My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 510

Vol 5 Chapter 510: Yang Dianfeng Is Lin Chen

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Chapter 510, Yang Pinfeng is Lin Chen!

At the moment when the two sides fought, Lin Chen had secretly cast a phantom rune.

He deliberately put away the purple phoenix wings. When mixing in the battle of multiple half-step emperors, the green dragon possessed the "green dragon pied shadow". When the whole body breath was eliminated, a gold cicada was quietly staged and the four war emperors were played. Get around!

After unfolding the cloak function of the magic cloak, he went to the sunset city of Shenzhou at the fastest speed and left the Shenzhou with the space channel!

Similarly, Yun Potian, who noticed Lin Chens intentions, and others chased them all the way, rushing all the way to the Sunset City, followed by Lin Chen, and entered the space channel.

In the space channel, Lin Chen concentrated on practicing the "Tai Si Bible" to improve his spiritual strength, and spent 6000 points of intermediate-level exercises to inherit the four volumes of the seventh-order recipe.

The next peak Dan meeting, but gathered in Danzhou all the medicine refining giants!

And this competition is not limited to the younger generation, there are many guru Ju Qing who have been famous for many years will be born, maybe there will be some hidden elder monsters who have been refining medicine for tens of thousands of years.

Comparing with this level of characters to refine medicine, the sixth-level top medicine is definitely not available, only the seventh-level!

To tell the truth, even Lin Chen didn't have much confidence to get the first place, his goal is only the top three!

"System, I want to learn "The Seal of Fortune"!"

[Inheriting "The Seal of Fortune" requires 19,000 points of intermediate skills, is the host determined?

The grass is another 20,000 points of consumption. When this is done, when will someone in Lin collect the 400,000 points to update the system version 5.0!

Thinking of the many rewards of the Summit Summit, Lin Chen gritted his teeth!


[The system received, after deducting 19,000 points of intermediate-level exercises, he is inheriting the "Zhehua Wanling Seal" of the purple order low-level alchemy handprint for the host.

During this period of time in the space passage, in addition to inheriting the alchemy handprint, Lin Chen also constantly polished the inheritance memory of the emperor Bai Dan and the experience of refining medicine absorbed in the Han family.

When these massive amounts of knowledge meet and converge, Lin Chen will continue to produce new ideas and new refining knowledge! Help his refining skills go further!

In addition, his "Tai Chi Bible" did not fall, and cultivated spiritual seeds to nearly 700 in a few days! Mental power is even higher!

Six days later; Danzhou.

The summit Dan Summit was held in Shengdan City, Danzhou. Held by many famous refining medicine families in Danzhou, it is the highest refining ceremony in mainland Kyushu! Attract countless powerful people from mainland Kyushu!

There are not many rules for participating in this conference, but each Kyushu pharmacist can only participate once in a lifetime!

And the minimum standard to participate in the conference is a refining pharmacist with sixth-order strength! After a lot of selection, the lowest level to enter the summit is also a sixth-level senior pharmacist!

Placed anywhere in Kyushu can be called a master-level pharmacist!

Shengdan City, VIP District No. 3, the seniors of the Yang family are looking forward to it, and the beautiful and pure women headed by it are all beautiful and looking around, it is difficult to hide the anxious expression.

"Isn't Mr. Lin Chen really planning to come?"

"This is the pinnacle of Dan Association, how many opportunities do the pharmacists dream of, this little guy should not look at my face at Yang Family, but also at the face of this Dan Association!"

"What should we do, can our Yang family just retreat without a fight? This has finally got the quota, but the elders of our family, more than six senior pharmacists, have all participated in the Summit Summit!"

"Huh! If this kid doesn't come, let the lady come on. There's nothing shameful. The lady also touched the top-level refining medicine skills anyway. At least no one dared to chew my Yang family."

The seniors of the Yang family were disappointed and sneered, now that it is the last half day of registration, this kid has not yet appeared, I am afraid that he will not come.

Suntan City, the central square, four rows of seats arranged side by side, and there are two rows of seats in the void, which belong to the VIP seat.

The number of pharmacists admitted at this time has exceeded 10,000. These 10,000 pharmacists are all pharmacists from all continents of Kyushu!

Of course, almost half of the pharmacists in it are from Danzhou! It can be seen how terrifying the weight of Danzhou's pharmacist!

In the venue, the four young men and women in the center are outstanding in temperament. The male is born supreme and has an arrogant look. In his bones, there is an overbearing domineering people! The woman is either a fish or a goose, or she is beautiful, and her arrogance is even stronger than the former.

They are the strongest refining medicines in Danzhou! It is a strong competitor in the top ten of this summit summit!

"You said, will Yang Dian Summit, who uses nine red furnaces to make medicine, come?"

The light and graceful girl in Tsing Yi turned her slender jade fingers, playing with her hair, and mentioned it casually.

"Oh, Miss Min, you will also pay attention to this kind of crooked evil spirits. He is the highest, but he can't refine the sixth-level peak medicine. There is still a far distance from us!"

A white crown, a jade belt around the waist, and a sneering arc at the corner of the mouth between the young man and the fan.

"Yeah, listening to your tone, it's as if you can use nine red furnaces to make medicine at the same time."

The young man biting a danling berry groaned strangely, so that the white man's eyes rolled in anger!

"Okay, no one has arrived, there is nothing to talk about. This time our opponents should be the old seniors."

The long-waisted blue skirt lady waved her jade hand. The cool and noble temperament and long white legs attracted the attention of countless men, but she could not be seen from afar.

Every entrant will be announced by a Danzhou referee in person.

Outside the meeting place; the proud old registered person put away the register and slowly stood up to announce.

"The official registration for this summit meeting..."


A sudden palm pressed his roster back onto the table, and the young man's voice was breathless.

"Me, Yang Dingfeng, sign up."

In a simple sentence, let all the people present turn around and stare at him!

This name is too loud in today's Danzhou! It is no less than the top arrogance of many pharmaceutical refining families!

"You, are you Yang Dianfeng?"

Looking at the young boy who had not been disguised in front of him, the registered old man was shocked and said-"You, are you Yang Dianfeng?"

"Yes, he is the one who represented my Yang family in the Summit Summit! To be precise, it should be, Lin Chen."

Yang Qing'er walked gently and walked quickly to Lin Chen's side, squeezing her lips softly, and there was a hint of blame blaming-"Why do you come now, we all think you will abstain."

"I met a group of crazy suitors on the road, they kept looking for me to sign, hey, I was so annoying, I kept shouting about what I wanted to hold and hold high, and accidentally delayed my time, you know Yes, its really annoying to look too handsome."

Lin Chen half-jokingly said that if they were heard by Mo's family and Yun Potian's people, they would have to be so angry that they would be irritated.

Suddenly, there was a series of trembling shocks in the crowd!

"Wait! Lin, Lin Chen?"

"Yang Dianfeng is Lin Chen? Is it Linzhou Lin Chen!"