My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 507

Vol 5 Chapter 507: Yuanzunjing Five Fold Early

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Chapter 507: The Five Initial Stages of Yuanzun Realm!

Lin Chen even released the shrunk Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon and the two phantom avatars, and swept away all the attribute light balls!

Doppelganger and Qinglong are responsible for collecting the attribute light balls, and Lin Chen's body is cultivated in the five-element secret realm. The energy of the five elements here is extremely strong, which is very suitable for Lin Chen's "Creative Nine Tribulation" mentality!

The Five Elements Secret Realm, the top of a volcano, Lin Chen sat cross-legged here. Allow the fire energy to scorch himself and stand still.

Five vortices of energy were drawn into the body. Lin Chen was still not satisfied with the status quo. He took out the sixth-order pinnacle medicine he had previously refined, and the ten-kid calcined body medicine!

This pill has the magic effect of refining the body and breaking through the realm. Lin Chen's current cultivation practice can already absorb it alone!

"Today, these three days, I will break through the realm!"

Lin Chen swallowed the ten calamities calcined pill in one go, and the four Yuanqi Palaces absorbed and absorbed the energy that turned into a dragon. Into the Yuan Mansion, crazy absorption!

The energy of this violent fire system not only made Lin Chen's fighting spirit rise rapidly, his pure power is also rising!

In three days, all the five elemental attributes of Lin Chen have increased by more than 400 points in the secret realm of the Five Elements Trial.

In the last half hour when Lin Chen was about to leave the five-element secret realm, a dragon-like breath screamed and tried in the secret territory, which amazed many powerful people!

[Congratulations to the host for entering the five stages of Yuanzun Realm.

Lin Chen exhaled, and his pure power had climbed to 750,000 Dragon Power! The increase of the Divine Power is 25%, that is about equal to 940,000 Dragon Power!

"Sure enough, 1 million dragon power is an important watershed. The one who mobilized the **** killer, the pure power contained in the million dragon power exploded on my body is far more than the current self, it seems between 940,000 and 100 dragon power. There is not much difference, but in fact there is a terrifying gap!"

Lin Chen shook his fist, got up and sent away!

Returning to the trial hall, Lin Chen is preparing to use his newly purchased Green Level Trial Token. Some of the hurried passers-by who rushed by the old people aroused Lin Chens attention!

"Hey, this time the old demon went out in the wild, is this kid alchemy and silly?"

"Your memory is not very good, but it is the day of the Danzhou Summit Summit. It is said that the top three rankings can also get the seventh-level intermediate-level best-of-class weapons, the seventh-level intermediate-level best-quality Danfang, and a group of colorful saints. The alchemy handprint of Yuan and Hezi!"

"His mother's, Zi-order alchemy handprint! If it is placed in the sky tower, at least one million yuan of his mother's sky coins can be sold!"

"I heard that the colorful holy source is not a mortal thing, it can make people's spiritual strength break through on the spot, and legend can make people step into the heavenly realm from the spiritual power of the Dharma Realm! How many treasures the pharmacist dreams of!"

The heated discussion made Lin Chen stunned!

Summit Summit? The last time he participated in the Xiaodan meeting on behalf of the Yang family, it seemed that he had received the place to participate!

"Damn, how can Dan lose me this time!"

Lin Chen licked his lips, a look of excitement in his eyes! From the perspective of the top three treasures, you can get one or two treasures that are heavyweights!

"Leave the Sky Pagoda first, and then come back after attending the Summit Summit!"

After Lin Chen made up his mind, he immediately left and went to buy a permit to leave the sky tower.


Sky Tower; No. 1 main city, Lin Chen walked fiercely on the street, he ran all the way, and he heard the registration of the Peak Danhui less than seven days!

"Huh? Isn't this kid the Lin Chen who beat Mo Zixiao, a descendant of God a few days ago?"

"He ran to Hall 2, is it, buying a permit to leave the Sky Tower?"

"Quick! Quickly inform the Mo family of this information, we must have a big harvest!"

Some old-sighted powerhouses were ecstatic when they saw Lin Chen's figure! Take out the license order that you have already purchased and run to the teleportation channel!


"Cleanman Lin Chen?"

"This kid also killed the real flame purple phoenix, or the purple order body method?"

Looking at the large amount of intelligence collected by his men, Yun Potian squeezed it together, and his ugly face showed deep anger and murderous intention!

Unexpectedly, Yun Potian took thousands of years of cultivation, and fell into the hands of a teenager!

This kid is the only person who has entered his mansion in a short period of time, and appeared in the Golden Prison Mountains just a few days later, and he also controls a purple step body method!

Before his death, Emperor Yun had a purple rainbow war bow, and the true flame purple phoenix shot by this son was the emperor's war bow. Everything was clear. The inheritance of the two emperors has been taken away by this kid. Now!

"Senior Yun, we cable people witnessed the boy specially purchase a leave permit, as if to leave the sky tower!"

At this time, a guard accelerated to report, Yun Potian suddenly stood up, grinning!

"Mother, it came just right! Lao Tzu had to crush all his bones this time! Quickly summoned all the guards of Yuanzun Realm Jiu Zhong, I will capture this kid alive!"

According to eyewitness information, there is also a purple order body method. In case of accident, Yun Potian intends to dump all his forces out of the nest this time!

"Cough, if you stay in the main city and have nothing to do, even if you leave on your own initiative, don't blame us."

The voluptuous beauty stared at the young portrait on the intelligence, licked the scarlet lips, and smiled both charmingly and charmingly.


Mojia branch of Shenzhou; Longtang. At this time, a group of elders were retreating.

Suddenly, the two Mo family guards rushed to report!

"Seniors, this time we received an urgent news report that Lin Chen had already purchased a leave permit and was ready to leave the sky tower!"

"Huh? Lingzhou Linchen?"

"Humph! Only a few days after he entered the sky tower, he dared to send himself to the door, called the branch staff, and all were dispatched!"

There were two obscure and hoarse voices in the Dragon Hall, and the other voice was hesitant.

"Should we notify the family first, will you and I have something to do with it?"

"Senior man, when did you become so timid, do you really believe his legend in Lingzhou? Even our great **** descendants can't beat the war emperor step by step, he has no five levels of Yuanzun Realm Boy, can it be turned upside down?"

"What's more, this place is still hundreds of millions of miles away from our headquarters. When the news passed, this kid ran early. We are now dispatched, and the kid came back to cook for the young master!"

One blue and one blue figure of the old man came out of the air, and the old man in blue dress grinned.

"Lingzhou Linchen! The emperor will come to meet you in person! I will let you come to Shenzhou! Dare to offend me and other great descendants of God, death is a relief for you!"

Lin Chen's move caused a great uproar! The situation is changing!