My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 508

Vol 5 Chapter 508: All Fighting

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Chapter 508 !

Lin Chen, who got the leave permission, can't wait to rush to the transmission channel. A permission order to leave the sky tower also costs 500 sky coins, but he can enter directly after coming back next time, and no longer need to be evaluated.

He has just teleported away from the front foot, and hundreds of people have hurriedly hit the back foot!

"I'm going? One by one, are you going to rob?"

"Yun Potian led the team and brought his own horse together. What do they want to do?"

"Hey, there's a good show. The old man heard that Yun Potian was collecting information about the Linchen kid. The kid just left the sky tower just now, and this group of guys rushed out!"

The powerhouses lurking in the main city observe in secret, among them, there is a black robe figure different from the crowd.

This slender figure, obviously in this main city that can not use combat energy, is like a ghost. Except for his eyes to see his figure, he can't feel his breath!

Some of the older generation of powerful men even warlord level saw this black robe, the pupils could not help shrinking slightly, showing a look of shock and even fear!

If Lin Chen is here, it may be recognized that the black robe who met by chance was the one in the Yandu of the Tianlingbang Conference that day!

Under the cloak, a pair of magnificent purple eyes rolled a bit of spirit, muttered to himself.

"Lin, Chen?"


The space channel of the transmission lasted only a quarter of an hour, and then Lin Chen was sent to the entrance of the sky tower.

Returning to Shenzhou again, when Lin Chen first appeared, the people who gathered at the entrance of the Sky Pagoda saw it at random, but they suddenly stalemate!

The handsome face of this boy! Too familiar!

Isn't this the Lingzhou Linchen, who is known to be dedicated to the descendants of God?

"My mother, this should be Lin Chen? He only entered the sky tower for a few days, and ran out so quickly?"

"Does he have any forces in the sky tower to support him, so dare to run out so blatantly!"

"Now the whole China is wanting him!"

When many pedestrians marveled, some of the strong were a bit tempted and had a desire to shoot!

As long as you catch Lin Chen's offering to the descendants of the gods, Purple Order Exercises, Ten Thousand Spirit Crystals, and Seventh Order Fighters, everything!

"Ah, people, it's not good to be too handsome. You can be the focus of attention everywhere you go."

Lin Chen lifted up the bangs and couldn't help but take out the ancient mirror to take a picture of the handsome face.

At this time, the space transmission channel behind him slowly fluctuated, and all the people said cursingly.

"His mother, this Lin Chen should have run away!"

"No! It took us long before he entered the space channel. We are keeping up with you. You are here, and he can't escape today!"

Um~ I seem to hear someone behind me saying I'm handsome!

Someone Lin turned his head back and smiled confidently-"On the left side of the station you want to sign, on the right side of the station you want to hug, only beautiful women..."

Before the words were finished, the more than one hundred people who had just appeared were stunned! Lin Chen was stunned!

More than a hundred masters stared blankly at the waved him, and the middle-aged cold-headed man headed by him, with an extremely gloomy and grim look!

Hey, why is this big brother familiar?

Oh! It turned out to be Yun Potian! Hmm~ He seems to hate me because I am so handsome that his boss is fascinated by this handsome man? It seems not...

I am grass! Yun Potian?

Both sides reacted with just half a breath! Yun Potian raised his hand violently, and his fighting spirit was vertical and horizontal!

Lin Chen spread the wings of the Purple Phoenix in a blink of an eye, flicking for a moment, and his figure flashed like the moonlight, rushing out of the entrance of the sky tower! Flashed thousands of miles away!

boom! !

Lin Chen just left, his space collapsed into a vacuum zone in an instant!

The terrible aftermath of the fighting has overturned many of the strong players present, and everyone was stunned!

Did this war emperor kill as soon as he met?

How do you feel that Lin Chen not only has no power in the sky tower, but has provoked a powerful war emperor in this short time!

"Damn, why is this kid so fast?"

Yun Potian's mouth twitched slightly, and when he saw the purple wing behind Lin Chen, his pupils shrank!

"Purple Phoenix Wings? Follow me! Fuck, I caught this kid and I want to bake his chicken wings!"

Yun Potian waved his hand and divided his own fighting spirit to everyone. The speed of everyone suddenly increased, and suddenly flew towards the direction of Lin Chen's separation!

"This guy is going crazy to mess with me. Is it that he who sees me is the one who took away the heritage of the two emperors?"

Lin Chen turned into a beam of sonic boom-like aurora. When passing the void, he turned slightly to look at the encircling circle that the two emperors and hundreds of people unfolded against him!

"The speed is getting faster and faster, no, you can't keep it anymore!"

Lin Chen exhibited the green dragon possessed, the dragon force was urged to the maximum, one was injected into the purple phoenix wings, and the wings flowed with fuchsia flames, and the throbbing veins burst into hot temperature!

Before competing with the speed of True Flame Purple Phoenix, Lin Chen still needed to rely on the talent of the "Ultimate Moment" to be able to explode at a speed comparable to that of a lower-level warlord!

But now, relying solely on the shadow wing of the Purple Phoenix Wing and Moonlight Lan, Lin Chen has already compared or even surpassed the speed of the battle with the True Flame Purple Phoenix!

A series of horrible sonic booms rang through the sky, Lin Chen traveled Shenzhou for thousands of miles, only in a short breath!

"His body style is in line with Emperor Yun's "Moonlight Step", but why can this kid perform so fast!"

Seeing that Lin Chen actually had a tendency to throw away himself, Yun Potian waved his hand and issued an order!

"Take Wanfeng Dan and say that you must take this kid!"

The eyes of many powerful people meet, and a sixth-level advanced pill is called out from the Naling Ring, which is swallowed instantly and the speed soars!

Yun Potian takes the lead and accelerates the speed while running the mind! Under his feet, there is a star-like ray of light, which is his half-purple stature fighting star"! With the strength of the war emperor, the speed is quite fast!

Just when Lin Chen was going to launch Jiuhuang to shake off these guys, a shock came from more than ten thousand miles away!

"Damn, I found Lin Chen this kid! Let me all surround me, the old man will live! Grab it back and invite Master Mo Zixiao as a gift!"

Another hundred masters of Yuanzun Realm emerged from the void, and the second elder headed or the war emperor level!

It's the Mo family!

"What's special... If this is a welcome ceremony, the scene will be too big!"

Someone's mouth twitched! Do you have four war emperors in one breath?

His Slayer of God-killer is not ready yet! What's wrong with this?

Suddenly, Lin Chen looked at Yun Potian and others behind him, he smiled! Smile as coquettish as ever!

When he deliberately slowed down a bit and kept his figure not far in front of Yun Potian and others, it made him look like Yun Potian.

Before Yun Potian had reacted, someone in Lin pulled out a sixth-order knife and urged several kinds of warriors in the sky-tribulation. When the battle was over, the momentum was fierce, and his face shouted fiercely. !

"Brothers! Follow me! We are playing the Mo family, and we are the descendants of the **** god! What the gods of shit, all the **** gods are farts, beat me to death!"

As soon as this sentence came out, the Mo family's strong man was completely angry!


Two warlords want to beat our Mo family? I think you ate shit, I dont know if its thick!

"Your grandmother has one leg, and beat me up with these bitches! This kid brought two war emperors, and dared to provoke our Mo family.

The old man in blue clothes of Mo family burst into anger and took the strong man of Mo family to kill the people in Yun Potian!

Yun Potian was dumbfounded, and his mouth twitched!

"Wait a minute, everyone in the Mo family..."

"I'll wait for your mother to see the knife!"

The earth-shattering fighting spirit exploded through the sky, and the forces of both sides instantly caught fire!

Fight! It's all fighting! Just because of Lin Chen's words, the Mo family had been stunned with Yun Potian's people before they could understand the situation!


Lin Chen: "Lu La La La La La La La La La La La ~ ~"