My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 506

Vol 5 Chapter 506: Yun Potian Was Furious

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Chapter 506: Yun Potian's Fury!

In this move, "Purple Light Thunderbolt", Lin Chen launched a rune of penetration and recharge, combined with the purple low-level superb arrow and the seventh-order war bow, plus Lin Chens high amount of elemental attribute points, and the power exploded. ! You don't need the ultimate moment to kill the five Nine Heavy Stages!

Qinglong swept away, and after taking away their attributed light balls, Lin Chen snatched his Naling Ring and gave it to the second daughter next to him.

Those Yuan Zunjing who were behind were patting their chests, breathing heavily, feeling palpitations and cold sweat!

They are now afraid of seeing the young boy's bow-drawing!

Can't you be afraid? As long as he had seen the scene where he spiked the True Flame Purple Phoenix, let alone them, even the Warlord was shocked!

Lin Chen returned to the main city No. 1 all the way and went straight to the mission hall. This time he harvested 200,000 sky coins, enough for him to buy some top treasures to help him become stronger!

The same is true of the two Luo Qingyu sisters, who found the remains of their ancestors, not only inherited a large amount of heritage, but also received 30,000 coins from Lin Chen.

To gain a foothold in the sky tower, only strength is fundamental. Otherwise, if you are stared at, the main city is the fish on someone else's cutting board.

"The Guiyuan Wuling Qi, taken from the five-element destruction vortex in the outer sky, contains the ultimate five-element energy and can be used to repair the original grade of the warcraft. The price: 90,000 sky dome coins."

"Seventh-order low-grade high-grade sword: Tiankui's Demon Sword, magnificent and righteous, unparalleled sword and prestige, special bonus against demon clan. Price: 60,000 sky coins."

"The Green Order Trial Order can enter the Green Order Trial Mystery once. Selling Price: 10,000 Sky Coins."

Lin Chen bought all three of these things in one breath, and spent 160,000 sky coins, leaving only 50,000 sky coins in his body, but he did not regret it at all.

After spending another 1,000 coins to buy a high-level space training chamber, Lin Chen fell into a closed state.

When he opened the system, he opened the fusion function.

"System, I want to merge Guiyuan Wuling Qi and Wulong Dynasty Imperial Spear."

[The system received that this fusion belongs to the fusion in the step of the caster, and only needs to consume 8000 points of heaven.

A colorful and splendid energy floated up and merged into the fusion furnace with Lin Chen's five dragon dynasty guns.

[Boom~! Ding ~!

After the next breath, the system pops up the light screen.

[The fusion is completed, 90% of the original power of the Five Dragons Royal Gun has been restored, and it is ranked: the seventh-grade intermediate grade.

The seventh-grade intermediate grade! Lin Chen's Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun was restored from the quasi-seventh rank to the rank of the seventh-tier fighter, and it was restored to the seventh-tier intermediate!

This grade is sold in the sky tower, at least it can sell more than 250,000 sky coins!

However, Lin Chen will not sell, this gun can be described as one of his lifebloods.

Then, Lin Chen asked the system again.

"System, if I start the fusion function with two swords as the main fusion material and other weapons as the supplement, will it be possible to fuse high-end swords."

[The system answers the host: yes. Auxiliary fusion can also add seventh-order ore, seventh-order beast core and other materials, which can increase the probability of the appearance of advanced weapons.

"Good! I want to integrate. I will mainly rely on the Qingming Broken Soul Sword and the Tiankui Demon Sword; the Tianling Aurora Eye, the Yin and Yang Holy Wheel, and the secondary. Plus the thunder beast core of the Thunder Cage, Long Qingshi, and the Blue Devils. Mine, Leiyuan Xuanjing..."

Heavenly spirit aurora eyes are quasi-seventh-level treasures with soul in white. The Yin and Yang Holy Wheel is a strange seventh-order treasure that consumes his vitality to recover his injuries and fighting energy very quickly. This thing needs to be given vitality to use. Lin Chen has a heavenly system to pick up belongings, and it is impossible to use this thing.

In addition, he also added 10 kinds of seventh-order odd mines, he believes that this fusion, will be able to integrate a new seventh-order intermediate sword weapon!

It's just that I don't know if it's a seventh-grade intermediate or inferior.

[All the materials and weapons marked by the host have been registered. This fusion will consume 65800 points of heavenly value. Is the fusion determined?


At the moment the command was issued, all materials and weapons were dominated by two seventh-order swords, all integrated into the fusion furnace of the system.

[Boom ~ Ding ~ ~!

As a light screen emerged, Lin Chen's expression ranged from shock to ecstasy! Finally dumbfounded!


The Golden Prison Mountains; the two figures are magnificent and suspending the void!

A person's red robe is like blood, charming and charming, like mature peach.

The other one was single-handed, and Meiyu was gloomy and cold. He was the owner of Yuntian Mansion, and Yun Potian in the early days of the Second Emperor!

At this time, Yun broke the sky, gazing at the vast and huge body of two seventh-order beasts, and two collapsing valleys, and endless anger poured into the pupils.

"The inheritance of Emperor Bai Dan and Emperor Yun has been taken away? Is that the good thing done by someone?"

Yun Potian's anger frightened the heavens and the earth, and the crystal wall in a hundred miles of space was instantly shattered into a vacuum zone by his fighting spirit!

He finally found the Wuxing Stone Mountain. After collecting the five kinds of energy, each energy was slowly integrated into the Stone Mountain in turn, and he had to use the aura of the sun, moon and stars to get the stone gate of the Dongfu that opened the fall of the Shuanghuang.

To this end, he also specially bought the Yuntian Mansion with the strongest geographical position facing the stars, and placed the stone mountain in the center of his mansion. Using the sun and moon qi as a guide, he originally thought that the war could not be released. No one in the main city can see the secrets of Stone Mountain.

But Bai Mi has a sparse end, and he simply can't expect that the cleaning tasks he randomly issues will be mixed in. A person with top treasures, Lin Chen!

"Father, dont worry. Its probably because a drastic change has occurred here. The seventh-order beasts wont easily leave their territory. Since someone is here to kill them, its very likely that they will take away the inheritance. , With our network, we can find it with a little investigation!"

The beautiful woman in the red robe calmed his emotions, but a pair of beautiful eyes also passed a bit of vicious color. She was close to Yun Potian and she just wanted to share the secret of running away. She did not expect that years of preparations have made wedding dresses for others!

"Fuck! Returning to the main city, Lao Tzu will pull the **** out of his own hands to break the dead body!"


Lin Chens Huang-order trial secret order, selected the five-element trial secret realm, he was sent to a secret territory divided into five areas!

The five basic attributes of Jinmu Shuihuotu are divided into five areas, and Lin Chen walked all the way in these five areas, constantly harvesting a large number of five-element attribute light balls!

[Host gains 2 ignition energy, 4 wood energy, 3 gold energy, 1 water energy...]

Although these attributes of light spheres are of average quality, they are worth a lot, and different trial secrets have different rules.

The Five Elements Trial Secret Realm has a dedicated half-step emperor management. Although the fighting spirit can be released here, no one can fight privately.

A token can only enter the secret realm for three days, so Lin Chen must fight for time.