My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 509

Vol 5 Chapter 509: Play With The Four Emperors

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Chapter 509: Playing with the Four Emperors!

As soon as the two sides exchanged fire, they could not help but talk about it. Four war emperors and more than 200 Yuanzun realm confrontation, the whole sky of the Lingyun Mountains erupted into the dark weather, quite a sign of the end of the world!

Yun Potian and his entourage chased Lin Chen to be aggressive and murderous. When Lin Chen's pretense merged into their team, he completely created a kind of scene: he led a group of portraits to challenge the Mo family!

The result is precisely because of the hatred of the Mo family against Lin Chen, the two sides immediately triggered a war before they could talk!

Lin Chenru's flexible loach, he escaped from the battlefield two or three times, he put away the Purple Phoenix wings, held a single sword in his hand, slashed and slashed, and slammed into the crowd!

"That is Lin Chen, don't let him run away!"

"Dare to hurt us Master Mo Zixiao, kill him! Abolish him and dedicate it to the master!"

Many half-step emperors locked in Lin Chen, backhanded the town and beat it! Some combat skills burst out, bursting with streamer-like fingers, Lin Chen's "Moonlight Lanying" body moves like a rainbow, every time you step out, the faint moonlight moves to the void!

Even without the Purple Phoenix Wings, Lin Chens body and speed are definitely not a level that the half-step emperor can chase!

"What's wrong, don't you Mo family only have this ability?"

Lin ridiculed with a look on his face, and struck back two Yuanzun realms with one backhand, forcing them to retreat again and again!

On the other side; the four war emperors instantly handed over! The crystal wall of the space cracked like a giant python-like crack, and a starry hand with all kinds of stars caught the beautiful woman beside Yun Potian!

The latter's silver teeth bite lightly, the sleeve robe flicks, one finger slender, the energy of breaking the sky and sky tears the sky, and apart from the big hands shattering the stars, it is a knife and a knife that the ghosts and gods are easy to break!

Dang ~! boom!

After the sword light turned into a meteor, and after ejecting the **** knife, Yun Potian held the seventh-order sword and screamed abruptly-"Your Excellency, don't make a mistake! We are not a gang of Lin Chen! Your Mo family is powerful, but its not just about covering the sky!

"Are you a fart! Not a gang? Then you still follow him!"

Mo family's blue-clothed warlord can't help but say that he cut out another knife.

Yun Potian raged into the sky with a sharp sword, and when he shattered the blade of the sword, he continued to retreat a few steps. The countless sword qi aftertaste scattered in the mountains and smoothed the ground of hundreds of miles!

"No, Lao Yue, look at those of them who are also catching the kid! They are not a gang, we were fooled!"

Another old man in Tsing Yi from Mo family suddenly froze, making their Mo family suddenly startled!

The old man in blue stared deadly at Lin Chen's figure and found that everyone's goal was him, they were not a group of people!

"It's still the old man who makes sense, I said earlier that we are not a gang! That kid is my goal, he stole my stuff!"

Yun Potian hurriedly said that he didn't want to offend the Mo family, but the most important thing now is Lin Chen! If this tricky kid ran away, it would not be so easy for them to find him again next time!

"Good boy, dare to play with several of our war emperors in applause, a bit of a ghost, but I have seen you through! Let me die!"

The old man in blue became a claw in the palm of his hand, controlled the crane to catch the dragon, and grabbed the direction of Lin Chen!

"Everyone stops, and the other party is not our goal!"-As the old man in Tsing Yi sipped, both sides finally let go to the other side, and each side had casualties.

The space is solidified, Lin Chen's figure is bound to death, and the warlord's shot, the strength of Yuan Zunjing is difficult to contend with!

"Boy, you're doing a good show to turn the old man and others around."

The four war emperors swept to Lin Chen, and the blue war emperor sneered.

"This lord, my son has stolen my things. As long as he returns what I deserve, I will leave immediately, and he will hand it over to you."

Yun Potian's clenched fists are not humble and overbearing.

The second old man's heart moved, this person's momentum has not been put away, presumably has already expressed his attitude, if the two of them do not agree, I am afraid they will still riot!

The two of them are naturally not afraid of these two. If the Mo family's high-end strongmen are here, that round gets him to talk, but if the fight is up now, let the kid run away is the key.

"Well~ Just, there are some secrets in this kid, but it is more important for us, Master Mo Zixiao!"

When the old man in blue pushed, Lin Chen was controlled in front of Yun Potian.


Suddenly, someone in Lin looked up and smiled, looking at Yun Potian's eyes with a trace of pity and joking.

"Damn, stupid boy. What are you laughing at!"

The irritated cloud exposed the sky and the sky was rageless!

"I laugh, you are all stupid, one by one, you have lived for so many thousands of years, I am afraid not to live back to the dog's belly?"

Lin Chen's laughter was full of ridicule and sneer, as if he was completely out of the matter, as if he had never been caught!

"You dare to humiliate this seat, I think you are looking for death!"

Originally thinking of returning Lin Chen to Mo's family completely, Yun Potian's irresistible wave of anger waved off Lin Chen's hand!

Strange things appeared, although Lin Chen's arm was broken, but there was very little blood stain. Even, they noticed a trace of strangeness in Lin Chen!

"Something wrong, there is no Naling Ring on this kid!"

At this moment; the emperor's beautiful woman beside Yun Potian suddenly exclaimed!

Everyone's eyes swept away, and there was no breath of the spiritual ring!

"Hey, the handsome and smart feeling is really boring."

As Lin Chen shook his head, Yun Potian's pupil shrank-"Did it say?"

He photographed Lin Chen into nothingness, as expected, his figure disappeared into a ray of light smoke!


This is a doppelganger!

"This kid ran away?"

The two war emperors of the Mo family looked gloomy. When the two of them fought, the attention of the two of them remained with Lin Chen. When did he escape? Why is there no movement at all?

The most important thing is that his avatar can't tell the difference between true and false! It can be completely fake!

"We are careless, and the intelligence has mentioned that this child's doppelganger's skill is superb, comparable to the blood of the young master!"

The old man in Tsing Yi sighed and said, "Where are they going to find Lin Chen?"

"No! He can't run away!"

Yun Potian suddenly grinned.

"The direction he fled as soon as he left the sky tower is Danzhou! If we are going to Danzhou at this time, if he is right, he will leave the sky tower to go to participate in the summit of Danzhou!"

"As long as you arrive at the Dan Hui site, you have to win him, only between turning hands!"