 5 Chapter 504: New Talent: King Comes To The World

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Chapter 504: New Talent: King Comes to the World!

Luo Qingyu's sisters duo covered their red lips lightly and shook their hearts slightly! Yuanzun Realm killed the seventh-order beast in six seconds?

What is this concept? Instead of doing it with a strong second warlord, it is impossible to do so simply like Lin Chen!

Because Zhenyan Zihuang's dying counterattack is enough to re-injure any warlord who is double-educated as the following, even to the end!

Because it is the true flame purple phoenix of the emperor of birds, no one knows what kind of cards it will hide in the tens of thousands of years or even 100,000 years of its growth!

Lin Chens instantaneous kill of Zhenyan Zihuang, without any bluntness, is enough to record Liufang in history!

"No wonder, no wonder he was able to fight alone with the four war emperors alone in the upheaval of Lingzhou..."-Luo Weier muttered to himself, killing the seventh order beast, if he could fight the four emperors alone, no one would know Not convinced!

More than 400 Yuanzun realms that survived the battle between the two major seventh-order fierce beasts were all stared at the silver robe boy above the corpse of the real flame purple phoenix.

This is perhaps the most mysterious and magical combat skill they have ever seen! Failed to break the defense, but can instantly kill the seventh-order beast!

His newly-purchased purple-order arrow skill Purple Light Thunderbolt is an ultra-high attack frequency combat skill. With this feature, Lin Chen can bet on the chance of the Emperor Destroyers talent in battle!

One hundred attacks are not triggered, what about one thousand and ten thousand? As long as you can hit the opponent, the probability will not be zero, there is always a chance to trigger!

Because underestimating Lin Chens attack, the True Flame Purple Phoenix simply didnt bother to hide, so Lin Chens Emperor Destroyer talent could fill the probability with quantity, but if the opponent had defense, Lin Chen could not rely on this talent.

And it is very difficult to fight the strong human race. The human race does not have such a huge beast body. This is a strange move at best. The condition for launching this strange move must be that the other party cannot capture Lin Chen's body.

The three avatars all launched the ultimate moment, and the purple order body method delayed the injured real flame purple phoenix.

The blood-red attribute light spheres are all over the ground, some exude strong energy of qi and blood, and some linger with a faint purple light, and the flames burn. Like a ball of light with purple flames, this is an attribute light ball that contains the power of blood veins!

Release the Qinglong one by one, and frantically collect all the attribute light **** for Lin Chen!

This time it was the seventh-order beast that Lin Chen himself killed head-on, and everything he dropped was complete! Unlike the original God-killer, it has the side effect of reducing the drop attribute light sphere!

[The host gains 8050 points of qi and blood energy, 1000 points of celestial value, 1250 points of talent points, 2390 points of rune energy, 100 ignition energy, 4500 points of essence of qi, 7500 points of energy of blood, 1350 points of blood of the purple phoenix,]

[The system prompts the host to obtain the purple phoenix bloodline attribute value, please ask whether it is completely absorbed, the host's bloodline column has 1 bloodline position remaining.


When Lin Chen confirmed, the brand new bloodline power merged into his body, his purple phoenix wings were fully opened, and became clear and gorgeous, and the purple-red light flowed brightly like a gemstone on each feather!

Lin Chen was allowed to incorporate the countless attributes of the Purple Phoenix bloodline. His body has the Purple Phoenix wing itself. The fit to this bloodline is extremely high, and there is almost no rejection!

The most important thing is that the massive energy of qi and blood is constantly absorbed and refined into the body, and Lin Chen's pure power is surging in a straight line! 410,000, 420,000! Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon shared part of it, and the dragon veins opened wildly!

At this time; the purple light was brilliant, a beam of light spread out, with a pale orange amethyst chest suspended in front of Lin Chen!

This is the only treasure chest that burst out after the True Flame Purple Phoenix fell!

Lin Chen reached out and touched, and when this treasure chest opened, it turned into a ray of light that shot into Lin Chen's eyebrows, and a domineering temperament of the world merged into Lin Chen's body!

[Active Talent: The King comes to the world. Cooling time: 30 days. Talent cost: 10000 points or more (depending on the host's overall strength.) This talent can greatly enhance the host's attack. After releasing the talent of the king's world, enter the state of accumulating energy. The more the enemy is killed, the stronger the strength. , Will continue to accumulate energy attributes, the more attribute values, the higher the attack power is increased, and there is no upper limit to accumulate energy.

"New talent! And this is a new talent with a cooling time limit!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up. With the lesson of the ultimate moment, Lin Chen would not easily underestimate any talent he has found!

With a wave of light, the lightness of Gengjin cut the head of True Flame Purple Phoenix and took out its seventh-order fierce beast core!

Without saying a word, Lin Chen looted towards the body of the other Thunder Goshawk, got a hand to cut off the inner fierce beast core, and got two seventh-order fierce beast cores! Even if he took it back to sell inside the sky tower, he could exchange a lot of sky coins!

All the strong men watched him take away the seventh-order beast core, and suddenly a little bit about to move!

"Do you want to rob?"

At this time, Luo Weier and Luo Qingyu blocked in front of the strong man on the side, deliberately slamming everyone!

"Don't you want to try his arrow to kill the seventh-order beast!"

In a simple sentence, all the powerful people are immediately shocked! Even the seventh-order beasts were instantly killed, what would they end?

Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon released the body and swallowed the flesh and blood of True Flame Purple Phoenix.

Lin Chen again took away the attribute light sphere scattered around the body of the Thunder Goshawk, because it was not Lin Chen who personally killed it, its attribute light sphere was much less than that of the True Flame Purple Phoenix.

[The host gains 6400 points of qi and blood energy, 95 points of thunder energy, 500 points of rune energy, 480 points of talent points, 1000 points of heavenly value...]

Lin Chen's mid-level qi and blood energy has been wildly picking up 300,000 points! The blood contained in the seventh-order fierce beast is so strong that he and Qinglong have made rapid progress!

In the end, the dragon veins in the Wanzai Xuanqing dragon that swallowed the blood of the two seventh-order fierce beasts surged 24,000 and advanced to 980,000 dragon powers. The pure power can compete with the ninth peak, and the full fire can fight the half-step battle emperor!

1 million dragon power is a watershed for refining the body of the emperor and yuanzun realm. It seems to be only 20,000 dragon power, but there is still a far distance!

Lin Chens own pure power absorbed the energy of the two fierce beasts, soaring to 700,000 dragon power! The increase by the Divine Power is already 87.5 thousand Dragon Power!

In a moment, Lin Chen opened the system panel.

[Tiandao Picking System 4.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: Yuan Zunjing's late fourfold

Ultimate strength: 875,000 dragon power.

Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 728700 points.

The essence of mid-level fighting spirit: 512600 points.

Intermediate mental power: 142 points

Intermediate skills: 71050 points.

Intermediate rune energy: 145119 points.

Sky value: 191480 points.

Talent points: 226200 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 1895 points in the fire system, 805 points in the soil system, 784 points in the wood system, 940 points in the gold system, and 1158 points in the water system. Thunder system 1382 points, wind system 785 points, light system 890 points, dark system 88 points.

The status bar of the practice method (whether it is open) or not: the blood line of the blue dragon: 350,000 points, 10,000 points of the purple gold pupil, and 180,000 points of the real flame purple phoenix.

Passive Talent: Reinforced iron bone 30%, life growth 100%, divine power 25%, Emperor Destruction. Active talent: the ultimate moment, the ultimate return, the king is in the world.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 4, Penetrating Rune Level 4, Charged Rune Level 4, Phantom Rune Level 4.

Holding treasures:...