My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 505

Vol 5 Chapter 505: Master Chen Chen Is About To Shoot Again

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Chapter 505: Master Chen Chen is about to shoot again! !

When the thoughts moved, the resplendent purple phoenix wings stretched out and flowed with purple-red veins. When the veins throbbed, the voice of Huang Xiao was faintly glowing!

Although the former Purple Phoenix Wing had repercussions, it could still be seen as a dead thing at a glance. Now the Purple Phoenix Wing on Lin Chen is like a genuine real Purple Phoenix!

What's more, unlike the past, the Purple Phoenix Wing after having the bloodline has increased the upper limit. If Lin Chen's dragon power continues to grow, its effect on Lin Chen will continue to become stronger.

What is even more mysterious is that the green dragon that has swallowed the flesh of the real flame purple phoenix even has the purple phoenix wings?

Behind a ten-thousand-year-old Xuanqing dragon flapped a fuchsia phoenix wing, anyone who read it will be surprised!

This has something to do with Lin Chen's absorption of the third kind. After the Blue Dragon Blood Vessel and Purple Phoenix Blood Vessel are blended into, the improvement brought by Lin Chen is greater than Lin Chen himself!

At this time, the Qinglong, qi and blood and vitality are far more powerful than before! Not only is it because the dragon veins are wildly open, but more importantly, it inherits the characteristics of the true flame purple phoenix and belongs to the strong vitality of the purple phoenix!

"New magical powers: Purple Phoenix Nirvana, True Flame Restoration."

There are new memories emerging in Lin Chen's mind, and his Qinglong awakens two new bloodlines!

The Purple Phoenix Nirvana stands after the break. On the verge of death, there is a chance to regenerate itself and break through.

Zhenyan Fuyuan is to increase one's own vitality, similar to Lin Chen's Mu Ling Jing Yuan Method. Both of the falling seventh-order beasts brought great benefits to Lin Chen!

"This son, the old man, boldly asked, what is your name?"

The former half-step emperor who asked questions respectfully clenched his fists, and his attitude has completely treated Lin Chen as a powerful emperor!

"Anyone who is not expensive is handsome, handsome name: Lin Chen."

Lin Chen smiled, and the old man grateful-"Thank you, Mr. Lin Chen, for his life-saving grace, and those who are old-fashioned as Silver Moon City. The highest standard receptionist!"

Silver Moon City is not one of the ten main cities of the Sky Tower.

Inside the sky tower, there are some strong people who are not used to self-cultivation under the premise of being enclosed in the body, and like to be free in the outside world, so they have formed their own denominations, expanded their territory in the outside world, and established sectarian urban areas.

If you can make such a talented young arrogance, it must be a great help to Yinyue City!

"Okay, if there is a chance, I will definitely visit."

Lin Chen waved a smile, then turned around and swept towards the bodies of the two fierce beasts.

"Huh? The name Lin Chen, I seem to have heard of... Lingzhou Lin Chen?"

"I also remembered! When the old man left the sky tower a month ago to collect the casting materials outside, he had heard of this name! It is said that it was a drastic change in Lingzhou, and a young man who could challenge the four war emperors was born! Named Lin Chen!"

"Challenge four war emperors alone?"

Many strong men kept rising and falling with the sound of air-conditioning, saw Lin Chen reasonably take away the two most valuable parts of the two beasts, and then headed away, the ten half-step emperors and hundreds of Yuan dynasty were present. Dare to stop him!

Who the **** dare to stop him! Judging from his strength in killing True Flame Purple Phoenix, he has the strength to challenge the four warlords!

But the question is, is he only six respects?

The descendants of the gods can't do the Yuanzun Realm Leapfrog Challenge Warlord! He beats Yuan Yuan six times and hits four?

What's wrong... what's wrong with this world? ?


Lin Chen wondered, put away his purple phoenix wings. I am afraid that from this moment, his Lins body speed will no longer be invincible at the level of todays Yuanzun Realm in Kyushu mainland!

The second daughter followed Lin Chen, and some strong men hesitated a little and chose to follow Lin Chen. But their distance is kept very far away. Like this young man, the killing is impermanent, and the enemy or friend is unknown.

These days are too abnormal. Even the seventh-order beasts that have always been entrenched in their lairs have a life and death duel and hit the Golden Prison Mountains! If this meets a seventh-order beast again, there is at least Lin Chen, the evil character here!

"That, Lin Chen... Could you tell me, how did you do it just now?"

Luo Weier couldn't help but be curious, and Bi Pu's eyes glowed with splendor.

"I just said, I shot a loneliness."

Lin Chen shrugged. How could such a thing be made clear?

Just as Lin Chen and the second daughter flew all the way from the Golden Prison Mountains, the five figures intercepted three people in the air!

"Damn, kid! What about Laozi's people?"

"Brother, wouldn't this kid kill our people?"

"Don't talk so much nonsense, brother, we will avenge our brothers! Slaughter this little **** and pry out his secret mystery!"

The five Yuan Zunjing's ninth-level clan surrounded the three groups and sealed their retreat!

"Oh? Fine mystery? It turns out that the people who just attacked in the tide of beasts are your men. Interestingly, I will kill them all this time!"

Lin Chen's fierce light reveals, the purple rainbow battle bow flashes in his hand, and the quadruple change is instantly displayed! Xiu is temporarily advancing to the sixth middle stage!

"His little cub, he really found our whereabouts!"

"The deity must see today, what kind of waves can he turn up in the mid-sixth stage of Yuanzun Realm!"

"I'll try my best to suppress this kid, don't give him a chance to resist!"

With the brother's order, the fighting between the five people was surging, and the vast air was surging, as if a war was about to trigger.

At this time, the group of strong men who were far behind Lin Chen was suddenly surprised! How did he stop?

When a lot of strong men urged their gaze a little, Lin Chen's bow-pulling action was in sight!

This action instantly made the feet of countless powerful people cold and creepy! The corners of his mouth twitched hard!

They will never forget that the true flame purple phoenix that killed the same level died under the bland bow pull of this young boy!

"Not good! Master Lin Chen is about to shoot!"

"My mother, he's going to shoot a lonely again!"

"Master Lin Chen! Don't shoot, we haven't run yet!"

Many strong men were scared by their farts and urgency, and quickly drove away, while madly retreating, while constantly using warfare voices!

"Huh? Shot a loneliness?"

At the time of that brother's doubts, Lin Chen's bow-drawing hand suddenly let go, and 870,000 dragon forces exploded in a flash. A ray of arrow light spiraling around the light robbery and thunder robbery fighting force burst out, just like a small sky falling and bursting. Five people!

"No, no!"

"What kind of attack is this?"

When the hearts of the five people were horrified, they urged life-saving warriors crazy, and fled like birds and beasts.

But Lin Chen's arrows are so fast that any Yuanzun Realm Jiuzhong feels desperate. When passing by, they can easily penetrate all their defenses!

Thunderlight penetrated the entire sky, and all five of them fell when the light robbery and fighting spirit passed by!